Rollups as a service solution: Eclipse technology principle analysis

Rollups as a service: Analysis of Eclipse technology principles

As Rollup solutions become easier to develop, more and more applications that require full customization at the execution layer will be fully deployed on-chain in the form of Rollups instead of L1. Eclipse is a modular infrastructure platform that can develop custom Rollups. Crypto researcher Francesco discusses the characteristics and implementation of Eclipse.

Eclipse separates three key concepts: consensus, data availability, and execution. It allows projects to balance these concepts or attributes by dividing them into modules. Eclipse is a settlement layer that can create a custom execution chain for specific use cases by selecting the desired consensus and DA layers to create the best combination.

Currently, Eclipse supports the Ethereum Virtual Machine and the Solana Virtual Machine, but the EVM implemented by Eclipse is several times faster than Optimism by utilizing the parallelism in Eclipse VM. Eclipse supports DA layers such as Celestia, Eigen DA, and Avail. The nodes in the Eclipse settlement layer run Celestia light clients, and Eclipse is a Celestia sovereign rollup used only for bridging and passing proofs.

What projects have been built on Eclipse? Games, physical infrastructure, and rollups. Essentially, Eclipse is a rollup-as-a-service company that allows users to develop custom rollups by leveraging the advantages of Solana VM, combined with Ethereum security and IBC interoperability.


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