Full Chain Online Game: Inheritance of Will MUD & Dojo

Inheritance of Will: Online Game

Mask Network team member vabishk.eth explained the MUD and Dojo engines for full-chain games and introduced the full-chain game ecological map based on these two engines.

The engine for full-chain games is a packaged solution that focuses more on how to handle state synchronization, efficient content addition and maintenance in a blockchain environment, and easier interaction with other contracts, helping developers focus on the game itself without having to worry too much about blockchain compatibility, and even reducing the learning cost of Solidity.

The MUD engine aims to build an underlying infrastructure that can output relatively universal and efficient data structures for both on-chain and client, and process interfaces between the two environments. The first version of MUD (MUD V1) mainly revolves around the ECS framework. It mainly solves three key problems in the development of full-chain games: the synchronization of contract and client states, the continuous updating of content, and the interoperability with other contracts. The second version of MUD (MUD V2) has been structurally improved, not just around the features of ECS. The most important adjustment is the abandonment of the component setting of the original key-value pair, and the use of a more inclusive table setting. Developers can design the form of data structure themselves and choose from the code library corresponding to the ECS structure provided by MUD.

In February 2023, Dojo was officially born. At that time, there were basically only references to MUD on the market, and MUD’s design and performance were indeed excellent. Therefore, Dojo’s early development was mainly based on the implementation of MUD in Starknet’s Cairo language. Loaf also admitted this, which is why there is a saying that Dojo is a ported version of MUD. Cairo is a Turing-complete language similar to Rust, used to create provable programs for general computing, and has some unique features: 1) proof of recursion; 2) step-by-step proof; 3) state difference; 4) generalized universality.

Ecological map of full-chain games: 1) Mud series: OPCraft 1 & 2, Sky Strife, Autonomous Game of Life, Netherscape, Realm of Pepe. 2) Starknet series: BibliothecaDAO, Cartridge, Briq, Influence, Topology.

Reference: https://mirror.xyz/vanishk.eth/MTwltQDrHZenEBlockingFB9YsnScHVREmA3EWfLW-r9VguXs

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