New Balance's latest sneakers are coming soon, plus the blockchain hidden gameplay do you know?

Author: Nan Xin

Source: Planet Daily

In 2018, New Balance (hereinafter referred to as "NB") returned to the basketball market, signed star player Leonard and developed the OMN1 series of signature boots. Leonard's outstanding performance also helped New Balance to quickly enter the basketball market. With the rapid growth of Leonard fans, the OMN1 series also sold well.

According to foreign media siliconangle, NB will soon release OMN1S shoes. In particular, this shoe not only has Leonard aura blessing, but also joins the latest wave of new technology blockchain. NB will use the blockchain to record the new OMN1S basketball. The identity information of the shoes provides consumers with a reliable source of information.

Not only that, but NB also worked with the development team of Cardano's public chain to build a distributed technology platform called New Balance Realchain on the Cardano chain, which will be released along with its latest OMN1S series of shoes, through which it is consumed. Not only can you verify the authenticity of the OMN1S shoes you have purchased, but you can also record your ownership of the shoes on the New Balance Realchain platform. The contents of the recorded chain will not be tampered and permanently traceable.

Specifically, each pair of new OMN1S shoes will be embedded in the Realchain card for identity and security chips. Consumers can use NB's app to scan the QR code and chip on the Realchain card, and then authenticate the shoe on the Cardano chain.

At the same time, the consumer can enter the code printed on the tongue to record their ownership of the shoe, and the ownership is always recorded on the blockchain through the New Balance Realchain platform.

This is not only the first application of the Cardano chain in the retail sector, but also an experiment in which NB will promote blockchain technology on the retail side in the future.

For this cross-border attempt, Ian Fitzpatrick, NB's global content and digital marketing director, said: "We are using blockchain technology to innovate. This technology helps customers gain trust while ensuring The quality of the shoes they bought."

It is understood that New Balance plans to continue to use blockchain technology to power its products in the future.

“We look forward to how NB's customers can use the Cardano chain to protect their investments,” said Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson, who believes that NB OMN1S is just the first product to use blockchain technology for authenticity certification, and there will be more products in the future. Blockchain technology, and will never need a paper receipt or a certificate of authenticity.

In fact, there are countless ways to use blockchain technology to provide certification for products, and many vendors have tried this technology.

In May of this year, Alyx, a luxury clothing brand designed by designer Matthew William, announced its blockchain application, using the IOTA public chain to track the production process from raw materials to final products, so that customers can see all the production processes.

The Odaily Planet Daily has also reported many similar projects. For example, the "returned UFO" platform for the second-hand sneakers on the "in stock" line, the entire process from the sneakers out of the box identification, the NFC label to the final package, is recorded in the blockchain, and the consumer scans. The NFC chip on the shoe can harvest the information on the chain of the whole process. There is also the previously reported "", which cuts in from the "e-commerce anti-counterfeiting" scene, and uses AI+ crowdsourcing + blockchain to create a "anti-counterfeiting" closed loop and so on.

In addition to providing traceability records for NB OMN1S sneakers through the Realchain platform, Cardano said it will continue to look for more opportunities to work with other industry leaders and plan to expand into the pharmaceutical and financial industries.

At the same time, Cardano also said that it will cooperate with governments and organizations in other places such as Georgia, Ethiopia and Mongolia in the future to use blockchain technology to provide authenticity and identity for products and services.

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