The community is the three most important reasons for the encryption of the project

This article is that I recently witnessed a group. I was talking about other things. Later I started to like a coin, and bought a lot of money. I started to have a high target price and started to preach.

This makes me want to talk about this.

What is the most important part of cryptocurrency? I believe many people will say that it is — the community.

So how did the community form? Of course, it is also very simple, that is, consensus.

Many people sound like the phrase “the most important part of the blockchain project is the community”. In the end, why is this?

In fact, there are three reasons why the community is the most fundamental cornerstone of a project.

First, the price.

Needless to say, naturally, the “big family” you often hear and the retail investors who follow the big ones are the main contributors to helping the market reduce circulation.

In the community, the most core strength is the small number of people who hold a higher proportion of coins.

Projects with high market capitalization have large global communities. People who hold a higher proportion of coins are called “geeks”, and those who hold a higher proportion of coins in ordinary currency are called “big households”. Or "X Zhuang".

And they hold on the one hand to help lock in liquidity, on the other hand, it is also important to give confidence to the retail investors who follow them. Many projects, several large groups in the community can account for about half of the circulation, they are the main force to help the market to support prices.

After the arrival of the era of PoS, the importance of big households in the community is even more obvious.

Therefore, at this stage, the community led by the big family can also cause certain checks and balances on the project side (team), which can also help many projects promote their "decentralization." Because if you anger the big family, you will not hesitate to leave.

The word “big-handed” is a horrible word in all communities.

Second, maintain confidence

A very important reason why many people can't hold the coins is that they feel that they made a wrong decision, and they don't want to go wrong again. The idea is often when the price of the currency is low.

So a plunge and a long-term yin fall are the easiest time to give up the bargaining chip, and if you are in the community to "make a group warm" at this time, you have a greater probability of being able to support it.

Human beings are all in the same place. If one thing is not doing what others are doing, it will produce an isolated mentality and then fall into deep self-doubt. This is why we often hear the reasons why parents and teachers emphasize the word “learning atmosphere” when they go to school. If you are in a very poor school, everyone is playing at school, and reading a novel in class, you study hard instead. It seems out of place, right?

You are clearly doing the right thing, others are wrong, but you are still isolated, ridiculed, or even bullied, and then you are stuck in deep self-doubt, and finally there is a high probability that you will give up insisting on yourself and those who are not aggressive. Minor.

I believe that everyone has had a deep understanding of the student experience in so many years.

Don't talk about other coins, even if it is bitcoin, how difficult it is during the bear market. You have just experienced it and you should feel it.

Do we know that we are doing the right thing? I believe that many people should be convinced that we believe Bitcoin is the future, which is why we did not leave the market in the cold winter at the end of last year, but the process is really difficult.

Without the understanding of others, there will be various ridicules, which is why many people really give up.

Why religion requires churches, temples, and mosques is the reason. There are few absolute right or wrong in this world. Even murderers have sympathizers, even if they have philanthropists. So when you firmly believe that you are doing the right thing, it is extremely important to have a steady flow of confidence in a community with the same beliefs and persistence.

History has also consistently proved that coins with good community ecology have greater hope to live to the next bull market.

Third, the impact of diffusion

In a project, the team is just a little bit, and in addition to the marketing geniuses in the team (such as Sun Yuchen and Li Xiaolai at the beginning of EOS), it is often necessary to rely on the power of the community to spread the influence of the team.

What did the team do? What is the significance? How much impact on ecology and the project itself?

There are a lot of questions. The team has to answer these questions when they are doing things. It is definitely not an answer. There is not enough marketing budget to make every time they make a "newsletter", so the user and the team who really do things. It is very necessary to have a bridge.

The community is the bridge.

The above three points are the main reasons why the community is important to a project.

So when you plan to invest in a cryptocurrency for a long time, be sure to check out their community. Many times the birth of a community is often not the intention of the team. Someone in a group starts to like a coin, then starts a discussion in the group, then everyone sees "Hey, this project can", then start buying, group A new group begins to discuss. If the project does go as they wish, then the community will grow bigger and bigger, and those who admire and enjoy the bonus will start to enter.

This process, in fact, many times the project side itself does not know.

So if you are planning to invest in a coin, in addition to listening to the project, it is better to listen to the voice of the community and see what the big players and other long-term investors say, perhaps this is a more realistic voice.

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