Blockchain observation: the reverse of big companies, DeFi and DAO

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In science fiction movies, the struggle between large corporations and individuals has always been the motif of enduring prosperity.

The Umbrella company in "Biochemical Crisis", on the surface, produces drugs, medical hardware, defense industry, computers and other products, and privately engages in the research and development of genetic engineering and biochemical weapons. Tyrell in Blade Runner specializes in making replicas. The Resource Development Authority in Avatar and the multinational joint organization MNU in District 9 also did a lot of dirty work.

Whether it's a multinational company, a technology giant or a financial giant, these big companies often play the role of villains in cyberpunk's science fiction. They use technology and capital to manipulate society in order to profit from it, and create a variety of conspiracy.

When I watched a movie in the past, I didn't quite understand why the symbol of this evil force finally fell on the heads of technology companies and multinational corporations. Aren't Internet companies in reality all good?

In the recent period, the 996 storm has not subsided. Netease and Huawei broke the scandal caused by employee departure within the same month. NetEase is the second largest game company in China, let alone Huawei's status. These two companies can be said to be the dream destination of countless young people in the workplace, but after such things broke, many young people were shocked.

Many years ago, during the period of rapid development of the manufacturing industry, the media made a lot of reports on Foxconn. People described Foxconn's life as cruel, desperate, and breathless, so one after another migrant workers stepped onto the roof.

Today, those young people who are struggling in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen, graduated from prestigious universities, entered large companies through layer-by-layer interviews, and worked overtime in their work places. But the shadows of big companies have not gone away.

Science fiction is a projection of fear of reality. Those motifs that have been discussed repeatedly, the story of the struggle between the evil company and the individual, may be hidden in the corners of various stations in the world, becoming a metaphor.

I remember meeting Jack, a developer working on the Lightning Network a year ago. I asked him that people are hoarding bitcoin just to appreciate it. If bitcoin keeps rising, why should I spend bitcoin to buy things?

Jack's answer at the time was that you wouldn't pay in Bitcoin because of the relationship between you and Bitcoin now. Two or three years ago, if you asked people to invest in bitcoin and treat bitcoin as a kind of asset storage value, people would also say that you were a lunatic, because at that time the whole society's acceptance of bitcoin was worse, and people suspected that . But now, this is not a problem.

I thought about it, it seems that to this day, two years into the blockchain industry, I really feel different about Bitcoin. Although the price of currency will still rise and fall, I seem to have assumed it is a good asset, and receiving Bitcoin is not a problem for me in many cases.

Looking back this year, after the burst of the blockchain bubble, the overall progress is still not optimistic. The two things that are native to the blockchain, DeFi and DAO, have become two popular concepts in the past six months. If Bitcoin first originated in resistance to banks, DeFi represented mistrust of traditional finance, and DAO reflected another alternative to companies and centralized organizations.

Today, two new things, DeFi and DAO, are still very small, and few people really believe in these ideas. In real life, it is difficult for ordinary people to really experience and use products of these concepts.

But these recent incidents made me think that these young people from 985, work 996, dismissal 035, resignation 251, rights protection 404, or their children, will be more willing to work for a smart contract on the chain in the future. Will you be more willing to join the DAO organization, and at the same time, will you be more willing to put your wealth and assets on DeFi?

Like Jack said, it may be because of your relationship with new things. As you slowly understand it, become familiar with it, trust it, accept it, and maybe look back, the philosophy of the whole society and people's thinking have quietly changed.

1 new product

1.1 Uniswap ROI calculator

Uniswap's automatic market maker model may discourage many people who want to deposit, because the returns and risks are unknown. This product tries to calculate the ROI forecast for you in any number of days in the Uniswap market.

2 Investment and financing

2.1 Chengdu Chainan Technology Receives 10 Million RMB Financing

Recently, Ren Sub-Bank of the listed company issued an announcement that the company plans to increase capital of 10 million yuan in Chengdu Lianan and obtain a 5.39% stake in the latter. Chengdu Chain Security is mainly engaged in blockchain security products, services and applications, focusing on the security compliance field of the blockchain industry, and creating a "one-stop" blockchain ecological security protection service platform.

2.2 Mumbai cryptocurrency exchange WazirX acquired by Binance

Cryptocurrency exchange Binance Binance announced the acquisition of Indian digital asset platform WazirX, which intends to expand Binance's cryptocurrency trading market in India. From November 25th, the Binance Fiat Channel will support investors in India to buy or sell cryptocurrencies using the rupee (INR)

2.3 Game Developer Biscuit Receives EOS VC Investment

Biscuit is a blockchain game developer from South Korea. Its representative, especially EOS Knight in the EOS ecosystem, is an RPG game. Since the game was launched, its transaction ratio on EOS has exceeded 60 million.

2.4Securitize TOKEN platform Securitize completes $ 12.7 million in Series A financing

San Francisco-based securities TOKEN startup Securitize announced that it has completed a $ 12.7 million Series A financing led by Blockchain Capital. The participating parties include the venture capital institutions Coinbase Ventures and Ripple, a well-known cryptocurrency exchange Venture capital branch Xpring, OKEx's venture capital OK Blockchain Capital, Global Brain, and NXTP.

3 articles worth reading

3.1 Blockchain is not equivalent to financial market infrastructure

@ 铁拳: Should the public blockchain serve as the financial market infrastructure? The main idea of ​​this article is to pull back the Defi's booming bubble. We all know that the current Defi development of Ethereum is growing rapidly, but don't generate the Defi maximalism and limit the development possibility of the blockchain. .

