The most complete DAPP application mall evaluation in history tells you which DAPP application mall is strong

This year, it is called "DApp Year", and all the well-known public chains around the world have released DApp to seize the market. After all, in this era, dapp has become a unique ecological collection in the currency circle. Some dapps are even very sticky, so the business receipts around dapp are gradually increasing, and even a bit dazzling.

Today, I will introduce you to several popular DApp distribution platforms on the market to see which platform is most worthy of users' expectations.

No1: SpiderStore

Beautiful: ★★☆

Convenient: ★★★★☆

Type: ★★☆

Keywords: There are many types of games, and there are encrypted cats that can be traded online.

SpiderStore Spider Shop is a Dapp distribution platform, chain travel sharing community, real-time synchronization of the world's major public chain Dapp rankings, and global players to explore and explore high-quality Dapp.

In comparison, the DApp on the SpiderStore spider store is only based on the game category. Some of the latest and hottest games can be found in the spider store. You can also find some varieties of the original genus Cryptokitties of the DApp game. The cat is used to trade in Taifang.

The spider shop can directly log in with WeChat authorization. The new user can log in to send 12SST, and the daily sign-in can receive 2SST, and invite friends to register to send 10SST. At present, SST has not yet launched the secondary market, and I do not know how the market value of the online market will be. Currently, the APP version of the spider store only supports Android, and users of the ios system have to wait.

The use of the PC is still very smooth, ios users can first experience directly with the PC. In the PC page, the leaderboard, community, item trading, and spider data are clear at a glance. In particular, the item trading channel is a decentralized blockchain game asset trading platform. There are many kinds of games, including mystery cats, blockchains, cheese wizards, etheric myths, Genesis. City, NeonDistrict, ZED, etc. Compared to other decentralized game props trading platforms, SpiderDex's SpiderDex games are quite rich in variety and can be "price-reduced" and "bid".

In general, the recharge of the entire spider store is convenient, and the overall fluency is not bad.

No2: DAppBirds

Beautiful: ★★★★

Convenient: ★★★

Type: ★★★★

Keywords: all kinds, data all

DAppBirds is a decentralized application service platform that integrates DApp application discovery, media promotion, and professional data analysis services.

The interface design style of DAppBirds is not very uniform, which affects the professionalism of DAPP. In particular, there are only three banners in the DAPP welfare activity column, which is not enough for users who like to participate in the event.

However, the data of DAppBirds is still very complete, there are 24-hour trading volume of wave field, EOS, Ethereum, Ontology, IOST, BOS, and will list the top players in these chains – that is, the users with the most transactions, And the DAPP they use the most. Real-time data updates are also available for DAPP transactions and user profiles, as viewed in the “Trade Growth” and “User Growth” columns. In this way, both DAPP developers and users can respond quickly to the market and adjust strategies in a timely manner.

DAppBirds also has some of the latest blockchain industry news, but generally based on the DApp category and the content of their activities. However, the registration of DAppBirds requires a mobile phone or a mailbox, which is not as convenient as WeChat authorization. However, you can import the wallet directly, and users with wallets can use it very conveniently.

Overall, DAppBirds has a wide variety of DAPPs, including games, sweepstakes, social networking, trading markets, etc. Data updates are also in place, but the "headline news" column is a bit thin, or strong. It may be to collect more advertising fees.

No3: DAPPX big prawns

Beautiful: ★★★★☆

Convenient: ★★★★★

Type: ★★★★☆

Keywords: convenient, easy to use, comprehensive

DAPPX Phi Phi Shrimp is a blockchain application distribution platform. The online evaluation of it is that the platform focuses on providing development, experiencing full-process services, and building DAPP stores, DAPP accelerators, DAPP assessments and DAPP community incubators. Closed loop ecology.

DAPPX Phi Phi Shrimp is very smooth to use. Its page design is very refreshing, and the various DAPP categories are also very comprehensive, including the latest DAPP, wallet, exchange, games, media, quotes, candy, and other categories.

