Non-joint office: Be wary of illegal fund-raising in the name of the blockchain

Source: 21st Century Business Herald

Author: Li Yumin

A reporter from the 21st Century Economic and Economic Report recently learned that the Inter-Ministerial Joint Conference Office for Disposal of Illegal Fund Raising (hereinafter referred to as “the Office of Non-Party”) issued by the China Banking Regulatory Commission issued a letter to the provincial and municipal offices on November 18, prompting the prevention of fraudulent use. The illegal fund raising risk in the name of “blockchain”.

People close to the supervision revealed that some lawless elements have taken the opportunity to speculate on the blockchain concept and illegally absorb public funds in the name of “virtual currency”, “blockchain mall” and “blockchain game” to infringe public interests.

These so-called high-yield investment projects have nothing to do with blockchain technology. Some deliberately mix the concept of "coin" and "chain", which is purely a coat of money with a "blockchain." The non-joint office issued a letter to all localities to attach great importance to it, effectively strengthen the monitoring, prevention and disposal of relevant risks, and insist on early suppression of illegal and criminal activities such as illegal fund-raising, and create a good market environment for the healthy development of blockchain technology and industry. .


The masses reported the award

However, the ordinary people are easily deceived because they do not understand the technology. Therefore, the non-joint office recommended that all localities develop in-depth development of blockchain development policies and professional knowledge, guide the public to scientifically and rationally treat blockchain technology innovation and application, and timely reveal the risk of illegal fundraising under the guise of “blockchain”. Public recognition ability to prevent blind follow-up and deception.

It is reported that in the concept of “playing early and playing small”, the risk warning letter requires all localities to make full use of various means such as network monitoring, big data screening, offline scanning, etc., to increase illegality such as “fried coins” and “species chain”. Monitoring and early warning of fund raising risks. Once you find that you are involved, you should promptly and decisively dispose of it.

The 21st Century Business Herald reporter further learned that in the prevention of illegal fund-raising in the name of the blockchain chain, the relevant departments encourage the masses to actively report, and those who meet the conditions will also be rewarded.

It is reported that as early as 2016, the "Illegal Fund Raising and Reporting Incentive Measures" was issued at the non-joint meeting. According to the Measures, the clues of illegal fund-raising reported by the masses are rewarded by the relevant departments for verification. After receiving the report, the relevant departments shall promptly organize the verification, and if they meet the conditions for the award, they shall make a reward decision according to the regulations. All localities may adopt the "one case one discussion" or centralized treatment to identify and reward the reporting clues.


Blockchain betting is actually "air coin"

The 21st Century Business Herald reporter learned that the above-mentioned risk warnings can be described as justified. The illegal fund-raising and fraud mode under the banner of "blockchain" is becoming more and more complicated. "blockchain betting" "blockchain game" "block" Various kinds of gimmicks such as chain mining are dazzling, and it is difficult to distinguish between true and false.

For example, the Hero Chain (HEC) is a fraudulent activity in the name of “blockchain betting”. The official claim that the HeroChain public chain is a gaming service ecosystem of Gamble as a Service (GaaS), which follows the laws and regulations around the world and provides legal basic gaming services for legal gaming and entertainment. The project token HEC totals 5 billion pieces and will never be issued.

On January 15th, 2018, the token issued by the hero chain project party HEC was launched on an online trading platform, and the online line was broken and turned into air currency. After the break of the hero chain project token HEC, its internal team and the agent also carried out a lot of false propaganda, claiming that HEC will have a hundred times return in the short-term, and the first-line exchanges on the line, promised to purchase real estate in Cambodia’s Jinyinwan through HEC, even Committed to the Macau casino can sell the hero chain tokens. Some investors who were blinded have added investment after hearing the advocacy. In October 2018, the chain of heroes stopped. During the period, some rights defenders and informants from some investors were kicked out of the WeChat group. Finally, the official WeChat group was dissolved, and the project leader was gone. On December 29, 2018, the hero chain was filed. From the very beginning, the hero chain project was a carefully packaged fraud project, claiming that foreign projects were actually self-directed and self-directed by relevant domestic personnel.

There are also frauds in the name of blockchain games. For example, Lucky Zodiac (alias: Luckyzodiac) is a blockchain game. It takes 1-5 days to grab pets. It usually sells automatically when it expires. Pets need to make an appointment first, then go to the point to grab, different pets. The income is different. For example, a rabbit's daily income is 5%. If its price is 10,000 yuan, then you can earn 500 yuan a day. The user invites the person around to become the dog owner (secondary dog ​​owner) to obtain direct promotion income, and the second-level dog owner will continue to promote the promotion reward, and the first-level dog owner can also obtain the commission of the second-level dog owner. On August 6, 2019, the lucky zodiac collapsed, hundreds of thousands of people were defrauded, and the funds involved reached 8 billion.

Blockchain mining scam

The accounting of the blockchain has also been aptly called “mining”, and some people have defrauded in the name of mining. For example, a data company in Nanjing developed the so-called “mine machine system”, “Asian digital trading platform”, “blockchain wallet” and “member system”, and built a network operation platform for the “angel coin” project. At the same time, the company publicized the public by means of on-site conference announcements, website publicity, and WeChat public number push. The "mining machine" is divided into three types: small, medium and large. The rental prices are 1,000 yuan, 5,000 yuan, and 15,000 yuan respectively. Yuan "angel coin", the lease cycle is 365 days. The "mine machine" can dig up an amount of "angel coins" every day. After the transaction platform starts to withdraw cash, the "angel coin" can get high profits.

In fact, except for a small portion of the investment money collected, which is used for the company’s “angel money” project, most of it is transferred to a personal account, or used to issue employee and introducer commissions, not used for any actual production. , business activities. It is understood that the company has closed the trading platform due to the break of the capital chain, resulting in at least 140 million yuan of financial losses, involving more than 6,800 people.

MLM borrows the "blockchain" to reclaim the soul

In addition, there are many media reports, many pyramid schemes in the name of blockchain to pull people to fraud.

According to the inspection daily newspaper, in March 2016, Lianyungang Public Security Bureau received an anonymous report. Lu Mou and others promoted the “Virtual Money GGP Win-Win Points” project in Lianyungang area with “Internet +” as the scorpion, and paid membership fees through Internet development members. And use the virtual integral to realize the profit model, suspected of network marketing. After investigation, it was discovered that this was a scam that originated in Beijing and covered the whole country.

The organization is under the guise of “blockchain”, “Internet finance”, “e-commerce” and “digital China”. In just 6 months, it has developed 30 floors, absorbed more than 10,900 member accounts, and absorbed 320 million yuan of investment. .

On September 25, 2019, Lu Mou and others who filed a public prosecution by the Haizhou District Procuratorate of Lianyungang City, Jiangsu Province, organized and led the second instance of the pyramid scheme: the verdict and the principal sentence of the first instance were maintained. At this point, the new Internet marketing scam has ended with its organizational personnel falling into the French Open.

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