Preconceived? Tencent, Huawei and other big companies bet 5G and blockchain at the same time

Before the new wave of technology, no one is willing to lag behind, especially the Chinese Internet company with its own innovative genes.

The trend of the times: 5G and blockchain

Technology is the primary productive force, and everyone wants to grasp the pulse of the times. According to the "2019 Top Ten Technology Trends" released by Dharma Institute of Alibaba's Artificial Intelligence Institute, 5G and blockchain are the development direction of the next decade. At the same time, the "Top Ten Technology Trends of 2020" released by Forbes also shows that both 5G and blockchain will rise in 2020, and every industry related to people's daily life will be transformed in the future.

Perhaps in the next 3-5 years, the popularity of 5G and blockchain will bring unexpected changes to people, and the market prospects are difficult to estimate. In fact, big companies with a keen sense of smell have long noticed that the rise of these emerging technologies has a wide-ranging impact on the entire economy and society.

Recently, Thunder Group announced the unaudited financial report for the second quarter of 2019. The financial report shows that Thunder's total revenue was 47.8 million US dollars, up 15.7% from the previous month, of which cloud computing and other Internet value-added services revenue was 22.5 million US dollars. Growth of 40.6%. Although Thunder has made some progress in shared computing this quarter, such as Thunder's Netcore Technology and Tiezhi Zhilian have reached a strategic cooperation, the two companies will be based on the technology, resources and services in the field of shared computing and blockchain. Advantages, and the advantages of Tower Zhilian in the field of communication technology facilities, in the field of edge computing, Internet of Things, blockchain and other aspects of cooperation, and jointly contribute to the construction of 5G edge computing. But in the next plan, Thunder will further expand the scale of shared computing.

In fact, the application of the Thunder blockchain technology in the copyright field has created a model case for the “blockchain+5G” landing direction. According to the zero-identity blockchain, relying on Thunder's rich P2SP technology accumulation, NetScience has launched a blockchain platform “Thunderbolt Chain”, which can greatly improve the underlying performance and solve the 5G privacy information security issues for the future 5G era. The Internet of Everything creates more possibilities and security.

“Thunder has accumulated rich experience in the research and application of blockchain technology and applied for a large number of patents for blockchain technology. In the second half of 2019, Thunder will further expand its field of shared computing and blockchain. Leading edge, laying a solid foundation for the long-term development of the company." Thunder CEO Chen Lei said in the financial report.

Similarly, Tencent’s unaudited financial report for the second quarter of 2019 showed that Tencent’s total revenue for the first half of the year was RMB 174.286 billion, an increase of 18% from the first half of last year. Among them, financial technology and corporate services revenue was RMB 22.9 billion, a year-on-year increase of 37%.

In Tencent's planning for its future financial technology business, it hopes to assume a more diversified role. The reason is that in Tencent's view, driven by 5G, artificial intelligence and blockchain technology, Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao and Dawan District planning and other favorable factors, financial technology will usher in another strategic opportunity period of development in 2019, Tencent should embrace New opportunities make it one of Tencent's most important revenue segments for the next 10 years.

"The 5G era is exciting" and "blockchain is a good technology". For these two popular technologies, Tencent CEO Ma Huateng commented. In fact, in April last year, Tencent established the first 5G technology and application research team of China Internet Corporation – Tencent Future Network Lab, and on 5G-based cloud games, HD video live broadcast, intelligent networked cars and smart transportation, Typical business scenarios such as the Industrial Internet have been explored.

Of course, Tencent also pays great attention to the blockchain. “Tencent blockchain has been actively exploring the construction of high-availability and scalable blockchain application infrastructure products to help enterprises quickly realize application scenarios. Currently, the blockchain of Tencent has been in supply chain finance, medical care, digital assets, In the future, Tencent will continue to work with industry partners to explore the development direction of the industry blockchain and promote the application of more blockchain application scenarios.” Ma Huateng is Said.

It must be mentioned that when we talk about 5G, many people naturally think of Huawei. As one of the leaders of the 5G standard, Huawei is seeking the leading position of 5G equipment vendors in the fierce international competition. According to a report released by Huawei in the past, in 2009, Huawei invested 600 million US dollars to start research on 5G related technologies; after 2016, Huawei accelerated the research and development of end-to-end 5G commercial products with an additional investment of 1.4 billion US dollars. The $2 billion 5G R&D expense exceeds the combined investment of 5G R&D by major US and European equipment suppliers.

If Huawei is the leader in the 5G competition, then its blockchain strength should not be underestimated. According to the Zero-Identification blockchain, at the beginning of 2016, Huawei was involved in the blockchain ("Huawei Ren Zhengfei: China can issue its own Libra").

In April 2018, Huawei released the "Huawei Blockchain White Paper", pointing out that the blockchain and related industries are accelerating development, and Huawei is facing a major industrial opportunity in the blockchain. In the overall conception of the blockchain, Huawei will focus on typical application areas, with the blockchain platform as the core, the joint network and the trusted hardware execution environment (terminal + chip) to form a three-in-one end-to-end blockchain framework. Achieve software + hardware integration to provide a faster and more secure blockchain end-to-end solution.

"Huawei is willing to work with the industry to accelerate the blockchain business structure and help transform the digital economy." Zhang Xiaojun, director of the Huawei Blockchain Project, said firmly.

Mutual empowerment


5G, blockchain and other hot technologies gradually move from the edge of the stage to the center of the stage.

“The blockchain is the production relationship, which ensures the security and deposit of data on the chain; 5G is the infrastructure, the data path, and the two complement each other to form a solution for different vertical fields such as the Internet of Things.” Source CEO Dong Ning once said.

According to the "Chapter Chain + 5G Development Analysis Report" jointly released by the Chain Catcher Research Institute and the Hash Research Institute, 5G is a new generation mobile communication technology with high speed, low latency and massive access. As a new generation of the Internet, the blockchain's decentralization, transaction information privacy protection, historical record anti-tampering, traceability and other features can promote the efficient development of 5G applications. 5G technology and blockchain technology are mutually reinforcing. 5G technology provides support for a highly efficient digital economy, and blockchain technology provides security and trust for the digital economy. The combination of blockchain and 5G technology is expected to promote the development of smart cities, digital societies, and asset-winding.

From the outside world, the blockchain and 5G are mutually inspiring and mutually successful. The arrival of the blockchain has removed the technical obstacles for 5G, and the 5G Dongfeng has also accelerated the innovation and landing of the blockchain. It can also be understood that 5G is an accelerator in the blockchain, and the blockchain is a bulletproof jacket in terms of 5G.

Source: Zero blockchain

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