The DAPPX page is quite complete, and various applications are also very convenient to find. It is worth mentioning that the game on DAPPX is very rich, just click on the middle of the game button, click on the page is very attractive. In addition, DAPPX's activities are also rich and varied, and are updated from time to time, allowing users to participate in candy delivery and rewards at any time, with enough fun and motivation.

Here, we must emphasize that the registration of DAPPX is very friendly. For new users and small white users, the initial login does not even need mobile phone number verification. Just click WeChat authorization to log in, and reward when you log in. 0.5EOS!

The most important thing to mention is DAPPX's DApp browser. Open the DApp app in the DApp browser in DAPPX, you can call the EOS wallet directly through the SDK, play DApp! Simply put, you can play massive DApps directly in the DApp app store. This wave of operation can be said to be quite mad! Equivalent to DAPPX itself is an ecological closed loop, the user experience is smooth and free, fully fits the user habits and behavior trajectories that users now retain from the Internet world.

No4: GoDapp

Beautiful: ★★★

Convenient: ★★★

Type: ★★★☆

Keywords: direct wallet import DAPP app store

GoDapp's UI should be not too hard, the image quality of the header image is not enough, and the vagueness of the image is reduced. In general, the GoDapp category is still complete, with EOS, Ethereum and Wavefield as the three public chains. In recent years, the newly developed more popular chains have not appeared on GoDapp.

To use GoDapp, you need to import the wallet directly, or register your wallet online. It seems that this step is more difficult for small white users.

No5: Dapp.CC

Beautiful: ★★★

Convenient: ★★★

Type: ★★★★☆

Keywords: more news, full advertising

The Dapp.CC official website did not find the QR code downloaded to the mobile app, so I gave up and looked directly at the PC page. In the "About Us" page, there is a QR code, but it is the QR code of the WeChat public account, and only 18 articles have been updated. However, well, these are not important, it is important to look at the features and types on Dapp.CC. Overall, Dapp.CC is divided into four major sections: Dapp Daquan, Communication Community, Newsletter and Topics. Compared with other Dapp application malls, Dapp.CC has stronger message attributes and communication attributes, which may be helpful in user operations and project side showing public relations strength.

No6: DappOnline

Beautiful: ★★★★

Convenient: ★★★

Type: ★★★★★

Keywords: DAPP is rich in diversity, complete with data and information functions.

DappOnline still hasn't downloaded successfully (maybe the official website's download link is not updated), but it does not prevent the functionality of this Dapp distribution platform on the PC side. What's amazing is that, unlike other Dapp distribution platforms, DappOnline has separately classified Dapps with different functions, such as the re-enactment of game classes, like the popular hypersnakes and ont pixel birds. Dapp classification specifically for system security, as well as red envelope wall, super storage, loom network, identity authentication, as well as life health, organizational management, multimedia, lifestyle and so on. Compared to the general Dapp distribution platform, only on the Dapp of the game category, DappOnline can be said to be very complete.

And, DappOnline also has the latest data, information, and updates on Dapp development. DappOnline has cooperated with Ethereum, EOS, Wave Field, Ontology, Steem, etc. It can be said that it covers all the hot topics of the moment. In the upper right corner of the PC, you can also directly "submit DAPP", which provides convenience for developers.

No7: Bitool coin rabbit

Beautiful: ★★★

Convenient: ★★★

Type: ★★★

Keywords: community that can send articles to Token

The entire Bitool coin rabbit platform can be said to be very general, there is nothing amazing, except for the popular game tags, which put the sensitive words such as “spinach”, “duchang” and “high risk” together. One thing is that the user can scan the WeChat QR code to authorize the login. After the mobile phone is authenticated, the article can be published as a token. However, it can be said that the quality of the content of this community is very worrying.

