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As the country stated that it would strengthen supervision and control and crack down on virtual currency transactions, the country launched a round of "encirclement and suppression" of virtual currency speculation. Regulators in Shanghai, Beijing, Dongguan, Hangzhou, Shenzhen, Henan and other places have conducted investigations on digital currency transaction related activities.

At present, many trading platforms and project parties in the market have begun to reduce publicity and claim to keep a low profile. The prices of various digital currencies have also plummeted under the influence of news. Bitcoin has fallen to a new low of nearly six months.

However, the supervision of digital currencies by regulators will not come to an end anytime soon. Many blockchain projects or trading platforms are in a halt or suspension state. If this continues to develop, will the blockchain industry be directly cold?

Of course not. Blockchain is never the same as digital currency hype, and the combination of this technology and the physical industry can really exert its value.

In other words, the blockchain is not only cool, but also through this round of cleaning can lay the foundation for the combination of blockchain and industry , and industrial blockchain is the future blue ocean market.

01What is an industrial blockchain?

In essence, the blockchain can connect the digital ecology of different industries into a value network, and its digital asset capabilities can also play a unique role in the digital economy.

For the industrial blockchain, the overall development path may be divided into three levels.

First, the blockchain can solve the disadvantages of a centralized system and realize the credibility of the data; second, by combining smart contracts and other technologies, the blockchain can resolve business trust relationships and reshape cooperation relationships; finally, digital assets can build a digital economy New value system of the times.

Therefore, industrial blockchain is a stage of the development of the blockchain industry, which aims to solve specific problems in the business environment, such as optimizing business processes, reducing trust costs, improving efficiency, and so on.

The development wave of blockchain is far more than digital currencies. The market of "blockchain + industry" will be larger and more attractive, because it can directly promote the value link between enterprises and between enterprises and consumers.

02Blockchain integrates into traditional industries and accelerates the industry blockchain ecology

The blockchain establishes a strong trust relationship and value transmission network through a variety of technical means such as point-to-point distributed accounting, multi-node consensus mechanism, asymmetric encryption, and smart contracts, making it distributed, untrusted, and tamper-resistant. , Value transferable and programmable.

These characteristics can be integrated into traditional industries, solve problems related to trust and automation encountered in the process of industrial upgrading, reshape traditional industries and improve industrial efficiency.

What's more important is that the blockchain can solve the problem of "devoid of reality" of the financial industry, establish an efficient value transfer mechanism, and improve the liquidity of traditional assets through asset digitization, thereby promoting the digital transformation of traditional industries and building industries Blockchain ecology.

The combination of the blockchain and the physical industry, the initial main demand is to "increase trust" by utilizing the characteristics of the block that cannot be tampered with. Facts have proved that in the application scenarios of industrial blockchain, they are mainly distributed in application scenarios that require high data trust, such as finance, justice, copyright, and medical treatment, and this has gradually become the direction of large-scale industrial blockchain implementation. .

At the same time, as the "trust" problem is resolved, laying the foundation for multi-party collaboration between enterprises, inefficient cooperation models in the business community will simplify cooperation processes, improve collaboration efficiency, and achieve trust in the Internet through smart collaboration and information sharing. .

It can be seen that in the early stage of the development of industrial blockchain, data trust is an important foundation for future development, and application scenarios such as identity authentication, data exchange, and asset trading will all be based on this derived and expanded function. Serve the real economy well. In addition, the blockchain has also landed and developed in the fields of the Internet of Things, logistics, and public services.

03 Blockchain deeply integrates the financial industry

The financial field will be the key development direction of the industrial blockchain. This is mainly because many pain points encountered in the traditional financial industry can be well solved by the blockchain technology, so the financial industry and the blockchain have a natural ability to combine.

Specifically, blockchain can allow off-chain assets to circulate on the chain to form digital assets. This is the core of the financial market and an important foundation for the future development of the digital economy. If the off-chain assets can be mapped onto the chain, then the data can be effectively utilized and managed, thereby reducing the complexity of the existing financial system, improving operational efficiency and asset liquidity.

In the "Blockchain + Finance" era , the value of the blockchain is more reflected in the value connection, thereby solving the underlying trust problem in the Internet era, and finally breaking the information and value transmission of the financial industry and the physical industry to better achieve The fallout from the financial industry.

Therefore, to develop industrial finance, it is necessary to connect the upstream and downstream of the industry through the blockchain, and form a closed loop of big data. Based on this, financial innovation is made to use the financial services to serve the real economy.


04Blockchain + physical industry, has it really landed?

The reason seems easy to understand, but can "blockchain + physical industry" really land? Or is this just a gimmick moving a mirage?

Take the current most important financial industry, in fact, there have been many actual cases of blockchain implementation.

As early as 2014, the central bank established a special research group on fiat digital currencies, and released a series of research reports on the issuance of digital currencies in 2015. In 2016, the central bank held a digital currency seminar to publicly issue digital currency for the first time. Nowadays, the basic context of the central bank's digital currency is relatively clear and ready to go.

In addition, in 2018, the first phase of the "Bay Area Trade Finance Blockchain Platform" was officially launched for trial operation, aiming to carry out trade financing activities such as accounts receivable and trade financing, while providing a supervision for trade financing. The system can monitor various financial activities in real time.

Therefore, just looking at the financial industry, there are a lot of cases of blockchain landing.

In terms of traceability, JD Global's 2018 strategic plan will use blockchain to trace the entire source. The blockchain-based anti-counterfeiting traceability system will gradually cover JD's global purchase business and achieve "full traceability". In terms of culture and entertainment, Hollywood announced the use of blocks. Chain to combat piracy movies; and in terms of social networking, the well-known Korean social software Kaokao will also build an ecosystem based on blockchain technology; in terms of medical treatment, Wal-Mart has obtained patents for recording cases with blockchain; even in terms of law, Hangzhou Internet Court Establish a legal review method for electronic certification of blockchain.

In addition to these applications, the blockchain has produced many landing scenarios in various industries. It can be seen that "blockchain + physical industry" is truly based on the present and looks to the future.


05 Summary

The application of blockchain and the real economy, integration and development, and technological innovation are the future. The era of industrial blockchain will truly create practical application scenarios based on blockchain, empower the real economy, and drive industrial upgrading. Therefore, accelerating the innovation of the underlying technology of the blockchain, expanding the application scenarios and landing are the needs that the current blockchain industry needs to solve urgently.

However, for different industries, there are many different pain points and specific requirements, and how the blockchain can be applied to these different industries is also a problem that needs to be solved.

The development of industrial blockchain does not happen overnight, and the application to different industries will be different. Only in this way can the blockchain play its greatest value in various industries.

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