Six Catalysts Driving Growth for Algorithmic Stablecoin Frax FinanceFrax Finance

Six Catalysts Driving Growth for Algorithmic Stablecoin Frax Finance Frax Finance, the algorithmic stablecoin, has grown significantly in recent months due to: 1. Growing demand for stablecoins due to volatility in the cryptocurrency market. 2. Unique algorithmic design that provides a more stable alternative. 3. Partnership with Curve Finance, a decentralized exchange, which increases liquidity and accessibility. 4. Integration into DeFi platforms, including Yearn Finance and Uniswap, which drives adoption and usage. 5. Strong and active community support. 6. Strong team of experienced developers and advisors, with backing from prominent investors like Andreessen Horowitz and Coinbase Ventures.

Author: Stacy Muur, Chief Marketing Officer at Spin

Translation: Felix, BlockingNews

Ouroboros Capital has published its investment thesis on Frax Finance, stating that the FXS token has great growth potential over the next 6 to 12 months. This article summarizes the main points from the post.

On June 16th, Frax launched a $2 million buyback program for the FXS token, with a 6-month budget. Ouroboros Capital suggests ramping up the buyback during price dips but stopping it once the price crosses $5.

The proposal was approved on June 30th, sending a clear signal to the market that FXS has a floor when it falls below $5. Furthermore, there are attractive opportunities in the $5-$6 range, as the downside risk remains limited.

Aside from discussing potential downside trends, the post also explores upside catalysts. Ouroboros Capital believes that FXS will experience exciting moments over the next 6 months, driven by six key catalysts:

Adoption of frxETH

Ouroboros predicts significant growth for frxETH (an Ethereum derivative), which has shown impressive growth since its launch. According to an approved proposal, sfrxETH will be integrated into the Aave platform. This is expected to be a growth catalyst, reflecting the success of stETH on AAVE.

Furthermore, the v2 version of frxETH will focus on optimizing validator rewards, attracting the best validators and offering better returns to users. It will introduce competitive fees and leverage options for validators.

Collateralization Ratio (CR) > 100%

Once the collateralization ratio reaches 100%, FXS fee allocation will be restored, and any concerns about FRAX stability will be eliminated. The current collateral ratio is slightly below 100%, but Frax has volatile assets + revenue to maintain stability.


The Layer2 network Fraxchain is an upcoming hybrid rollup that will support all Frax assets and enable seamless liquidity transfers. Fraxchain is expected to be ready by the end of this year. Fraxchain will use the stablecoin Frax and liquidity-pledged derivative Frax Ether to pay transaction fees. Additionally, Frax founder Sam Kazemian has stated that fees generated by the rollup network can be partially burned or redirected back to the Ethereum mainnet, allocated to holders of the FXS governance token. This will have a positive impact on the yield of frxETH and could potentially boost valuation.

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