QKL123 Blockchain List | Market activity remained flat over the same period, and media fever picked up (2020.02)

QKL123 blockchain rankings include eight major lists of blockchain projects, trading platforms, blockchain media, blockchain public accounts, blockchain mining pools, blockchain mining machines, staking projects, and blockchain wallets.

At present, the objective indicators selected on the list of blockchain projects include the market value of circulation; the list of trading platforms uses the market transaction amount as an objective indicator of ranking; the list of blockchain media is ranked according to the comprehensive media score, and the calculated indicators include the number of Baidu indexed , The number of anti-chains, and Alexa ranking; the list of blockchain public numbers is sorted based on the comprehensive score of the public number, and the calculation indicators include the number of original articles, readings, and likes; the list of blockchain mining pools is comprehensive The scores are sorted, and the calculation indicators include the number of supported currencies, settlement methods, handling fees, and objective indicators that reflect the market's computing power; the list of blockchain miners uses the number of days to return as the ranking indicator; the list of Staking projects is annualized The expected return rate and project market value are sorted separately; the blockchain wallet list is sorted according to the comprehensive score of the wallet, and its quantitative indicators include the number of supported currencies, the product matrix, node verification methods, and objective indicators that reflect market performance. The data is mainly from the QKL123 website ( https://www.qkl123.com ).

The QKL123 blockchain ranking list is based on objective data or comprehensive indicators for blockchain projects, trading platforms, blockchain media, blockchain public accounts, blockchain mining pools, blockchain miners, Staking projects, districts, etc. Blockchain wallets are ranked for reference by investors or industry insiders. The list is summarized as follows: QKL123 Blockchain General List (February 2020) 0 Source: QKL123

I. Ranking of Blockchain Projects

1. Blockchain project circulation market value ranking

Top 10 Blockchain Projects by Market Capitalization 1 Blockchain Project Rankings (19) Source: QKL123

On March 02, 2020, the circulating market value of BTC was 1,123.626 billion yuan, a slight decrease from the same period of the previous month (1.175687 billion yuan), and the market value ratio (62.59%) was slightly lower than the same period of last month (63.55%). The USDT The market value ratio (1.85%) increased slightly from the same period last month (1.76%). The second and third are still ETH and XRP. The market share of ETH circulation (9.64%) has rebounded sharply from the same period last month (7.84%). The market share of XRP circulation has decreased from 4.48% to 3.99% in the same period last month. XTZ replaced ADA into the top ten in market capitalization, and the rankings of other top ten projects remained basically unchanged.

Ranking of Blockchain Trading Platforms

Top 10 blockchain trading platforms with 30-day turnover 2 Blockchain Platform Rankings (10) Source: QKL123

Rank trading platforms according to 30-day turnover (by report), with BB, Huobi, OKEx, and Binance among the top four, respectively. Among them, BB's turnover was significantly abnormal, and its adjusted 24-hour turnover was zero. Huobi and OKEx's 30-day turnover were more than 200 billion yuan, a significant increase from the same period last month. The number of trading platforms with a turnover of more than 100 billion yuan in the past 30 days (49) is basically the same as the same period last month (48). In summary, the overall heat of the entire Token market transaction has increased compared to the same period last month, but with the recent fall in the price of bitcoin, market turnover has begun to shrink.

Ranking of Blockchain Media

Top 10 Blockchain Media by Comprehensive Rating 3 Blockchain Media Leaderboards (11) Source: QKL123

According to the QKL123 score for ranking domestic blockchain media (February 2020), Babbitt still ranks first. Its comprehensive score (77.92) is slightly higher than last month (77.49), and Alexa ranking (45374) is higher than last month. (66226) significantly increased. The second is Golden Finance and Lianwen, both of which rose by one, and the overall score also increased slightly from last month. Golden Finance's Baidu index and backlinks have increased, but its Alexa ranking has declined. Gyro Finance dropped from the second last month to the fourth. Its comprehensive score (71.82) dropped slightly from last month (72.34), but the Alexa ranking (7484) continued to rise from last month (8804), and the ranking was still the highest. Taken together, the overall enthusiasm of the media has picked up from the same period last month.

4. Ranking of Blockchain Public Accounts

Top 10 Blockchain Public Accounts by Comprehensive Rating 4 Blockchain Public Account Ranking (11) Source: QKL123

According to the comprehensive score of the blockchain public account, the digital currency trend madman, Babbitt information, and the currency grandfather are still in the top three respectively. The article on digital currency trend lunatics and coin masters focuses on the analysis of the secondary market. The total reading of madman articles in the digital currency trend is the highest (1.09 million +), which is a significant increase from the previous month (950,000+); the total reading of the coin grandfather (440,000+) ranks second, compared to the previous month (450,000+) ) Slightly decreased. Babbitt's article content focuses on industry information, and its original articles far exceed other public accounts.

