Study the Times and publish a comment: the development of blockchain must handle five relationships

Source: Learning Times

Author: Liying Zhe

Blockchain is an important breakthrough for the next core technology independent innovation, and is an important battlefield for a new round of competitive development. The development of blockchain brings both strategic opportunities and challenges in technology and governance. In the process of promoting the development of blockchain, we must correctly handle the five relationships in order to better grasp the major opportunities brought about by the technological advancement of blockchain and give full play to the important role of blockchain in technological innovation and industrial development.

Handle the relationship between basic research and technology application. Basic research, such as the underlying technology of blockchain, has a long cycle, large investment, and slow effect. If there is no strong financial support and long-term development concept, it will be difficult to adhere to it. However, basic research is precisely the commanding height of industry development. To stand at the forefront of the industry, we must make breakthroughs in basic research. Without the original technological achievements of key technologies in the field of research, the development of the blockchain industry will be subject to people. In the Internet era, due to our late start, the operating system has long been occupied by foreigners. The lessons of the previous car must never be staged again in the blockchain era. We must attach great importance to basic research, concentrate our efforts, focus on a number of key core technologies, and build on the foundations and advantages of the industry's development with original results in the basic research field.

Handle the relationship between legal supervision and inclusive innovation. The development of blockchain is not regulated, and strengthening supervision, correct guidance, and clear direction are prerequisites for the healthy and orderly development of the industry. In the face of ever-changing technological innovation and business model innovation, only by closely tracking development trends, strengthening analysis and judgment, strengthening norms and guidance, and continuously improving regulatory efficiency and level, can we lead the healthy and orderly development of the industry with advanced governance concepts. At the same time, we must respect the market, respect the law, respect innovation, and give the market participants full autonomy to maximize the formation of the prosperity and development of the blockchain.

Handle the relationship between empowerment and inhibition of speculation. Technology is for application and ultimately promotes social progress. Empowerment development is an important direction and goal of the development of the blockchain industry. On the one hand, we must vigorously implement the “blockchain+” strategy, promote the deep integration of blockchain and government administration, social governance, and industrial economy, so that blockchain technology can truly benefit the society. We must vigorously support the combination of blockchain technology and social governance and economic development, and vigorously develop "blockchain + government affairs" and "blockchain + economy", so that blockchain technology can better empower social governance and economic development. To promote the improvement of social governance capabilities and the development of the real economy. On the other hand, it is necessary to correct in time and resolutely curb various speculations carried out by the name of the blockchain. Strictly prevent the occurrence of speculative speculation and disguised fund-raising on the occasion of the development of the blockchain.

Handle the relationship between me and open development. The development of blockchain must adhere to the principle of me. It is necessary to formulate development strategies and policies and regulations based on the reality of the country. We must respect the technology and the national conditions. At the same time, it must be noted that the blockchain technology is open source, and the blockchain governance model is still under exploration. Closed development will inevitably delay the pace of technological progress, and is not conducive to the innovation of blockchain governance model. It is necessary to combine and adopt advanced technology for me, and to do integrated innovation on this basis; at the same time, we must actively participate in global blockchain governance, gain more voice in governance standards and rulemaking, and actively lead the block. The direction of chain governance, contributing to the wisdom of China in blockchain governance.

Handle the relationship between overall planning and demonstration. While coordinating and guiding the overall development of the national industry, we will take a bold look at the development of the blockchain and take the lead in trials and demonstrations. In some areas, the blockchain independent innovation demonstration zone can be set up, and certain policy authority can be given, and the policy “negative list” can be put forward to create a good development environment, fully release the development potential, and take the first-mover advantage to achieve the first breakthrough.

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