The negative is coming again, it is the most important thing to make a leek!

The negative is coming again, it is the most important thing to make a leek!

Last night, the market fell again, BTC fell 9500 from 10,500, and the new low was 9200 at 10 o'clock in the morning. It is not impossible to see a lot of people dreaming of 8000 points.

Due to the emergence of Libra, the United States has expedited a series of laws and regulations. At the same time, the two sides are still in the collision stage. The media will be rendered and the dealer will be smashed, causing panic and bitcoin will plummet. For the long-term holding of the leeks, you can ignore the short-term decline, and watch the rise and fall according to the cycle, do not have to care about the bad for a while.

Bitcoin has been falling for a few days in a row, and many amaranths have begun to sing the future of the blockchain. In fact, it is not necessary. Blockchain or currency circle is an investment, investment itself will have risks, you do not have to deliberately strengthen the risk level, you can allocate investment according to your actual situation.

Undoubtedly, the previous increase was only the carnival of the currency circle, tearing off the false mask, or a bear in the cold winter. In the bear market, the first thing to do is to make a vote.

The bear market will vote, and the bull market will be thrown. Before the next Mavericks, we should be prepared to analyze how the bear market in Beijing is determined, how to connect with the market and how to increase the value of assets through investment strategies.

Operational background

The current big cycle is a bear market, which has fallen to the king, the market performance is sluggish, and the overall price of the currency is down. That's right, even if there is a slight increase in the near future, it is only a sideways shock. Xiong Cheng, the big strategy is: 屯 coins. In the fall before winter, try to increase the amount of coins.

Currency strategy

There are two strategies for using coins. Use money to buy coins and coins to make coins. 1 Buying money with money is a fixed investment, and you can pay for it every week. You don't have to think too much. 2 To make money with coins, it is to do the band, operate in the small cycle of the big cycle, and buy high and low. In the small cycle, the price of the currency rises, there is a rebound, it is sold; when it falls back, it will be picked up. Note that these principles are easier said than done. Many big gods' suggestions for investing in newcomers are: "屯, configuration, not watching", long-term holding is good.

Investment needs to practice deliberately

If you never force yourself out of the comfort zone, you will never be able to progress. As a newcomer to investing, making money in coins is a process of deliberate practice, and it is inevitable to step on the pit. Without real money to feel the market, I am afraid that reason is always just a reason. The small cycle in the middle of the sideways shock is very suitable for practicing. When you have a small amount of money, you can step on the pit and wrestle better than when the money is big. You can also test your investment principles, feel the market ahead of time, and slowly form your own investment framework. By the time the bull market is coming, you are already a veteran of the market. At this time, you will not become a smuggler and follower, but use your own investment system and wait for a bigger chance.

How to train?

First, make sure that you can invest money. Reasonable asset allocation is always in mind. In this short-term operation of the small cycle, it is best to only take a small amount of funds, which should not exceed 20% of its own position. This position should be acceptable to you, does not affect the overall position, but also makes you feel a little distressed. This is the path to growing up quickly. The most important advice is to choose a value currency with potential. For example, the WOR of the WOEx Exchange (, in less than half a month, the price of the currency has doubled, even in the bear market, it is still rare to keep the price of the currency rising steadily. For amaranth, it is a very good choice for both hands-on investment and long-term holding.

Investment is like a sophisticated instrument. It must be accurate to every step. Like a scalpel, it can't be sloppy. Otherwise, it can be a big lesson in real operation. It may be a blood lesson. You can re-extract the entire framework of your thinking and action by step by step yourself. Therefore, from the big trading framework to the small trading strategy, they are connected in series to form their own operations.

Of course, this kind of operation is a matter of opinion. There are many places for improvement, but all trading systems are slowly developing from the embryonic form. Growing up in practice, improving in growth, and gradually forming its own investment system in the process of improvement.

We will continue to update Blocking; if you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us!


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