The funds were cheated under the name of the public chain. Where is the way out for the public chain?

This is the best era, and it is also the worst.

2018 is known as the first year of the public chain, and there are about hundreds of public chains in the world to compete. Road shows, summits, meetups, and public chain markets are in full swing. With the slump in the price of the currency, the blockchain market is no longer flourishing as it was last year, and the era when writing a white paper can easily finance is gone.

As long as there are people, not only rivers and lakes, but also casinos, this may be human nature. Human nature is the perpetual motive force of free market economy regulation. When the gambling DApp of the public chain is a thing of the past, the fund disk, which is covered by the shell of the public chain, has quietly appeared. At the same time, there is also a name for pulling wind-"public chain disk".

There are not many well-known fund disk events. Fcoin ran with funds before, and later Bell Chain achieved a maximum increase of 158 times (127 yuan) through game disks, dividends, and multi-level promotion, and then plummeted to 14 yuan. Ended with a thank you letter. Coincidentally, with the resonance, CX mode, and 131-page English white paper, VDS has soared from 1.4 yuan to 140 yuan this year, and then fell to 7 yuan. It can be said that the VDS model comes faster than the Bell chain. The Bell chain lasted 11 months, and the VDS only took half a year.

Some investors know that the fund is still going to be plunged into the head, they just know the high risk, they think that in the bear market, only the fund can be pulled, and they are never willing to believe that they are the last one. For some other investors, they can't even distinguish what a public chain is, and what is a capital disk, let alone distinguish the difference between the two.

In simple terms, public chain disks generally use market multiples to attract investors, and their returns are often much higher than the market, but the payback period is extremely short. In addition to the surprisingly high returns, multi-level promotion and multi-layer rebates have always been an important method that the "public chain disk" takes pride in, and it continues to develop and expand offline, which is essentially similar to pyramid pyramid schemes. This method of dismantling the east wall to fill the west wall often leads to a complete collapse. Regardless of whether it is a capital disk or a public chain disk, there are often clear and observable boundaries behind various models, that is, the inflow and outflow of project funds.

Speaking of which, we might as well define the public chain. The public chain is also called "public chain", which refers to the area where anyone in the world can read and send transactions, and the transactions can be effectively confirmed, and can also participate in the consensus process. Block chain. Why do funds like to borrow the name of the public chain? Large probability is more convenient for brainwashing and occupying rationality. Because the myth of public wealth creation is not a minority, Ethereum, EOS, and Ripple are all public chains, which means that the imagination space is huge.

The blockchain can be divided into two layers, the first layer is the underlying public chain, and the second layer is the application layer. When everyone discusses the commercial application landing, they often forget the underlying public chain. All along, the public chain is the underlying support for the value of blockchain applications. Blockchain generally follows the development logic of the underlying public chain to the solution, and then to the industry reference. Only when the underlying public chain maintains its efficient operation, can the commercial application of the blockchain have the possibility of development and landing. The public chain serves as the foundation, and its own technology has unmatched necessity and importance for driving the entire industry.

Although the throughput of the public chain, the waste of resources caused by the consensus mechanism, and centralization issues are gradually plagued by the development of the public chain. But with the tireless exploration of global blockchain enthusiasts, we have seen more and more public chain projects stand out. Some may be to increase throughput, such as ZIL; some are to establish large information highways between various chains to achieve great connectivity through cross-chain technology, such as Polkadot; others are to improve resource waste and decentralization, such as Lava .

Not to mention, can the development of public chains lead the era of blockchain 3.0. However, under the huge wealth effect, more and more projects began to advertise themselves as a public chain, but the business of hanging dogs and selling dog meat was getting more and more popular. If, in the long run, the actual value of a project is difficult to reflect, then the possibility of it becoming an air project is very high.

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Lava is a public chain with PoC as its core, aiming to become the "root of trust" and "top-level index" of the global generalized storage space. Through the PoC consensus mechanism, everyone can make mining a reality, and fundamentally solve the problems of difficult mining, high cost and centralization. In this process, Lava did not fail to consider the issue of "meaningless storage".

In response to the "meaningless storage" questioned by the industry, Lava put forward his own views. Lava hopes to consolidate the global storage space consensus through an efficient and low-energy PoC mechanism and integrate it into the Lava ecosystem. The unique flint mechanism not only guarantees the miners' benefits, but also maintains the activity of the chain. Under this background, it creates a global "root of trust". In addition, Lava will complete the construction of the "top-level index" based on the "root of trust" and assume the global indexing function.

Lava believes that only in this way can the entire closed loop be completed, realizing the maximum value in the true sense, instead of generating a lot of meaningless storage, which is also not conducive to the rapid progress of the blockchain industry. We believe that Lava, which occupies the excellent track of PoC mining + decentralized storage, must have extraordinary development space and potential. Lava will lead the PoC field and continue to promote the efficient landing of the blockchain industry.

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