One article takes you to understand the current status of the DAPP market

DAPP is the abbreviation of "distributed APP" in Chinese for distributed applications, or it can also be called decentralized APP.

In the Internet era, the traditional APP background code runs on a centralized server, and the DAPP overlaps the code. We are more accustomed to calling these codes as smart tokens, which run in a distributed point-to-point network.

So what is the current status of DAPPs that are directly linked to the blockchain? Let ’s take the time to answer.

First, let's look at the existence of the entire DAPP market. According to the data entered by DAppReview, the entire DAPP is currently in the market. The number of DAPPs is 3383, the number of active users is 60035, the transaction value is 17,783,533.82 USD, and the number of smart contracts is 14,894.

From the perspective of the entire time, the number of DAPPs is in a process of transformation and growth, but the number of activities has shifted significantly, the transaction quota has shown a turbulent state, and the number of smart contracts is gradually increasing.

Speaking of the situation of the complete DAPP market, let's take a look at the current data status of each DAPP.

From the perspective of 24-hour active user data, the number of 24-hour active users on the decentralized exchange Whale Exchange was 12,489, ranking first in the DAPP activity list. BeeHive followed with 11,852, followed by Dice with spinach, with 6,076. Followed by Steem Monsters, My Crypto Heroes, EOS Three Kingdoms and so on.

Judging from the number of 24-hour transactions, EIDOS ranked first with 36,933,904 transactions, and Steem Monsters ranked second with 187,160 transactions. The third place was WINK with 179,855 pens.

Judging from the 24-hour trading quota, the 24-hour trading quota of Whale Stock Exchange is US $ 1,972,705, ranking first. EIDOS came in second with $ 896,231. The third place is BigGame.

Third, from the horizontal comparison of the DAPP chains, DAPP is divided into wave field chain, ETH chain, EOS chain, IOST chain, NEO chain, ONT chain and so on. Among the DAPPs developed based on these public chains, the DAPPs of the TRON, ETH and EOS chains are very active. Other chains are not considered here. Friends who are interested in DAPPs can pay attention by themselves.

The active performance of the ETH chain and the TRON chain is relatively stable. The EOS chain is active after November 1, and there has been a large degree of shift in the number of actives. This is mainly due to the advent of EIDOS, which makes EOS resources tight and it is difficult for players to conduct trading activities. However, the number of transactions in the EOS chain can also increase by the birth of EIDOS.

Finally, look at the current classification of DAPP. According to the data collected, spinach DAPPs cover 52.9% of the DAPP market, game types have replaced 17.32% of the market share, transaction types have 4.42%, and social types have only 1.98%. Of course, there are financial classes and other DAPPs.


The above data is the data recorded at 3 pm Beijing time on December 3, 2019. The above data comes from DAppReview.

Judging from the current development situation of DAPP, the survival cycle of a certain DAPP is relatively relative, which can be as short as one year, as short as half a year, or even 2-3 months. There are also many things that need to be improved, and some EOS resources are tight.

In the end, the most important thing is that the moat of the DAPP is too shallow, and it is too difficult to make a phenomenal DAPP.

Finally, what else do you think is the reason why DAPP cannot survive? Welcome everyone to leave a message to discuss.

Note: All the above contents do not represent the interests of any project party, and are purely personal actions.

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