Mode coin, the next "pig" that is blown to the tuyere?

Mode coin, the next "pig" that is blown to the tuyere?

What is the model currency?

At present, the model currency with higher exposure is mainly BRC (Bell Chain), SHE (ShineChain), MXC, GTC, etc. They have a very large increase in the past 30 days, and SHE has increased by 3388% in the past 30 days, BRC Up to 722%, MXC, GTC, etc. also outperformed the current market in most currencies.

At present, the industry does not have a clear and unified definition of the new concept of model currency, but we can summarize the following meanings of the model currency based on public news:

1. There is no fixed mode for model currency: each currency can have its own set of modes, which can be called promotion marketing mode. The common modes are dividend mode and partnership mode.

2. The model currency is sought after by hot money: the model currency is mostly small currency, the price of the currency is low, the pull is fast, and the withdrawal is fast; and there is hype.

3. The model currency belongs to the pyramid scheme: through the tiered level of pulling the lock, reducing the circulation in the market, achieving the pull effect, and obtaining dividends and high interest.

[Model currency has no fixed mode]

Mode currency generally follows the process of “mode release” and then “implementation mode”. At present, only BRC and SHE are issued in the table, but according to the reporter's query, BRC, SHE official website and official social account Twitter, Weibo The company did not publicly disclose relevant information about its model release.

Moreover, the mode of each mode currency is different, such as BRC is the order game mode, SHE is the whole industry eco-community mode, GTC node dividend mode, and ETK partnership mode. It can be seen that there is no threshold for the model currency, and there is no fixed mode restriction. As long as you can come up with your own set of models, if someone is willing to come, they can issue the mode and go the mode and embark on the road of skyrocketing.

[Model currency is loved by hot money]

In addition, most of the model coins are small currencies, and their faces are new, mostly new currencies issued in 2018; market liquidity is small, the number of online exchanges is small; the market value is about 100 million yuan or less, market value They are ranked lower or have no market value rankings; but it is worth noting that they are all on the mainstream exchanges, such as currency security, fire coins and so on.

Mode coin, the next "pig" that is blown to the tuyere?

Therefore, there are also views that these model coins are actually hot money, that is, funds with high liquidity in the short-term, and small-currency currencies that are favored by hot money, because the price of coins is low, the pull is fast, and the withdrawal is fast, you can fire a wave. However, the investment risk of small currencies is also great.

Everyone knows that the higher the risk, the higher the return on investment. The investors in the currency circle have always preferred those who love high-risk and high-reward gambling. The profit of the model currency makes them unable to resist the "gambling". .

[Model currency belongs to MLM mode]

There are even opinions that the mode of the model currency belongs to the pyramid scheme, and the tiered grading pulls the funds, and the rewards and high interest rates are obtained by pulling down the locks, and the circulation in the market is reduced by the locks to achieve the effect of the pull.

This is similar to the Pyramid of the Ponzi scheme. The project is at the apex. The higher the investor's tower is, the more it enters the market. It continues to pull people and asks to lock their positions to get dividends and high interest rates. That batch is the quilt investor.

But the charm of this "MLM model" is that investors always believe that they are not the last batch, and will always be able to get dividends.

Mode coin, the next "pig" that is blown to the tuyere?

At present, there are more than ten model coins with high appearance rate in the market. They are generally publicized through word-of-mouth communication. The truth is difficult to distinguish and the risk is great. The reporter APP reminds investors to pay attention to market risks and should not follow suit blindly.

Why do investors think that the model currency will make a big profit? 5 reasons explanation

Recently, there has been a wave of touting model coins in the circle. The following pictures have been sent out in the encrypted forum community. Investors believe that the model currency will erupt in April and may become a new outlet after IEO and platform coins.

Mode coin, the next "pig" that is blown to the tuyere?

The reasons why investors may think that the model currency may become the next profiteering are summarized as follows:

1. The above mentioned gambling of investors in the currency circle likes to bet on high risk-to-income projects; the model currency may be a pyramid scheme, and investors are easily confused by high dividends and luck.

2. The most important reason: the recent skyrocketing of model coins such as SHE and BRC has made investors “red-eyed”.

3. In mid-April, the model currency is out of date. For example, the release time of model currency models such as EKT, ETZ, and KICK is concentrated around April 10, so it is important to pay attention; the model currency is expected to become the next outlet after IEO and platform coins. .

4. The model currency is the latest concept, and the new concept has great potential and many possibilities.

5. At present, many model currencies have been put on the mainstream exchanges, such as SHE, MXC, GTC, TRIO, EKT on-line fire coins, TNB, LRC on-line currency security, etc., which gives investors some confidence.

The reporter has marked out the model-issued, un-mode-issued, and pending-issued currencies; although it is only market rumors, the EKT, ETZ, KICK issued on April 10th, and the GTC to be released in preparation mode IHT, IOST, TNB, and OCN need to focus on these currencies.

Mode coin, the next "pig" that is blown to the tuyere?

If you want to play, what should investors pay attention to?

1. A comprehensive understanding of the news, especially negative news, the negative news will not lead to a crash, but there is absolutely negative news before the crash. The model currency is likely to take the fund route, and the fund tray is often carried out in a specific group. Investors need to enter the relevant WeChat and QQ groups to fully grasp the project before investing.

2. Pay attention to the feasibility of the project issuance model, as well as the strength and hematopoietic capacity of the project itself. If it is purely for the sake of speculation, investors should still consider it carefully.

3. The feasibility signal of running the road, when the platform starts to clear the relationship with the project; when the project capital outflow speed is greater than the capital inflow rate; the new “chives” in the project are getting less and less.

4. Don't touch the MLM model currency. Don't be lucky. Otherwise, the bottom of the pyramid will be you. For example, the BRC Bell chain has been exposed as a pyramid currency. What is called Bitcoin? The BRC is a project that uses the guise of the game to make money. The BRC has fewer token holders and the chips are concentrated. The dealer can make a profit without losing. . (Scallion block chain)

We will continue to update Blocking; if you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us!


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