Research Report | Blockchain Technology Empowers Bank Risk Management

Key takeaways:

1. Bank risk management is an important issue throughout the bank's entire business process. According to the Basel III issued by the Basel Committee, banking risks can be classified into the following categories: credit risk, market risk, operational risk, liquidity risk, country risk, reputation risk, systemic risk, strategic risk, ethics risk. Among the risks that can be reduced through management are credit risk, operational risk and liquidity risk. In this report, the banking business is classified according to the risks involved, and the businesses corresponding to the three risks that can be managed are classified and summarized.

2. After the blockchain technology to solve the problem of bank risk control has received national attention on October 24, the "2020 Economic and Financial Outlook Report" issued by the Bank of China Research Institute on November 28, 2019 clearly stated that Blockchain has brought application opportunities to the banking industry.

3. According to incomplete statistics, as of December 2019, there have been more than 20 state-owned, joint-stock, and city commercial banks in China including industrial and peasant construction, and they have used blockchain technology in their business processes. .

4. Note: This article does not include the application of supply chain finance. If you want to know related content, you can pay attention to TokenInsight "Research Report on Blockchain Technology Enabling Supply Chain Finance".

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