The interesting step of "walking to make money" is a pyramid scheme that is draped in a blockchain coat?

"Let the sweat not flow." "Let the people walk a thousand more steps every day." A "blockchain platform" called "Fun Step", with such a banner, was born last year.

The most striking thing about the fun step is its unique “walking to make money” model.

You can get candy by walking, the highest monthly income can reach 24%, the threshold of the interest step is low, and the income is high, which makes people look.

However, high-yield, high-volume rebates, latecomers to take over the first entry of the fund … each feature of the fund disk, are exposed in the fun step.

After entering 2019, Fun Steps frequently revised the rules, downline functions, and launched new products, which further deepened investors' worries about their upcoming "running".

01 rises

At the end of 2018, a "blockchain project" called "Fun Step" suddenly became popular.

This is a project that claims to be able to “walk to make money”. Users only need to install the App of App, and record the number of steps every day to get “Fun Step Candy”. The fun slogan of the fun step is full of positive energy: "Let the sweat not flow." "Let the people walk a thousand more steps every day."

“We are an innovative technology company based on blockchain technology, based on sports and health, encouraging all people to pay attention to their own health and participate in happy sports.” Fun Step wrote in the official app.

But behind the slogan of positive energy, the pattern of interesting steps has been questioned. In the eyes of many chain practitioners, the fun step is a “funding disk” with a blockchain coat.

On the fun step platform, users can get candy by accumulating activity. And it comes from two ways – completing the step task, and promoting the fun step.

The so-called step number task requires the user to open in the Fun Step App by purchasing the "task scroll". These task reels require the use of candy redemption and the aging time is up to 45 days. After that, the user can get the candy reward after completing the task.

"The so-called scroll, in fact, is equivalent to 'cloud mining machine'." Fun step player Zhang Xuguang said to a blockchain.

Introducing his interesting step "teacher", he has participated in a fund project called "Environmental Innovation Coin". It is similar to the mode of the fun step, and all users need to buy coins first to get the tools such as “cloud mining machine” and “reel”.

Whenever a new user registers, the Funstep platform will first send a free task reel. After 45 days, the user can get 15 candy. And to open a new primary scroll, the user will need to spend 10 candy and get 12 candy rewards after the mission is completed.

The task reel price, revenue and return period given by the fun step official

In this calculation, if the user does not pay for the candy at the extra cost, it needs to complete 3 tasks, that is, 135 days, to open two primary tasks at the same time and expand their income.

In the fun step platform, the highest-paid expert-level task can achieve 36% candy appreciation within 45 days. But the cost of opening it is also very high: 100,000 candy.

All in all, without buying candy, the time period for gaining revenue is extremely long and the benefits are extremely limited. Under the lure of high returns, many users buy candy and start the task.

At the same time, the influx of new users has become the pick-up man of the old users. Fun Step also completed the closed loop of the candy system.

The enthusiasm of the fun step is inseparable from the mechanism of pulling the head of its high rebate.

If users want to register for the App, they must first fill in their own invitation code. This means that every new user who has a fun step will have an "online" that introduces him to the market.

“It’s okay to play with fun, but you have to pull people.” Zhang Xuguang told a blockchain reporter, “If you don’t pull people, your activity will be reduced. Even if you get the number of steps every day, you won’t make much candy. ”

According to official data, Fun Step members can get a 5% active bonus for “Direct Member”. "If you push more than 20 people, you can upgrade to 'Da Ren', enjoy a higher activity bonus, and 20% of the 'global candy transaction fee dividends'." Zhang Xuguang said.

In addition, every direct push member will be added to the "online" team. Team activity reaches a certain level, you can get reel rewards and participate in candy trading fee dividends.

The fun step official claims that the total amount of funful candy is 1 billion pieces and will never be issued. The Fun Step platform does not publicly sell candy. In addition to the candy that is issued for the task, users who want to get candy must rely on over-the-counter transactions.

But users who want to sell candy need to pay a high transaction fee.

And Fun Step has a commission rate of 50% for low-level users. As the user level continues to increase, transaction fees will gradually decrease. This means that the wool party is hard to make a difference on the fun step platform. Ordinary users will also have the psychology of “selling coins first, then selling them after upgrading”.

"It is very difficult to play without investing in the fun step. The income of the primary task for 45 days is only 20%, but the handling fee is as high as 50%. It takes 4 months to return." Zhang Xuguang said.

02 fanatic

In this game initiated by the fun step, users also have two distinct types of stratification: one is a fanatical believer, and the other is a wool party that wants to leave the wave.

Fanatics, who have extremely strong promotion capabilities, are the main users of Fun.

But now, they are not satisfied with online promotion through only channels such as WeChat group, Weibo and Vibrato.

"Now the fun-step teams in many cities are pushing. Because it is said that walking can make money, the fun of the push in the third- and fourth-tier cities is very good." The fun step people told Qing to tell a blockchain reporter.

Currently, she has managed more than 200 teams. She often posts videos of her team's participation in the circle of friends.

In the video, many staff members wearing logos and fashion logos set up stalls on various occasions such as street and community. They used small gifts as a temptation to invite passers-by to download the registered interest step app.

Interesting users are pushing maps from the Internet

In addition to the push, there are more fanatical fans of the fun, at the wedding scene, put the QR code of the fun step app, to attract the wedding friends to scan the code download.

