The 5G era is just around the corner, and the ancestors will see the possible future changes of the blockchain.

"Teacher, China issued a 5G license in the first two days! This is going to be awesome!" The soldier looked excited.

"Is it? What are you going to do with 5G?" I asked him.

"Amount… I can shake the sound, beat the king, watch the movie…"

"Can't you take 4G for these things?"

"This… the teacher said that you have a lot of truth… Is that 5G used to dry up?" The warrior thought for a moment and looked awkward.

"What to do, it is estimated that no one thinks about it now. The only certainty is that in the next 3 or 5 years, the popularity of blockchain and 5G will bring unexpected changes to people, just, today, you and me, high probability Can't guess…"

——–Dividing line——–

How will 5G change people's lives in the future? It is difficult to answer this question, as difficult as answering how the blockchain will change people's lives in the future.

The elevator effect envisioned by Asimov may be the best explanation for this problem:

“The rider brought back a photo of Manhattan in a hundred years back to 1850. At that time, people judged that each tall building was a small community, including restaurants, hairdressers, banks, etc. For reasons of convenience, the rich class will live in the lower floors where the prices are more expensive, the poor will live on the upper floors that need to climb stairs, and the smart people will set up paid breaks every 5th floor…

The premise limitation of this kind of error is that it does not expect the key factor – the emergence of "elevator".

At that time, many realistic predictions confirmed this. During the 50 years from 1919 to 1969, there have been countless science fictions depicting landing on the moon, some of which are necessary to describe the necessary conditions for rocket flight and the actual state of the moon. In 1948, many novels were written on television; after that, some novels were written about communication satellites. However, until 1969, there was no single novel linking these three things: no one predicted that when the first time on the moon, hundreds of millions of people could watch the landing process on TV.

Of course, you will say that decades of things are of course difficult to predict, so good, we will look at things for nearly a decade:

In the era of 2G, mobile phones are purely short messages. From the time, 2G's network seems to be enough. What is the significance of 3G? Many people don't know. If we don't talk about the world, we will only look at China.

In January 2009, the Chinese government issued a 3G license.

From 2011 to 2013, WeChat users experienced explosive growth, and group purchases, e-commerce, and Internet finance began to break out.

In 2014, O2O broke out and the sharing economy broke out.

Then, 4G appeared, and many people would ask, 4G can do it, isn't it faster, is there any qualitative difference? Better to watch HD videos and movies with your mobile phone?

In 2015, 4G licenses were issued. In the same year, mobile e-commerce, take-away, and taxi platforms began to break out.

From 2016 to 2017, the live broadcast site began to erupt, and WeChat and Alipay QR code payment allowed China to enter the cashless society.

In 2018, a short video, represented by vibrato, broke out.

Well, the problem is coming. Time has entered 2019, the 5G license is issued, and the blockchain has completed its first decade. What changes will our life make in the next few years?

Faster movie download speed? A smoother HD video experience?

A more advanced consensus mechanism? Higher TPS?

Most likely not…

5G possible scene

Whether you play or not, you should pay attention to Google Stadia, a cloud gaming platform that is destined to disrupt the entire gaming industry.

Simply put, you don't have to worry about your PS4 performance is not enough, or the computer graphics card is too bad, as long as your home network speed is good enough, the delay is low enough, then your computer can only act as a display, accept the display from the cloud Just fine.

You can use the Chrome browser to play games across the platform from your mobile phone, tablet, laptop, desktop or TV. You don't need to install it, the game archive is synchronized through the cloud, and you don't have to worry about your hardware anymore. The only thing you need to care about, Just the speed of the network.

In the 5G era, the speed of the Internet is no longer a problem.

If you figure out the meaning of the above point, you may realize what this means for VR.

What did the previous VR do?

The VR system needs a head-up display connected to the computer. The computer must have a super-excellent graphics card, which is responsible for processing the image and then transmitting it to the head-mounted display. It also requires the assistance of various trackers and sensors, which are usually used. Line to connect.

You said why the graphics card can not be placed directly on the head display? Because you can't open it, and you don't have to worry about steaming your head.

Now, graphics cards and computer chips can be moved to the cloud, sensors and trackers can be moved to the head display, all connected via 5G chips, the weight and cost of the head display will drop dramatically, and even a pair of glasses may be enough. Anyway, the 5G chip space and weight only need a little bit.

The Internet of Things is more like a fish, 5G brings more than just the speed of the network, delay and power consumption is a significant bottleneck for the Internet of Things .

For example, in the industrial IoT field, low latency is the most important network lifeline. If the smart pipeline is confused due to network delay, the picture will be very dreamy. For other IoT devices, such as monitoring devices worn by wild animals, how to enable them to upload data at a specific time, and no other power consumption at all times, this is the biggest demand, so low power consumption is the real Timely rain.

