Onchain Summer has started. How to play with the Base chain?

Onchain Summer begins. How to interact with the Base chain?

Author: Xiaopai’s Moments

Participate in Base activities and ecological interactions, waiting for blessings.


1. The official bridge is now open

2. “Odyssey” series of tasks and rewards

3. How to participate in the one-month exclusive funding activity “OnchainSummer” with 100ETH?

4. Hackathon is about to begin

5. Mint NFT inventory

The official bridge is now open

The official bridge is fully open: Before this, there was a wave of “Tugou Fever” on the BASE chain, attracting a large amount of funds. However, before the official bridge was opened, most of the assets were in a state of being able to enter but not exit. Now they can go in and out freely.



Everyone is very familiar with Odyssey. This time, the Odyssey of the two platforms will start at the same time and last for one month, with surprises every day:

Galaxy Odyssey: https://galxe.com/undefined/camLianGuaiign/GC25AU7LianGuaiZ…

Layer3 Odyssey: https://layer3.xyz/collections/base-mainnet-collection…

It should be noted that both Odyssey will eventually send a small amount of ETH to the wallet and can mint commemorative NFTs.

Onchain Summer

Let’s talk about this BASE exclusive Onchain Summer. This is an on-chain event jointly organized by 50 outstanding developers, brands, products, artists, and creators, and rewards contributors with 100ETH in funding.

There are four ways to contribute:

– On-chain summer art creation activity

– Building tools and infrastructure

– Building applications: ERC4337 and account abstraction

– Video competition: Together with cryptocurrencies

On-chain Summer Art Creation Activity (August 9th to 18th)

Sample projects:

– Create an on-chain summer PFP series for all NFT holders.

– Create a website to visualize the on-chain summer activities on Base.

– Make your own version of the http://onchainsummer.xyz website.

– Find ways to make it easier for users to participate through a better bridging experience.

– Issue an NFT that captures the essence of Onchain Summer

Building Tools and Infrastructure (August 12 to 23)

Example Projects:

– Build and launch a new game on Base

– Build an on-chain social network using social protocols on Base

– Create a dapp on Base for P2P payments to enable fast transactions

– Build a Dune dashboard to display on-chain data from Base

– Build a cross-chain governance tool

– For more creative ideas, please refer to this link

Building Applications: ERC4337 and Account Abstraction Direction (August 16 to September 13)

Example Project 1:

Build a LianGuaiymaster that provides free transactions based on specific conditions, such as holding a specific NFT.

Build a smart contract wallet with new or improved features, such as partnering with Coinbase Wallet-as-a-Service to provide web2 authorization experiences in on-chain interactions or for key recovery or additional signers.

Example Project 2:

Build a decentralized application (dapp) or interface that provides a user-friendly experience through account abstraction. For example, improve the ecosystem’s EIP by defining a new wallet RPC that is suitable for account abstraction wallets.

Video Contest: Together with Cryptocurrency (August 14 to 24)

“This is a one-minute video contest where you can share with the world why you think cryptocurrency is so important. We are looking for entries that include exciting cryptocurrency stories or use cases, cryptocurrency education, or advocacy for sensible legislation.”

In addition to sponsorship, we are also collaborating with other Superchain members to host a virtual hackathon, Superhack, from August 4 to 18. The hackathon has a prize pool of $125,000. (Application link)

mint NFT

1. Onchain Summer commemorative NFT

2. Base Bridge NFT (MintFun)

3. Onchain Summer commemorative NFT (MintFun)

We will continue to update Blocking; if you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us!


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