Is the blockchain a scam?

This problem has existed since I first came into contact with the blockchain industry. Being controlled by the blockchain itself is not a very understandable thing, so even if you have seen some materials, they have been checked by search engines, and most people do not necessarily understand whether it is embarrassing.

In fact, this issue is a matter of logical analysis. For example, is stocks a scam? Take the Shanghai Stock Exchange as an example. As of now, the total market value of all stocks on the Shanghai Stock Exchange is 31 trillion yuan, and the daily trading volume is 208.7 billion yuan.

If the stock is a scam, then there is no doubt that all the companies listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange are liar. At the same time, it is conservatively estimated that 80% of the stock trading volume is extremely low, so low that it can be considered as not selling.

Similarly, is the digital currency such as Bitcoin a scam? As of now, the total market capitalization of Bitcoin exceeds RMB 1 trillion, and the daily trading volume is RMB 55 billion, which is one-fourth of the daily trading volume of the Shanghai Stock Exchange. So is Bitcoin a scam?


But at the same time, it is unkind to say that 90% of the digital currency is air, it is a pure scam, and even most of the people who saw this article still hold the so-called digital currency that does not see the future.


Things are all diverse, and from different perspectives you can get different forms of presentation of the same thing. Most people habitually absorb unilateral information. This can be seen from the headline of 80% of the public article:

"1g of it is enough to cause cancer! Is your home cooking still using it? – Sodium chloride"

“The most carcinogenic substance in the world is actually dihydrogen monoxide! Everyone is still eating every day!”

"The biggest scam in the world – blockchain!"

"Bitcoin is the biggest MLM in the world!"

What is unilateral information? To put it simply, it is not to create contradictions, such as "Bitcoin is a scam" or "Bitcoin is a great invention". This is definitely better than "Bitcoin is a good invention, but there are still many scams behind it" It’s easy to come.

Most people like to give up the basic logic analysis skills, because the logic analysis is very tired, so they selectively read some unilateral information, the clearer the better.

Therefore, logically speaking, in the open and equal information acquisition channel, with the comprehensive information, everyone will slowly discover the unilateral information. In fact, there are contradictory and opposite contradictions, which will spontaneously generate speculative needs. .

As long as someone says "blockchain is a big scam!", some people will also say that "blockchain is a great invention!" The two seem to be innate opposition to each other, and they can prove each other to prove that they are simultaneously falsifying each other. the opinion of.

So, is blockchain technology a scam? This is no way to answer in one sentence. Just like Internet technology, can you be sure if it is a scam? If so, how do you falsify the Internet companies that are now in full bloom? If it’s not how you falsify, it’s the same as everywhere.

Technology itself does not have so-called positive and negative attributes. A shot and killed B, can you say that the invention of "gun", "gunpowder" is evil? The use is different.

What really distinguishes the nature of technology is actually the value of its existence. The value of existence is related to the user's perception.

A technology, the value of existence is related to its corresponding needs, supply, and scenarios. (The knowledge about value is mentioned in the article "How to improve your personal value"), the demand determines whether there is value, the scene determines the demand strength, The value of supply impact is high.

Technology, no one uses, that is the air, Internet technology covers almost the whole world, the number of users is huge, so its value is huge.

The printing technique in China's four inventions is actually using a piece of wood or pottery to engrave the template, which can be continuously printed with the template. At the time, this was undoubtedly a great invention, but today, you still Will the original typography be used to print the material?

At the same time, cognition also limits the current value of a technology that has been invented.

The same is printing, do you still think that the advanced technology of printing is worth promoting? The ancients at the time felt that this was a great invention and worth promoting. Because the ancients could not think of the present we use a small box, put it into the paper to print out anything we want, because they can't have a "printer" in their cognition.

So, is blockchain technology a scam?

From the perspective of the currency, it is a scam. From a technical application perspective, it is worth promoting.

Similarly, is Bitcoin a scam? You can use stocks to make analogies.

When the daily trading volume of a type of virtual asset reaches one quarter of the daily trading volume of the Shanghai Stock Exchange, is it a scam? But many MLM organizations use Bitcoin for illegal fundraising, so is it a scam?

What about you? What do you think? Leave your thoughts in the comments section and let's explore them together.

Ok, today's "Blockchain Methodology" is here.

I am the blockchain teacher Ni, we will see you next time!

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