The wave field cooperates with the Japanese government and promises not to push the gambling dApp to the country market.

The wave field cooperates with the Japanese government and promises not to push the gambling dApp to the country market.

It is understood that as more and more developers build and promote dApp on the wave field, the company is actively consolidating its market position in this field.

The Wavefield Foundation noted that the technical team behind it will always comply with local local regulations when developing and promoting dApp.

Wavefield said that if Tron dApp violates Japanese laws and regulations, its foundation will provide the necessary support. Therefore, developers must be consistent when deploying dApps on the network.

In addition, the Wavefield Foundation reaffirmed the importance of Japanese regulations and policies and emphasized that it will not push any gambling dApps to the Japanese market.

The Wavefield Foundation said that Japanese developers are not allowed to deploy any gambling dApps on their networks, and other developers who develop gambling dApps are advised to block users who use Japanese IP addresses. The Foundation warned developers in the statement that it would not be convenient for Japanese users to use gambling dApps.

It is understood that according to Chapter 23 of the Japanese Criminal Law, except for betting horses and certain motor sports, Japan prohibits all gambling activities. In addition, the Constitution was implemented as early as 1907.

Despite strict legal restrictions, according to the Japan Times, about 3.2 million Japanese are addicted to gambling. (Mars Finance)

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