Asset management companies WisdomTree and Invesco have resubmitted their application for a physically-backed Bitcoin ETF.

WisdomTree and Invesco have reapplied for a Bitcoin ETF backed by physical assets.

Bloomberg’s senior ETF analyst Eric Balchunas tweeted that asset management company WisdomTree has once again submitted an application for a physically-backed Bitcoin ETF. In addition, Invesco has also resubmitted a 19b-4 filing for a physically-backed Bitcoin ETF.

Quick update on the recent cryptocurrency Bitcoin ETF applications since last Thursday: iShares (the world’s largest ETF issuer); Bitwise (knows the ins and outs); WisdomTree (top 10 issuer); Invesco (4th largest issuer). What has changed recently? The SEC has been opposed to cryptocurrencies. Something is about to happen.


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