Most people in the blockchain field understand the actual meaning of blockchain: Blockchain is a globally distributed decentralized database used to store any type of data, not only with "financial" or "assets" or " Money. Some core developers want blockchain (especially Ethereum) to be a financial infrastructure, but not everyone.

Many different stakeholders are building financial and many non-financial applications (games, dispute resolution processes, NFT, DAO, LAO, etc.) on top of Ethereum and other blockchains. Forcing blockchain to comply with financial infrastructure standards will limit these expectations and developments and may have a net negative impact on the economy and society.

3.2 Byzcoin Rereading White Paper

@ 卡 咩: Continue to watch PoS, this week recommends Byzcoin, a project that hopes to use BFT consensus to solve the expansion problem in 2016.

Constrained by their own knowledge, it is believed that in the mixed consensus, there are basically only PoS + BFT or PoS + PoW. The former BFT brings high-performance final certainty to PoS, and the latter PoW brings fair initial distribution and low-level security guarantees to PoS. It was later discovered that there were also projects that wanted to establish final certainty on top of PoW to improve performance. (PoW + PoS). Although Byzcoin did not actually land on top of BTC in the end, the paper showed us the possibility of solving the final certainty of PoW. Friends who care about consensus, recommend this article.

3.3 Is Lebanon's Central Bank A Ponzi Scheme?

@Hope: A real version of Long Bitcoin, short the bankers. Only under the crisis can we highlight the super-sovereignty of Bitcoin and trust the value of currency.

3.4 PBFT Byzantine agreement security analysis: not suitable for alliance chain or public chain

@ 郭宇: PBFT is not secure? The research results from Professor Wang Yongge are very technical and contain attack methods. They are recommended to everyone.

3.5 Undercurrent surge, ERC20 BTC is stirring the market

@ 张先生: Everyone is discussing DeFi, but DeFi only exists in a decentralized world. In fact, DeFi and centralized institutions (including exchanges, lending companies, etc.) do not have much combination. If DeFi sinks as a supplement to centralization, Maybe a good direction.

At present, the main application of DeFi is lending, and the main user of lending is bitcoin miners. It is always a difficult problem that Bitcoin cannot enter the DeFi field. As more and more solutions ERC20 BTC enter the market, it is expected that the DeFi lending market will start in the future. Competing with centralized lending companies, you may also see more cases of the integration of centralized exchanges and DeFi after the expansion of the DeFi market … This article sorts out the ongoing integration of applications in DeFi.

3.6 Open source and blockchain

Curated by @ 雷神

([email protected])

"Self-organization and Success of Blockchain Open Source Community from the Perspective of Hacker Culture"

"7 Ideas of Open Source"

The blockchain world and open source owners have deep roots, and public chains such as Bitcoin and Ethereum are born open source; on the other hand, almost all projects also want to build their own communities. But what exactly does open source mean? Is hosting open source on Github? In fact, for how to implement project governance and community construction, the rich experience of the open source world is a big treasure worth digging for the blockchain world.

"Cathedral and Bazaar" can be said to be a "bible" of the open source movement, a masterpiece of understanding open source. In the first article, Li Hua refined the core content of the book very well; in the second article, the translator of the "Cathedral and Bazaar" Wei Jian vanadium disassembled the essential elements of the open source world solution. By reading these two articles, you can get a comprehensive overview of the culture and philosophy of the open source world.

"Talking about the relationship between Free Software and Open Source, the relationship between Copyright and License"

"7 Ideas of Open Source" In order to facilitate the description in this article, free software and open source software are merged. But in fact, the two are conceptually different. In this issue of the podcast, two speakers Richard and Madao Ma who have been involved in the field for many years have thoroughly analyzed the history and connection of free software and open source software, and extended the relationship between copyright and license. The program also answers many common and confusing questions such as whether open source means free use and waivers of copyright.

"Crypto War, the Road to Blockchain Technology"

In addition to the free software movement, another one with deep roots in the blockchain world is the crypto punk movement. "Blockchain technology does not come from the sky. It is the wisdom of countless computer scientists, cryptographers, mathematicians, economists, and even philosophers. It is the thought and achievement of their unremitting exploration and dedication." A transcript of a lecture by Prince Gong Gong, in which he took time and characters as clues and introduced the work and interesting anecdotes of several key figures in the development of cryptography and the cryptopunk movement. I reviewed this prehistory that is very important for the blockchain world.

"Open source is free, forever"

I wonder if you still remember that in May of this year, open source software was not controlled by the US government? Will it be banned at the request of the US government? …… Wait until the topic becomes hot. After learning about the background of open source culture and cryptopunk movement, reading this great work written by Huo Ju at that time may have a different experience.

Bitcoin Prequel: How Hacker and Crypto Punk Cultures Was Born

After reading the above articles, you have a basic understanding of hacking culture and crypto punk movement. This article introduces the evolution of conflicts between managers and engineers at different stages of the 20th century, and provides a deeper analysis of why hacking culture and the way hackers are organized. The original article was originally published in English. The Chinese compilation of Katt Gu is very good and the readability is quite good.


Really great change takes time.

Rome was not built in one day, so is Blockchain.

This "Prophecy Weekly" is for true builders. The Orange Book and his friends will pick out the most worth-reading articles of the past week with reasons for recommendations and meet you every Monday.

The Weekly Prophet is called because Harry Potter's World has a Daily Prophet that anyone in the magic world can read. The current blockchain is just like all new technologies, just like magic.

We will continue to update Blocking; if you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us!


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