V. Blockchain mining pool ranking

Top ten mining pools by comprehensive score 5 Mining Pool Leaderboards (10) Source: QKL123

According to the ranking of the mining pool's comprehensive scoring results, the Yuchi mining pool's comprehensive scoring was the highest, followed by the coin-print mining pool and the ant mining pool. At present, Yuchi's computing power score (75.94) is the highest, which is significantly lower than the same period last month (85.29). Its network-wide computing power ratios of BTC, ETH, and LTC are 18.18%, 10.74%, and 14.37%, respectively. Ranked first, third and second. The currency printing power score (71.69) ranked second. Its BTC network-wide computing power ratio still ranked second (17.55%), and its LTC network-wide computing power ratio ranked first (19.97%). The ant mining pool's computing power score (71.03) ranked third. Its network-wide computing power ratios of BTC, BCH, and LTC were 11.21%, 34.10%, and 8.05%, ranking fourth, first, and sixth, respectively.

Ranking of blockchain miners

1. Mining machine return days ranking

Top ten miners expected to return this day 6 Miner Ranking (21) Source: QKL123

Calculated according to the Token price on March 02, the default computing power, electricity costs and other indicators. The ant miner Z11 used to mine ZEN has the shortest number of days. The expected return days and expected daily net profit are 160 days and 57.39. yuan. The other top ten miners returning this day are used to mine the crypto assets of the SHA256 algorithm. The asset types include BCH and BTC. Among them, the expected return days of the S9 series of ant mining machines are mostly more than 200 days, and the expected daily net profit is only about 5 yuan.

2. Ranking of Bitcoin miners' return days

Top Ten Bitcoin Mining Machines 7 Miner Ranking (22) Source: QKL123

According to the calculations of the Bitcoin price and the computing power of the entire network on March 02, the Bitcoin mining machine with the shortest payback days is Ant Miner T17 + 55T. The expected payback days and expected daily net profit are 267 days and 28.61 yuan, respectively. The highest expected daily net profit is Shenma Mining Machine M30S-86T. The expected return days and expected daily net profit are 316 days and 54.46 yuan, respectively. At present, only a small number of old models of mining machines are in a loss state, and the shutdown price of most of the top ten mining machines today is around 30,000 yuan.

Ranking of Staking projects

1. Staking expected yield ranking

Top 10 Staking projects with expected returns 8 Staking project leaderboards (19) Source: QKL123

The Staking Economy is derived from the proof of stake. The Staking project here refers to a broader scope, including PoS, Masternodes and Dividends. The Staking project was ranked according to the expected annualized rate of return on March 02, and the BCO project ranked first. Its expected annualized rate of return (1033.57%), LPT (55.13%), and BOS (32.47%). It is worth noting that the price of BCO has fluctuated sharply in the near future, with a drop of 81.23% in the past year, and its corresponding trading platform and trading pair lack liquidity, and there is a risk of market manipulation. The prices of LPT and BOS have fallen by 50% to 70% in the past six months, and the actual annualized rate of return (equivalent to legal currency) is not high.

2. Staking project market value ranking

Top 10 Staking Projects by Market Capitalization 9 Staking Project Leaderboards (20) Source: QKL123

The Staking project was ranked according to the circulating market capitalization on March 02, and EOS ranked first (not considering ETH for the time being). Its expected annualized return is 3.19%, which is an increase from the same period last month (3.06%). The expected annualized return on the top ten market capitalizations are all within 10%. Among them, the expected annualized return of ATOM is still the highest (8.16%), followed by DASH (6.63%) and XTZ (5.72%), while XLM is still the lowest (1%).

Ranking of Blockchain Wallets

Top 10 blockchain wallets with comprehensive scores 10 Blockchain Wallet Rankings (10) Source: QKL123

At present, the top wallets are mostly software wallets, and their overall scores are mostly between 72 and 75. Among them, Coinbase Wallet still ranks first, and it is significantly higher than other wallet ratings. Coinbase Wallet supports BTC, BCH, ETH, ETC, LTC and ERC20, etc. It can use Dapp applications and can perform decentralized Token transactions. Bitpie and Cobo are ranked second and third respectively. In addition to supporting more types of crypto assets such as BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, ETC, and ERC20, users can also obtain market, information, or financial services.

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