In addition to fanatic powder, the fun step has also spawned a large number of wool parties.

They rely on multiple mobile phones to register the trumpet and fill in the invitation code to earn candy.

“The most interesting wool party is the beauty group manager of a city in Ningxia. He called all the US group takeaway riders to meet and use his invitation code to register the fun step.” Yan Qing told a blockchain reporter.

These takeaway riders generate tens of thousands of steps every day. The more people directly promoted by the US team manager, the higher the team's activity, and the more the corresponding fee redemption.

Ningxia, a city of the United States, the takeout manager called the rider to register interesting steps

In order to get more wool, someone also bought a "brushing artifact". As long as the phone is fixed on the artifact, the machine will automatically step.

On the vibrato, a funny step user sent a video of the brush artifact. In the video, more than a dozen mobile phones are fixed on the brush artifact and automatically rotate.

"Through this brush artifact, each phone can brush out 60,000 steps per day," he said in the video of the vibrato.

In some network videos, some people even fixed the phone on a high-speed rotating electric drill to perform a step.

Unlike other MLM projects, the App is available in the Apple App Store and on mainstream applications such as Huawei, Xiaomi, and App. Users download the Fun Step App , which is very convenient.

For example, in the Huawei App Store, the Fun Step App is classified in the Sports Health category. Its introduction is: "Fun Step, a sports app that you can't put down."

This kind of introduction makes people hard to guard against.

Is the fun step a scam? Such discussions are everywhere on the Internet. Most of the time, the messages are divided into two factions with clear perspectives.

One school believes that the interesting step mode is obviously a pyramid scheme that is draped in the blockchain outerwear.

The attitude of the other faction is the opposite. They give various reasons and believe that the fun step is a good project and will not run.

"A good project is coming. If you worry so much, then you can only look at other people to make money. One star has reached tens of thousands of people every month, and there is no one in the fun step. Why not?" A funny step supporter said a message.

Many users who support the fun step know that they are already in a fund game, but they are still willing to take risks. "You should know the inside story of the media, how long will the fun step run? Remember to tell me in advance." In an interview, Zhang Xuguang told a blockchain reporter.

03 running

The running of traditional funds is often started by changing the rules of the game frequently.

After entering 2019, the rules of the interest step have also changed more frequently.

At first, users only need to adhere to 30 days, walking 3000 steps a day, you can get 11 candy.

At the beginning of this year, Fun Steps revised this rule – it must be 45 days in a row, and 4,000 steps a day to get 12 candy.

While changing the rules, Fun Step is also stepping off the functions of the App step by step.

“In March of this year, after the upgrade to version 3.0, the Funstep App closed the 'Trading Center' module. Now candy can only be traded on WeChat group.” Zhang Xuguang told a blockchain reporter.

On April 16th, Funbu issued an announcement prohibiting users from using the words “digital currency” and “walking to make money” to promote interest. It is struggling to clear its relationship with concepts such as digital currency.

In fact, the interest step may have little to do with digital currency and blockchain.

The fun step official said that the fun step candy is not a digital currency, but "reward to the platform points for those who love sports."

According to official sources, Funstep Candy is based on the “Fun Step Chain”, but Fun Step has never disclosed any technical mechanism at the back end of its blockchain, and has never clearly stated the true use of the blockchain on the platform. Suspect of blockchain hotspots.

The Fun Step app integrates the Fun Step Candy Wallet feature, allowing users to transfer funds directly within the App. However, there is no block browser in the fun step, and you can't find the details of each transfer.

"Don't describe fun step as a blockchain project. This is a group of scammers who use blockchains." A blockchain practitioner told a blockchain reporter.

But the fun step is still trying to "innovate" constantly. At the beginning of this year, Fun Steps launched a step-by-step bracelet with a price of 299 yuan. After the user purchases the bracelet, he can open a cycle of 120 days in the app, and the benefit is 34 candy "handstool reel".

"This is equivalent to spending 299 yuan to buy 34 candy from the fun step official, but it can only be realized after 120 days." Zhang Xuguang said, "As long as the fun step does not run, the candy does not plummet, the first batch of people who bought the bracelet, It should be able to make money."

However, the delivery cycle of the interesting step bracelet has been delayed.

The first round of the bracelet was opened on January 10 this year, but many users reported that until the Lunar New Year, these bracelets have not been issued. Subsequently, a customer service said that due to the express holiday, the delivery date of the bracelet needs to be postponed until the year.

“Deferred delivery cycle, which delays the distribution of candy, is a very normal operation in the industry.” Feng Licheng, who is working on the fund tray project in Wuhan, told a blockchain reporter.

"To develop an app like Fun Step, our offer is 200,000. And for a public model like the fun step bracelet, the material cost is about 50 yuan," he said.

"Old players need a very long period of time to cash out, new players must buy chips from old players. As a fund disk project, the fun mode is too 'successful'." Feng Licheng said, "but as long as it is a fund, There is always a day of crashing. No one is exceptional."

From changing the rules of the game, closing the trading center, and posting announcements, Fun Steps has shown signs of running the funds.

Is it a scam with a blockchain coat, or a good project of "profiting the country and benefiting the people"?

The answer will be announced soon.

* Some of the respondents in the text are pseudonyms.

Author: Ratchet Pisa

Source: a blockchain

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