The organization held 6 billion XRP (Ripplecoin) and waited for 6 months without profit.

The organization held 6 billion XRP (Ripplecoin) and waited for 6 months without profit.

Starting from August 2017, we look at XRP's monthly K-line chart, which will rise again every 2 months, 3 months and 4 months. The most recent pull-up appeared in September 2018. At this time, XRP started from a minimum of 0.252 yuan, and the monthly K-line closed up by 73%. It can be seen that the main trading effect is very good, and the highest price of XRP almost recovered the highest price of 4 lines. In the four-month contraction adjustment, as many as 4 billion XRPs were placed on what we call institutional investors. The price is going to make money, and the price increase is a chance to make a profit.

After a six-month callback, there are as many as 6 billion XRP releases during this period. Will there be a main pull at this time?

We said that in the case of overall market recovery, XRP absenteeism is not normal. The main force pulls XRP, in fact, you can use this rally.

The organization held 6 billion XRP (Ripplecoin) and waited for 6 months without profit.

During the rebound of the monthly K-line BTC, the ROC indicator has moved from flat to above the moving average, indicating that the price volatility is moving upward. BTC draws the Fibonacci line from the lowest price of BTC in August 2015 to the historical high of $1,981. I didn't see that the $4818 Fibonacci 23.6% position is a more important resistance.

With the continuation of the rebound, BTC has a lot of opportunities to challenge $4818 in the near future. If the market performance is stable, I believe that BTC will increase by 15% soon, confirming the bottom shape of this price.

If the closing price continues to rise this month on the monthly K line, BTC will complete the bottom shape of the three soldiers, which is crucial for confirming the rebound trend.

The organization held 6 billion XRP (Ripplecoin) and waited for 6 months without profit.

In the daily K-line chart, the XMR increased by 8% in 24 hours. After the price of the Bollinger online track was completed, the RSI indicator reached a new high, indicating that the price breakthrough efficiency was very high. Considering that XMR's Bollinger Band has been in a closed state for a long time, this price rebound has expanded, which can be regarded as a signal of stronger prices. The goal must be to revert to the nearby $110 platform before the fall.

The XMR, DASH and ZEC in the three major privacy currencies have soared, which can be seen as the result of the price start during the recent hacking.

The advantage of the privacy currency is that it protects the security of the money held by the currency, effectively keeps the financial information and prevents the occurrence of the money.

Recently, Bithumb was at 10:46 on March 30th in Beijing time, that is, in the morning when the currency people in Asia just woke up, the news that “the South Korean Bithumb Exchange’s private key was stolen nearly 90 million” was covered by the entire currency network. .

The privacy currency is a safe-haven sector, and a strong short-term trend indicates that the relevant currency has started. It is worth mentioning that the linkage between privacy currency and BTC has been broken in the near future, and the conversion efficiency of digital currency rising style is very high, and the opportunity is easy to confirm during the price increase.

The organization held 6 billion XRP (Ripplecoin) and waited for 6 months without profit.

TRX is a very early start-up currency. As early as January 2019, TRX's gains reached a high of $0.0358. In the past 3 days, TRX continued to rebound by 9%. The large shape of the right shoulder of the head and shoulders has confirmed the price rebound. If this increase easily challenges $0.03, the increase target is $0.04. This TRX replenishment and recovery is a rebound opportunity worthy of attention. (coinness)

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