Revisiting the narrative of actual returns: How has the token performed? Is it outperforming the market?

Revisiting token returns: Is it outperforming the market?

“RealYield” gained a lot of attention in the market last year, but now it is rarely mentioned. DeFi researcher Ignas | DeFi Research has studied whether the performance of RealYield tokens surpasses other DeFi tokens and states that RealYield tokens do not necessarily perform better.

Ranked by expenses and revenue, top performing real yield tokens include CAKE, GMX, SNX, GNX, CVX, LVL, and CRV. After researching the minimum prices of these protocols for 2022, I found that not all of them have performed well since their narrative started. Real yield tokens like RDNT, GRAIL, GMX, and GNS have performed exceptionally well, but other tokens such as SNX, CRV, and CVX have not performed as well as other non-real yield tokens.

CAKE is an interesting example, as it has generated the most expenses for token holders in the past 24 hours, but its price has continued to decline. Therefore, being a real yield token does not necessarily mean better performance. To evaluate a token’s potential, more factors need to be considered, including narrative, project development, and competition.


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