The 1 billion fund disk "wave field super community" running out of cash, why is Sun Yuchen always worried?

At the beginning of the bull market, the dealer did not harvest, and the fund was harvested.

According to the security company Chengdu Chain Security, the number of wallets that run for a few months is close to 20.

First, the “first fund of the currency circle” PlusToken runs the headlines of major communities and media. At the same time, another once-popular fund "wave field super community" quietly took the opportunity to run and harvest users.

At 10:00 am on June 30, the Wave Field Super Community App closed and it was suspected that it had already run. Wallet assets have been transferred out two weeks ago, and investors are currently unable to withdraw cash. Then, on July 1, a middle-aged woman's suicide note signed by "Xia Bing" and her "cutting the wrist to commit suicide" photos were circulated in many WeChat groups and became the public opinion starter of this fund collapse.

The wave field super community began to receive attention at the beginning of this year. In the name of the super representative of the wave field, it used the pyramid-selling promotion method to attract users to register, fill in the wave field tokens, and complete the operation of pulling the head to obtain more wave currency.

Relying on the popularity of the wave field and marketing of MLM, it has quickly gained many users. During this period, many users asked the founder of the wave field, Sun Yuchen, the relationship between the project and the wave field. The latter did not respond directly.

After the crash, Sun Yuchen finally posted a microblog on the microblog with the crusade fund, but it attracted a scream of users: some said that it did not clarify early, indulging the funds to deceive users money; some users even suspected It has something to do with these funds.

Behind the official warnings of the grandeur, not only the token issuers as media, but also the exchanges that act as legal channels are the “indirect beneficiaries” of these funds.

5 billion yuan in 5 months, the number of victims reached several hundred thousand

On the morning of June 30, the wave field super community official group announced that in order to better optimize the community platform, upgrade, did not announce how long to maintain, consult the official customer service, customer service is only a few minutes to reply, then directly Do not reply to the message.

Subsequently, a number of wave field super community groups announced that the wave field community was maintained by hacker attack networks, avoiding disturbing friends who were not present, and would not be friends of the community members to move out of the group.

By 10:00 on June 30, the app could not be downloaded, and investors realized that the official might have run.

Before the release of the manuscript, the “Wave Field Super Community” website appeared to have had a bug, the website was slow to open, and new users could not register. Stay in this interface as shown below:

On July 1st, a "sacred book" signed "Xia Bing" began to spread in many WeChat groups.

The content of the "sentence book" is probably that this middle-aged woman named "Xia Bing" claimed to have defrauded the money by the wave field super community and continuously bought 230,000 TRX investment wave field super communities. According to the global market of the fire currency, TRX first quoted 0.22 RMB, and 230,000 TRX converted to RMB 50600.

According to the suicide note, the money was borrowed from a friend, and the interest was high. He was a single mother and had a son who said that he could not repay the debt and "prove himself innocent by death."

According to the amount of victim fraud collected from the media “Discipline News”, the wave field super community has swept away virtual currency assets worth more than RMB 1 billion within 5 months, and the number of victims has reached several hundred thousand.

Image from the wave field super community rights group "wave field Beijing case three groups"

Although this "sacred book" has been widely disseminated, the authenticity has not been verified. The list of victims and the amount mentioned above are also true. According to the discussion of the rights group, some users said that they had reported the case, but the police have not yet filed a case.

As a well-known project in the currency circle, the influence of the wave field super community is obvious to all. According to the analysis of the security company, its involved token is at least 200 million yuan.

The blockchain security company Beosin Chengdu Chain Security analyzes the data on the chain. The fund pool address of the wave field super community is TTkYb1KtEekXFP54PRTLtLSkHo94nohMga.

Image taken from

Up to now, the Beosin Chengdu chain security team statistics, from the wave field super community account address TTkYb1KtEekXFP54PRTLtLSkHo94nohMga point of view, two weeks ago has been divided into multiple accounts to transfer a total of 1133270120 TRX, 34709074 BTT, about 200 million More than 50 million yuan.

Image taken from

In fact, according to the transfer record, the address has been intensively transferred out of various currencies including TRX two weeks ago. According to the query of the wave field super node address, it can be seen that there are only 44.99 TRXs remaining in the wave field super node wallet.

According to blockchain security company PeckShield, there are currently 1,022,112 TRXs (about RMB 220,000) transferred to the currency security, 46,504,377 TRX (about 10.23 million RMB) to the fire coins, and other 948,243,281 TRX (about 2 The RMB is currently spread among more than 100 major addresses and has not yet flowed to the exchange.

