Blockchain Friends | Dozens of hardcore practitioners, chat for 4 hours, what do they say?

The way to identify a person as a new amaranth and old bird in the blockchain industry is simple.

The former is generally surprised by the fluctuations of 10%-20% in a short period of time. The latter can still talk and laugh even if the market is swaying.

In fact, the blockchain has gone through a decade of history, and there have been several ups and downs. The “hardcore players” in the industry are getting out of the public eye. Some of them are no longer showing up, and some people simply leave the industry.

But we still find that a group of people have always adhered to it. They have all entered the market because of bitcoin, and now they are rushing to different tracks in the industry. In the blockchain world where "boiling" and "cooling" alternate, they always use rational thinking, technology, and hot emotions to explore technological boundaries and convey industry consensus.

These people are very interesting to see how they all look at the current blockchain world.

Zhao Dong: When is it not too late to get on the bus?

Zhao Dong, who entered Bitcoin in 2013, bought 10 bitcoins for 10,000 yuan. His prestige is from the bitcoin. He once joked that the most difficult time was 100,000 yuan, plus 60 million yuan in debt. Why is it loss? He laughed at his greed and didn't have any risk awareness.

In fact, he believes that not taking risks is the biggest risk. He once said in the name of the old leeks: "The most important thing is not when to get on the bus, but never get off the bus."

Hey: It’s almost time to save money.

Hey, early thinking that Bitcoin was a scam, and in 2012 he shouted Bitcoin in the Chinese world through Weibo, which is the best investment for Chinese people. In 2014, he and the giant crab translated the Ethereum white paper and named it Ethereum.

He has been in the currency for nearly 10 years and witnessed four rounds of bulls and bears. He said in a recent live broadcast: "I think this is an era of saving money, and the time to save money is coming."

Shuai Chu: 99% of projects will fail

In 2012, when he started his Ph.D., but dropped out of school, he said: "At the time I felt fascinated (Bitcoin), I really didn't have the time and energy to prepare my doctoral thesis."

In the early years of his early years, he released nearly 10,000 posts in bitcointalk, which is the network red of the blockchain geek circle. But what made him famous was the quantum chain.

Shuai Chu said that using Token to raise funds has created a more efficient financing method, and the risk is that it is an early financing phenomenon earlier than the Internet era, and it is doomed that 99% of projects will fail.

Huang Tianwei: Going the other way

Huang Tianwei began to pay attention to Bitcoin in 2013, but the price of 700 yuan made him discouraged. So he started about 500,000 pieces of Ruibo with a price of 1 hair in Taobao. After that, his assets were stolen and he was sad.

In 2013, Huang Tianwei founded the Bit Times of the oldest domestic exchange. After the September 4th event in 2017, the domestic digital asset trading business was stopped, and it began to transform into areas such as technology research and investment.

Huang Tianwei once said that the key to grasping the transformation of the bull and bear is that "the fear of others when they are greedy, and the greed when others fear."

Nagase: The most beautiful and beautiful scenery is only in the rough.

Chang Hao, a well-known Chinese science fiction writer, won the “Galaxy Award” for the highest award in China from 2006 to 2008. The first contact with Bitcoin in 2010, he claimed to suddenly realize that the boundaries between science fiction and reality have been blurred. In 2011, I began to translate English information and posted it on my own website, which became the prototype of Babbitt.

These elders are rarely seen in the public, and a few of them are mostly related to the direction of technology development. For example, sharing the impossible triangle theory, decentralization is a process rather than a result concept, and recent computationalism.

He once said: There are certainly many people in flat places, and there are very few people in the rough places. But the most wonderful and beautiful scenery is only in the midst of danger. This may be a portrayal of Changchun’s entrepreneurship for nearly a decade.

If you read more articles, it is better to get together with them on the spot.

In mid-May, Hangzhou will usher in the first blockchain week in history. The first offline meeting of Blockchain Friends and ChainNode will also be held in Hangzhou. Whether it is a participant or a topic, this will be a real gathering of “hardcore players”.

Zhao Dong, Yan, Shuai Chu, Huang Tianwei, Chang Yu, Liu Chang, Han Feng and other early evangelists will be present one by one.

Ten years of Bitcoin, what are the behind-the-scenes stories of the unsolved mysteries in the industry? What are the old leeks doing after a few rounds of bulls and bears? Was the belief still there? Where is the cryptocurrency led by Bitcoin going? Where is the ultimate destination of the pirate ship?

These issues will be announced one by one on May 16.

Friends illustration

The blockchain friends five highlights:

Watch one, the ashes players talk about "consensus"

As the earliest evangelists in the industry, Changchun, Han Feng, Tan Guopeng, Yan, Liu Chang, etc. will talk about their love with cryptocurrencies and their growth along the "Fire of Consensus".

Aspect 2, the entrepreneurial "old bird" chatted on the pit

Qu Zhaoxiang, Xia Xiahu, Shuai Chu, Huang Tianwei, Fu Anwen, etc. will share their entrepreneurial experiences around "Sorry, Blockchain Entrepreneurship is not as simple as you think", sharing the pits and sins that they have stepped on.

Aspect 3, the block chain rivers and lakes in the eyes of the goddess of the industry

Previously, there was no shortage of words such as “one coin and one tender model” in the industry, but in fact, the blockchain is the industry that lacks the goddess. Friends will invite a number of well-known goddesses, from the perspective of women, they will elaborate on their blockchain journey around "Girl's power – we are a minority, but not weak."

Aspect 4, blockchain old exhibition

The party scene will be built into the exhibition hall, which will be presented with “objects” brought by the guests. These objects will present the epitome and story of the blockchain development for ten years. For example, there is a large pirate ship in the Babbit office, and there is an interesting story behind it.

Event Bank (hotel has been modified)

Blockchain Friends is one of the series activities of Hangzhou Blockchain Week. During the blockchain cycle, Bai Shuo, Li Guoquan, Li Ming, Kong Jianping, Meng Yan, Wei Songxiang, Zhuang Zhong, Shen Yu, Xiong Yue and other big coffee will all be Party Hangzhou.

On May 16th, the old birds gathered together and Hangzhou was not seen.

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