(content community that can't bear to look directly)

No8: 55PLAY

Beautiful: ★★★

Convenient: ★★★

Type: ★★★

Keywords: BBS community posted to Token

55PLAY is the world's first blockchain game platform for sustainable mining, game players and shareholders. It aims to build a blockchain game BBS, equipment trading and game entertainment as the core ecological community. At present, BBS community, candy distribution, game internal testing, game intermodal, trading mall, game DAPP data and headline information have been launched, and will continue to develop new functional modules to continuously enhance the player's experience in gaming entertainment.

The above is an official introduction. In my opinion, the community has a large proportion of posts. The headline section is also based on Dapp games. It is worth mentioning that the equipment of BM Legend, EOSJOY, King Chariot and other games can be exchanged, which is also a part of the DApp game ecology.


Beautiful: ★★★★

Convenient: ★★★★

Type: ★★★★

Keywords: Dapp distribution platform with multiple varieties, more public links, and complete classification

This platform is called DAPP, which can be said to be very focused. In Ethereum, EOS, Steele,

The TApps on Tron, TomoChain and IOST are all covered here, with spinach, high risk, games, exchanges, finance, social, art, tools and more. There are many varieties, more public chains, and 24 hours of real-time data at the bottom of the page. currently has 24.7K fans on Twitter, which is very good.

No10: Rating Dapp

Beautiful: ★★★

Convenient: ★★★★

Type: ★★★★

Keywords: simple and clear Dapp ranking platform

In the Rating Dapp, you can visually see the Dapps used by most users, as well as the categories, platforms, 24-hour users, 24-hour trading volume, 24-hour trading volume and 14-day trading curve of these Dapps. In the Dapp Insights section, the English Medium platform is directly connected to the Traditional Chinese Weekly for the user's reference in the discourse area.

Rating Dapp's simple and straightforward ranking eliminates the complex features of the Dapp distribution platform, making it easy to understand at a glance. If you need to use which Dapp, you can go to the above to find the relevant rankings.

No11: DAppReview

Beautiful: ★★★☆

Convenient: ★★★★

Type: ★★★★

Keywords: many types, detailed novice guide, DiFi zone

DAppReview's slogan is "Discover your favorite DApp". DAppReview is a one-stop DApp ecosystem that provides accurate DApp data, user insight and market data analysis, and deep DApp reviews and industry reports.

Different from other DApp distribution platforms, DAppReview has a DAPP encyclopedia, which is a novice guide, teaches users how to get started with DAPP, and has a DiFi zone. The data of various difi projects is also quite complete.

In short, DAppReview is friendly and suitable for new DAPP players.

No12: ALAX

Beautiful: ★★★

Convenient: ★★★★

Type: ★★

Keywords: only games, ALX tokens have been issued

ALAX is mainly for DApp games. The difference is that ALX tokens have been issued and there is an AIA token. At the ALAX store, AIA tokens can be purchased directly on the platform. The user can scan the QR code on the existing dealer network of the store to purchase the AIA, or through the APP, that is, by using the ALX token.

In addition, some overseas Dapp distribution platforms, such as DappsMarket, which mainly promotes the Japanese market, are more biased towards the second dimension and game category in the overall style, and the platform is still in the closed test period BitCoin.Games, currently supports BTC, ETH, GBC, TNB, Qun, Chat and other currencies participate in the game, and you have the opportunity to try it out.

With so many inventory counts, in fact, the DAPP application distribution platform on the market will face a problem – how to improve the screening mechanism and application evaluation. With so much use, the author believes that:

DAPPX Pear Shrimp is the most suitable for Chinese people; SpiderStore's PC side is better than other platforms; DAppReview is the most friendly for novices; is the most comprehensive type of public chain… In short, There are high-profile tricks of various families, which are worthy of each other.

I hope that DAPP will have more types and more developers, so the DAPP application mall will be more attractive and make the world of blockchain more colorful.

We will continue to update Blocking; if you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us!


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