Annualized dividend distribution mechanism up to 300%

The wave field super community, full name: TRX·μTORRENT SUPER COMMUNITY, mainly based on the bonus of the wave field super representative, to guide users to invest.

“Wave Field Super Community” claims to be a project of uTorrent, claiming that uTorrent is one of the 27 super representatives of the wave field, and needs to use its own channels and models to absorb fans. A material introduction: "Can be understood as the μTorrent super community, get a reward of ten dollars from the wave field, and take out 9 rewards for the wave powder added to the uTorrent super node. Because these small nodes join, the super node will get it. More rewards and benefits."

On July 24, 2018, the wave field completed the acquisition of BitTorrent and all its products. On August 31, 2018, the BitTorrent product uTorrent web Chinese product bitstream network version was officially launched.

Many investors said they are investing in their relationship. But is the project really related to the wave field or uTorrent? The wave field has never responded positively.

The pyramid scheme of the wave field super community is similar to other fund tray models in the form of wallets. Users participate in community dividends by registering as nodes of the wave field super community. The Wavefield Super Community also claims that “μTorrent plans to use 95.26% of TRON's total block rewards for the SuperTOR for the μTORRENT SUPER COMMUNITY community members.”

Community nodes are divided into three levels according to the number of TRX investments. If they actively promote and pull people, the basic dividends and promotion rewards add up, and the annualized rate of return is up to 360%.

1. Level 1 node: Investing 1000-30000 TRX, you can get 0.3%~1% bonus bonus every day, and promote reward 5%.

2. Two-level node: investing 30001-100000 TRX, you can get 0.3%~1% bonus bonus every day, and promote reward 10%.

3. Three-level node: Investing more than 100,000 TRX, you can get a bonus of 0.3%~1% every day, and promote the reward of 15%.

In addition, there are additional community promotion, community operations, community performance, and community core rewards. The core of these awards is to get the corresponding community dividends by inviting new users to register or recommend new users to join the community.

Image from the wave field super community rights group "wave field Beijing case three groups"

This kind of project with huge revenues, many old people in the currency circle think that this is a fund, a scam.

The blockchain big V "blockchain milk brother" commented on this matter on Weibo: "In fact, the real super-representative of the wave field is still in the candidate, and the actual node reward is far from being so high. According to the above reward scheme, only one conclusion can be drawn, that is, the high dividend of the wave field super community is a scam. Not to mention the wave field super community, whether to participate in the super representative candidate. At that time, the wave field super node candidate first place, The income is one-sixth of the wave field super community. With a little bit of brainstorming, it can be clearly seen that the wave field super community is a fund disk.” “Block chain milk brother” also said that it has already sent Weibo before. Investors are reminded to be alert to the risk of funding.

“If you know a little bit about the blockchain common sense, you can know that although the wave field is a reward for DPoS, the rewards that the super community advertises are hundreds of times the wave field. There is nothing in the middle. Daily sign-in to send 3 TRX, day The rate of return is 0.8%, 24% of the month, the recommended reward is 5~15%, and the BTT airdrop is 7~35 times. To be honest, 24% of the annual income can be very high.” Long-term investor of the blockchain Shao Xiang ( Analytic) analysis.

Late "response", Sun Yuchen was spit out "no silver three hundred and two here"

Since the launch of the wave field super community on January 5 this year, many investors have responded to Sun Yuchen in the wave field super community, and Sun Yuchen has not responded positively.

In response to the money-running wallet of the previous run, many users thought that it was the wallet officially launched by the wave field. They also made similar inquiries. Sun Yuchen and the wave field officials did not directly clarify.

On the morning of July 1, Sun Yuchen released Weibo to warn of the risk of funds, and prompted investors to be alert to the risk of funds, but did not mention the name of “wavefield super community”. “As one of the most well-known public chains in the world, there are some projects in the world (not limited to China) that use the name of the wave field to make a pure fund, which is the same as the “invested” MLM of Soros Buffett’s justice Ma Yun every day. The blockchain industry evangelists, our attitude is clear, the official does not support the MLM, the funds disk, we must also be alert to the MLM disk, pay attention to the safety of funds."

Image taken from Sun Yuchen Weibo

Although Sun Yuchen made a microblogging rumor, but the whole process did not mention the name of "wave field super community", nor did it explain the relationship between utorrent and bitorrent. This microblog has attracted a lot of Weibo users' spit:

"There have been people who have reacted. Why don't you say it? If you have something to answer now, is there any suspicion of connivance?"

"I have said for half a year, what did you think before?"