Not to mention automatic driving, as the autopilot software system matures, a major factor limiting the safety of autonomous driving is the 4G network delay. The current 4G network latency is about 30-50ms. When a driverless car flies at a speed of 100km/h, it can travel nearly 2 meters in 50ms. This 2 meters, in extreme cases, is likely to be the gap between life and death. The 5G network has a delay as low as 1-4ms, which makes the self-driving car safely improved.

Blockchain scene

Maybe BTC, maybe it will be ETH.

Bitcoin's original vision was peer-to-peer electronic cash, which later became electronic gold, and later, it is expected to become a global settlement.

The original vision of Ethereum was the world computer, and later stepped into the direction of DeFi, and later, began to move toward the global settlement layer.

Perhaps through the following two examples, you can look at the leopard:

1. The stable USDC of the highest market value is mainly issued on BTC and ETH. Among them, BTC has occupied an absolute dominant position.

2. This year's hottest DeFi concept, as well as its representative currency MakerDAO, is based on the EFi of the Ethereum ecosystem, and several other star projects, Compound, dYdX, Uniswap, and Augur, all of which are Ethereum eco-sphere projects.

As the world's two largest blockchain projects with the largest market capitalization, the value they provide is not the 7-15 TPS, but the huge network effect or the ecological structure.

The blockchain really changes people's lives, and most people must be unaware that he is using the blockchain. There are no mnemonics, no public or private keys, just as you will not know or care about your IP address when you are browsing the Internet, or what encryption protocol is used to exchange data with the server.

In this mode, Bitcoin is more like gold. Banks can use Bitcoin as a reserve, based on which they issue their own digital currency and can be converted into bitcoin. Bitcoin can be used between financial institutions for large settlements.

Or, Bitcoin will be more like cash, but people will have an app, or card, or other payment method, convert local currency to bitcoin in real time, use Bitcoin to settle transactions, and convert the bitcoin back to local currency. . You don't even realize that you are using Bitcoin when you are spending.

More and more stores will use a bitcoin-based payment system instead of a credit card that requires a 3-5% fee. Mobile payment applications are also increasingly using Bitcoin networks to settle transactions, with little or no cost.

In terms of lending, you may no longer have to worry about private keys, mnemonics, wallets, etc., one-click buy ETH or DAI, one-click mortgage, one-click lending, one-click exchange…

5G+ blockchain

If you have a deep understanding of Bitcoin mining and expansion. You must know that in addition to the high requirements of computing and storage capacity, the large block requirements for transmission (network speed and delay) are extremely demanding. In the large block, the propagation delay will cause the block to fork. Although the whole system will eventually be consistent according to the longest chain principle, a large amount of calculation will be wasted, and the whole system is often in an unstable state.

Then, when 5G arrives, a smart phone, or an IoT common device, can you get the era of fiber-like network delay and speed of the original mining machine, and how will the consensus mechanism change?

Of course, the increase in network speed alone does not mean that the mobile phone can be used as a whole node like Bitcoin. After all, the mobile phone is still completely unable to meet the requirements of computing and storage. But some new blockchain projects, especially those that focus on the Internet of Things, are likely to build blockchains that are completely mobile-based. Building a large-scale decentralized consensus mechanism with smartphones or IoT devices.

The current blockchain project may also be based on algorithms such as algorithm update, blockchain clipping or database compression, which makes 5G devices like smart phones capable of performing block nodes. After all, computing, storing, and transmitting these three legs, 5G helped solve one.

The blockchain version of the Internet of Things, the best example, is still unmanned.

Suppose that the law passed one day, 5G became popular, and unmanned technology became popular. Then?

The unmanned server, like any server today, is likely to be attacked by hackers.

Imagine the consequences of a database of self-driving cars driving on streets or highways if they are manipulated by terrorist hackers. Especially when the car is modified to be controlled by a central agency, the consequences will be catastrophic.

But what if you add a blockchain?

You know, although in theory the blockchain can be cracked, it is almost impossible to break all of the blockchain (or more than 51% of computers or nodes).

Not only that, but in the case of unmanned taxis, in the traditional client/server model, if the hacker succeeds, the customer's name, address and payment details can be easily accessed, and the user will be vulnerable to economic losses.

In an unmanned taxi driven by a blockchain, user information (including their name and specific pick-up point) can be stored on the chain without the user's private key, and the hacker can't see it. Drop~

Is it cool?


Looking back at the title and the beginning, you should know that everything I write, in terms of high probability, will be wrong…

Old iron, do you think that 5G and blockchain are combined, what is the most likely killer application? Games, short videos, content platforms or something else? Feel free to share your opinion in the message area. Maybe after a few years, look back, you are right! When you get there, you can flip this article out of the way – look at the Lord! There were many foresights in the past…

Author: Five fireball leader

『Declaration : This article is the author's independent point of view, does not represent the vernacular blockchain position, and does not constitute any investment advice or advice.

We will continue to update Blocking; if you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us!


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