Seeking the power of bitcoin roots from the BCH community fundraising: the source of power is more important than the power itself

In 1136, the Southern Song Dynasty, Song Gaozong was in charge, and Yue Fei was the second Northern Expedition. At that time, the Southern Song Dynasty, poor, the court had no money. Fighting, it took the money to go. Yue Fei hit Jinbing and went to the northeast to go straight to Huanglong. Where is the Southern Song Dynasty court? In the present Henan. Thousands of kilometers, in ancient times, there were no high-speed rails and no roads. Besides, Yue Fei hit the broken places, not the people of the Southern Song Dynasty. The ministers said that the emperor, forget it, let the generals of Yue raise the army.


Gao Zong is to understand people, how much poor, my emperor's inner court is not spending, tighten the belt, must ensure Yue Fei's army. Go to your mother, the soldier is in your hand, will be outside, the emperor Laozi can not call. The grain and grass are then fixed by you, and the big soldiers are not your relatives. When you want to be an emperor, you hate me more than Jin Bing, I don’t know how to die.

You will say that Yue Fei is noble and does not want to be an emperor. Fart, you don't want to be, you Yue Fei's soldiers want to be promoted and made a fortune. You Yue Fei became the emperor, then your deputy, division commander, platoon leader, all officers rose to the next level. You don't want to be, they force you to be. You thought that I didn't know that when my ancestor, Song Taizu Zhao Wei, was forced to wear a yellow robe by the men, the yellow robe was added to create the opposite.

Don't pull it, there are more military squads, I am poor, I will give.

The country wants to negotiate with the Jin Dynasty, and issued a total of 12 gold medals to recall Yue Fei. The emperor told you to come back and said that it would not matter, but also said 12 times. This kind of person is not slaughtered, how is the emperor? If Gao Zong had always been giving the army, he would dare to send a gold medal to let Yue Fei come back.

In the history of thousands of years in China, there are emperors like Gao Zong who understand this, and they also have the reluctance to make money and lose the emperor of Jiangshan.

In the Tang Dynasty, in order to resist the barbarians in the north, the power in the northern frontiers unified the power and mastered the administrative and military powers, but the fiscal power was always in the center. However, when Datang Guoli could not do it later, he could not afford the huge financial burden of the frontiers and had to delegate the financial power to the festival. As a result, the Anshi rebellion, which is the festival to make An Lushan dry, almost destroyed the entire Tang Dynasty.

The soldiers, of course, are listening to the generals. They can’t listen to the emperor. The emperor wants to marry, he has to command the general, he can not directly command the soldiers. Why did the general listen to the emperor? Do you think it is a paper appointment account? That is a piece of paper. Authorization, not a piece of paper. The emperor must be the source of this power of the corps, and this will give the military power to the generals, and the generals will listen to the emperor.

The general controlled the power itself, but the emperor controlled the source of power.

Yesterday, the Bitcoin Cash community had a long-term fundraising system, because the public support of and the currency app had suddenly become a hot spot.

Encrypted digital currencies, because of their special decentralized framework, developers who develop underlying protocols often fail to achieve good commercial profits. But the development cost is very high. The opportunity cost of developers, they take their own craft, go to work in a big company, get a good salary. It is a problem for developers to stay and do the underlying agreement and how to motivate them.

If you feel that you can rely on enthusiasm, rely on morality, rely on hacker spirit, and rely on the spirit of open source, to encourage agreement developers. Then please think about the story of Zhao Wei Huang Pao and Chen Qiao Mushen.

In 2018, a well-known BCH developer, anonymously, released an OP_Return protocol cluster standard, which constrains everyone to use OP_Return. In order to prevent mutual agreement conflicts, we create a logo for the first few fields. This logo is a registration system. Use it first. This guy was originally working in a big company and took tens of thousands of dollars a month. After eager to develop BCH, he resigned. No wages, my wife still has a bag, and my son still has to drink milk powder. The wife is making trouble to divorce him. He sent a post and hoped everyone would help him.

You see, this is a story of a yellow robe. Pure morality is unreliable.

Relying on large companies. Just wait to become a corporate coin.

In other words, in 2016, the entire Bitcoin community seemed to have only one thing – expansion. Once I was in Beijing, I took a taxi with the god fish. I asked the god fish, what is your attitude? The sacred fish said that we have suffered a big loss in this situation. No way, people developers don't listen to us. We used to only make money and didn't think about participating in the agreement.


As a manufacturing powerhouse in China, in the past 40 years, the whole world has been eager for our economic development and all walks of life. Bitcoin mining, the same, from the birth with the Chinese manufacturing advantage aura, strength +100, intelligence +100, agility +100. Where did the foreigner live?

When Satoshi Nakamoto published the white paper, he wrote clearly, 1cpu1vote. Computational power in the management of Bitcoin agreements. Developers, miners, and users are the three pillars of Bitcoin protocol governance.

But now, miners are basically excluded from the agreement definition table. BTC in the Core BIP8, the definition of the protocol is written into the node. The BTC protocol change is the UASF, and the user activates the soft fork. The miner needs to complete the upgrade within the set time range, otherwise either the small calculation force soft split split, or the big calculation force soft fork split isolated small power block.

BCH upgrade, all is UAHF, the user activates the hard fork. The miner must complete the upgrade at the set time, otherwise it will split the split.

BSV, the agreement does not need to be changed, directly restore the 0.1 version, no one should talk nonsense. There are opinions, you fork.

Nowadays, Nakamoto Satoshi, the white paper's well-defined power of power, is a piece of paper, torn. The definition of the agreement belongs to the developer.

We often think that the big fists speak a lot, and the power is fundamental. This is the underlying conceptual logic. But this idea is fundamentally wrong.

The voting rights of miners themselves are power. Bitian continent has an absolute strength advantage in 2017 and 18 years. But what can be done, even a thing that expands the BTC block from 1M to 2M is not counted. In 2017, almost the entire Bitcoin ecosystem is eager to expand the block. What can be done, Core said that it will not expand, it will not expand.

Thinking for a few years, why does Core have such power? I have been thinking for a few years. The answer was born yesterday.

The source of strength is more important than the power itself.


The strength of the miners comes from the white paper of Nakamoto, and since the creation of the world, all the changes in the agreement, the miners have always enjoyed the power of the white paper, without any other efforts. Until the controversy of the expansion appeared, the miners took out their talent "theocracy" to lobby everyone to support them. Less nonsense, who cares for you, the people who recognize this power are really too little and too little.

But the power of the Core development team comes from its own efforts, and the entire ecology of Bitcoin is using the Core code. After Gavin and Mike exited the main development, Core's overall is a block supporter writing code. Core's power is not even for the mother, and Blockstream pays a small number of important Core members. The idea of ​​Blockstream is consistent with the idea of ​​Core, they are one. In addition, Core's power has no other source. The Core development team integrates military and financial power.

When the entire ecology is dependent on Core's power, Core's source of power is itself. How can this power be surrendered?

The BTC developer Core is now starting to pay more attention to the public, and the BCH development team Bitcoin ABC also raises money from the public. Fundraising is a source of strength. Although I am really optimistic about this source of power, I am not optimistic, but I can improve it. You can subtly change the source of power, so that the fundraiser and the developer have a silk connection, even if it is broken at any time, it will be fine.

There will be many problems with fundraising. The most common thing to think about is corruption. This is the price that must be accepted. Don't think that as long as the benefits, not bad, you think it is a fairy tale.

Finally, it is still back to the beginning of the historical story, power is never "God", the key to controlling power lies in the source of control power.

Author: Huang Shiliang

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