"You can't figure out the relationship with you. Do you think that you can make a microblog?"

“Is it clear that the relationship is now clear? Why didn’t you clarify the first time?”

"Every time I ran out, I said, what did you do early?"

"It’s only when you have an accident. Are you a fool? When you don’t have your propaganda, how can others get into the wave? People are doing it, the sky is watching, it’s not that it’s not reported.”

"No wonder everyone said that you are the currency circle 'Jia Ruo stop', this time I finally saw it. Many fans consulted you beforehand. Why haven’t you said that it’s been announced before, and it’s clear that there is no silver in this place. Why is the official website's pass address not accessible at the same time?"

There is even a Weibo user @头皮酱发微博 said that a platform called the wave field super community recently used the blockchain and wave field super node profit as the gimmick, in the form of fund disk fraud, in just 5 months. Taking away the assets of the virtual currency circle, which are worth more than RMB 1 billion, the number of deceived people has reached several hundred thousand. I hope the police and relevant departments can thoroughly investigate the case.

The user also said, "It is understood that this fraud group is just a small company in a certain place in Hunan. It is impossible to implement such a scam without any relationship with the wave field official."

Similar remarks have been circulated on Weibo, but Sun Yuchen still has no positive response.

Funds and projects benefited, and only the leek was cut?

In response to Sun Yuchen’s attitude, some practitioners believe that regardless of whether these funds and the wave field have cooperation, there must be certainty: “Whether it is a wave wallet or a wave field super community, they all operate with the wave field. Media. The existence of these funds has indeed increased the activity and liquidity of TRX, which is not necessarily a bad thing for the wave field. In fact, the early Bitcoin was like this."

Indeed, Bitcoin is one of the most commonly used trading mediums for early fund and dark trading operations. The Odaily Planet Daily reported that the 3M pyramid, a large international Ponzi scheme that once swept China and Russia, used Bitcoin as a medium of participation. To this day, we can also see the tutorial on how to teach users how to buy bitcoin in fire coins and OK on the 3M Pyramid website.

In the promotional materials of the wave field super community, there are also similar tutorials for buying the wave field.

It is difficult for us to know how many funds that use the wave field or other virtual currency to launder money under the counter that is not on the Weibo, and actively trade indirectly. Not only the token itself, but also the exchanges that act as channels. As a result of the collapse of PlusToken, the financial network chain has also reported that its largest legal currency channel is an exchange OTC.

The Odaily Planet Daily has previously reported that the exchange OTC has become one of the hotbeds of money laundering. In response to this manifestation, MinIPO CEO Yuan Jun believes that “the exchange itself is not particularly serious and professional in KYC. I think this is not their own professional problem, but they are intentional.”

Yuan Jun believes that lowering the KYC standard on the platform can increase trading activity. “If you keep gray trades, including this part of money laundering, out of the way, you might reduce a large portion of the volume.”

In other words, some exchanges have intentionally relaxed the KYC threshold for their activity. As the above practitioners believe, even if the fund disk project itself is not directly related to the wave field team, they may negatively return to this matter in order to actively trade.

The final outcome is that the fund has successfully deceived more users into the game, the public chain is indirectly "active" in the community, as the currency channel exchange OTC also gets active users – only the last user to become a leek.

The virtual currency wallet crash is not a case. According to the Chengdu Chain Security team, the wallets that have been running in recent months are far more than we have seen, including More Token, Angle Token, DOGX wallet, polka dot wallet, Sum Token, Super Token. , Wo Token, Tokenstore, MGC Wallet, Coin Manager, Coinroom, PlusToken, etc.

As a decentralized public chain, most project officials are also difficult to centralize the funds in the address. Professionals in the circle may also feel that the users who are deceived in these crashing wallets are self-sufficient, but the relevant project parties who fail to make a sound in time have no responsibility but deserve to be considered.

The cryptocurrency has become one of the wonderful media for the operation of the fund disk due to its decentralization, ease of anonymity and high liquidity.

The Chengdu Chain Security team believes that apps like the “wavefield super community” package usually only cost 20,000 to 30,000, and the initial investment of the company's operating expenses, domain name fees, and announcements may be as low as 100,000. The subsequent continuous operating costs are relatively low, but the destructive nature of such projects on the public chain ecology is difficult to estimate.

This may be some gray scenes in the early days of virtual currency, which promoted circulation to a certain extent. However, if blockchain technology really hopes to wait for a larger application, it is the right way to incorporate supervision and landing formalities, whether it is a trading platform or The public chain should be expelled from the ecology as soon as possible.

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