Newer than the original segment: blockchain – from the triangle hypothesis to the extended model

Since the beginning of the spring, as the price of bitcoin has continued to rise, the market has gradually begun to pick up. The attention and discussion on the development of blockchain and commercial applications are also actively affecting the entire industry. Recently, the original segment of the new star was invited to attend the Global Digital Economy Application Summit Forum, and gave a speech on the theme of “Blockchain: From Triangle Hypothesis to Extended Model”, expounding some thoughts on the future development of the blockchain industry.

The following is the finishing of the speech.

The evolution of the blockchain

In fact, the evolution of vocabulary can be seen in the general context of the evolution of blockchain. What was commonly mentioned before 2013 was the bitcoin "bitcoin" (note the lowercase b), which is considered to be a great social experiment and revolutionary technology that promotes economic freedom and prosperity, its analogy. Still gold or currency. With the collapse of the Bulls and Bears, before 2015, the vocabulary in newspapers and publications became "the Bitcoin Technology" (Capital B), when the outside world began to focus on Bitcoin technology, more straightforwardly, Its underlying distributed ledger, distributed network technology, and many bitcoin-based derivative technologies and cottage versions were born. During this period, its analogy was mainly printing money. After 2015, with the emergence of Ethereum, people are paying attention to new possibilities. The blockchain has begun to appear as an independent term. The analogy of blockchain in this period is: operating system, contract platform. , software agreement.

Impossible triangle is an inductive conclusion

In general, the impossible triangle is just a kind of conjecture. A hypothesis is not a scientific theory that is strictly proved, but an inductive conclusion, an explanatory statement and a tool for debate.

Vitalik's triangle and Ethereum's poor performance, TPS is poor, and cryptokitty encrypts cats across the network, so it emphasizes "scalability"

The Yangtze River Delta is more like a debate about the “energy-consuming energy, not environmental protection” that is often criticized for bitcoin and other pow currencies. Therefore, the term “energy saving and environmental protection” is used in this triangle (if considering the various agencies and The energy consumption of the branches of the bank, who can say that the banknotes are energy-saving and environmentally friendly?)

The promoter of the zooko triangle founded zcash, and he founded namecoin in his early years. He is proud to think that namecoin can solve the impossible triangle of his own naming system proposed in 2001. It is meaningful, center-oriented, and safe, so in the early cottage. There is a strong vitality in the currency that can last forever.

The only one that has been theoretically proven is the CAP triangle, but it was re-questioned by personnel in the field of distributed systems twenty years later.

But in any case, these hypotheses do bring us inspiration: "cost", all performance indicators need cost, I mentioned this in the blockchain product three laws.

The following technical indicators are consistent, meaningful, secure, partition-accessible, and scalable. For example, if we want to build trust, we often need a piece of public land. It is either a publicly recognized set of books, or a global set of states. It is uniquely determined at each moment. This requires consensus in the whole network. This is related to decentralized governance. The high efficiency consensus under the formation of a pair of contradictions.

In addition to the conflicts of technical indicators, economic models that go beyond the technical level also need to be balanced.

Just as in the traditional world, the currency used to be a precious metal such as gold/silver. However, with the expansion of economic activities, the output of gold and the production of silver could not keep up with the growth of the amount of money needed in the economy. phenomenon. Then in the period of growth and prosperity, attention and resources tend to surge upwards and produce bubbles. But once there is a change, there is an economic collapse and recession, and there is a run on the run. People tend to return to the underlying basic stored value system to hedge. In the history of various countries, the phenomenon of credit collapse during the period of credit has occurred. Stepping into the modern era, from an independent monetary base (precious metals/French cash), it has expanded its bank credit and a wide range of securities and financial derivatives.

The same structure exists in the blockchain world.

Related problems with the main chain with the main side chain multi-chain model

In addition to the trade-offs in performance, how is it structured as an economic model? As a base layer or an expansion layer? How to maintain basic stability? Also gives full magnification of fluidity?

The current scheme is: the main side chain multi-chain model.

Compared to the original main chain, because of the earlier work done in 2017, the white paper was used in the single-chain layering (book, contract, application three layers), but the layering can only adopt a consensus mechanism, pluggable The consensus has never really been achieved. Therefore, the drawbacks of the single consensus model cannot be solved.

The main thing to do in the near future is to introduce: the main side chain multi-chain system, not the single chain.

1. The logical division (blocking/chaining) of the business, rather than a simple single main chain, single-chain hierarchical model, but in order to maintain consistency with the 2017 version, the term “hierarchy” is still used.

2, on the main chain: POW to ensure safety by energy consumption, to ensure consensus without permission, to physically decentralize, there is no central point of failure. An asset model based on UTXO extensions, not an account model.

3. Openness: The main chain is completely open, open source, shared by all parties, and freely plugged. An open technical commons.

4. Function: Compared with the original goal of “creating diversified assets and programmable economy”, the registration, registration and destruction of important assets are all completed in the main chain. For complex services and related state and logical switching, transfer to APP/DAPP and complete on the side chain to realize the separation of business data.

5. The service sidechain isolates the risk, and the federated node bridges the main sidechain (this is for asset, data privacy considerations)

6. The public side chain promotes multi-party participation, and establishes an effective economic adjustment model such as DPOS staking (this is due to the consideration of assets and data privacy, and business scenario considerations. For example, we are doing the bystack consensus node election. It is necessary to have the asset lock on the main chain as the voting certificate, but the voting and the election are all done on one side chain; in addition, we have previously helped a local government department to do the project, for business isolation needs, in a separate article. On the side chain.)

In general, the current version of the original chain is a modular, modular riveting mode that decouples rather than mechanically stratifies. Ensure efficient physical performance, perfect business support and flexible economic models. We are also constantly trying. What the future is, it is not known, maybe a new completely different ship of Theseus, or full of surprises. In any case, I hope to work together, progress and benefit. The road to exploration is also the road to growth.

Using technology as a force to promote the "digital process of assets"

Over the years, the biggest change in the blockchain industry has been the power of technology to drive the “digitalization of assets” and “business operations model”. For example, virtual objects such as code and data have become an individual private asset, and it is difficult to confirm, protect, and protect. But the blockchain has made us see the dawn. In the past, large-scale collaboration, development, and operation across enterprise boundaries were difficult, but the encryption economy brought by the blockchain is facilitating its gradual improvement.

The work in the field of blockchain has also shown a trend of specialization and refinement. For example, recently, compared with the original chain community developer V1.0.5 of the original chain code, I wrote a nearly 300-page "Go language public chain development combat", which has been published by the Machinery Industry Press. This is the first public chain development guide in China, and it is also the first time in the Chinese open source community.

The public chain is actually more similar to the Internet than the local area network. For example, there are many developers in Seattle and Greece in the development community than the original chain. They won the championship of our global challenge last year. There are also landing scenarios such as maritime logistics settlement partners from the United Kingdom, Russia and other countries.

We will continue to update Blocking; if you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us!


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