ChainNode Review: Bit Shield Razor Blade Hardware Wallet

Hello, Hello, welcome to this issue of ChainNode evaluation.

Experience fresh and good things, spit anti-human design.

I am an occasional guest of the ChainNode live room hosting Junyao .

Bitai is the only wallet team in China that has crossed the previous round of complete bull-bear cycle and has not had a security incident for five years. In this issue, we will experience the new hardware wallet from them, the bit shield Razor blade .

You may not know much about the team. They are another product bit , and everyone must be very familiar with it.

Bitai Wallet is the only fully open source software wallet in China. Let's take a look at it, and let's focus on the safe hardware wallet under the same door.

<Unpacking experience>

Blade, as its name suggests. The card wallet and the box are just as light and compact. The pure black box has a plastic film on the outside, and the removable box has a tear-and-break sticker design at the joint. The wallet is safe and must be taken care of when you open the box.

Tear off the label and pull out the box. The first thing that comes into view is a user manual, a product introduction card for the bit shield, the wallet body embedded in the foam cotton and two seed cards, and the next layer is A charging conversion jack and a Micro USB cable. This is all in the package.

Let's first read the user manual of the blade, which is generally a supported currency and various instructions. It is worth mentioning that the wallet is safe and secure, from hardware to software. Multi-signature applications protect against device forgery and supply chain attacks. The last page of the manual is a two-dimensional code for anti-counterfeiting. What is the use? Let's see later.

<Getting started>

Just said so much, I have a little more expectation for the blade. The wallet body is like a blade, and can be inserted into the wallet of the wallet like a credit card. The card-style design is simple and light.

The wallet is in the hand and the two words are "slim". When the grip is not scratched due to the overall slimness, the overall edge uses the CNC process, and the edge treatment is fine. The front of the wallet is a material with a skin-friendly touch. An OLED display and two buttons are embedded in it; the back of the wallet is a dark gray metal body, engraved with the bit shield LOGO and BITHD RAZOR, the two words "simple".

It is worth mentioning that there are no other buttons on the side of the wallet. Only one charging socket is reserved. This socket is not a direct Micro port, but a charging port of SIM-like type. It needs to be used with the converter in the box to use the USB wallet. Charging. This design is only for the light and thin wallet, but it will bring the loss of the converter that may be brought in the future. There is no power to open the machine, leaving a trace of embarrassment. I don't know if the official product is iterative, this one will provide a better solution.

Long press the left button (power and cancel button) to boot

Turn on Bluetooth and Bitmap app

Click on "Connect BITHD"

Find the name "RAZORXXX" typeface device

Click to enter the Bluetooth pairing code

Pairing success Since I was using this wallet for the first time

The phone prompts me to verify the BITHD security code (the QR code on the user manual is here)

The name of the wallet is called "ChainNode".

Initialize the setup PIN (It is worth mentioning that the PIN is displayed on the OLED screen in disorder, and then input by the mobile phone, which basically eliminates the intrusion of the mobile phone by the hacker, causing the PIN to be stolen by the three parties.)


Copying mnemonic

Verification mnemonic These are all done on the hardware wallet, the above is done, finally we come

Interface for sending and receiving assets on the APP

<transaction experience>

Wallet initialization is a bit cumbersome, but for hardware wallet players, the major hardware wallets are similar in activating this piece. After all, in order to protect the security of our digital assets, hardware cues often only experience once.

After so long, we haven't used this wallet to manage our digital assets.

[Example of sending and receiving Ethereum]

Switch to the ETH system

Enter PIN


Copy address links or scan QR codes to refer assets from other platforms (exchanges) or other wallets to BITHD


(1) Copy and paste the payment address

(2) Scan the QR code of the other party's payment address

(3) Save your usual address in the address book, and later select the address in the address book for transfer.

Enter the transfer amount

Click Confirm to build the transaction

Enter the correct PIN code according to the blade screen out of order PIN

Check the amount and address displayed on the blade screen

Click "OK" without errors.

Check the miner's fee and click "OK" again.

The transaction is broadcast out.


Bit Shield is another fully open source domestic hardware wallet after the previous currency line BWallet . The road to open source is long, and the road ahead is a long way to go.

The bit shield we got today, the blade, has been released in 17 years and has experienced more than a year of experience and technology. Now I want to buy it is not expensive, the price of 599, smooth experience, support BTC, ETH, EOS, USDT, BCH, BSV, LTC, Zcash, full ERC20 currency, basically meet the daily needs of the coin party Required.

As for the storage, as the team said, the original intention of design is to protect the user's asset security, and to be as portable and convenient as possible. The blade only needs to occupy one card slot in your wallet.

<personal experience rating, the following ratings are for reference only>

Appearance 5

Security 4

Easy to use 4

Portable 5

This assessment is here, evaluate the new good things, all in the Babbitt & Chain node.

Evaluation tail 111


On the 8th and 9th of November, the 2019 World Blockchain Conference, Wuzhen. The chain node ChainNode will launch its “Exploration·Unbounded-Chain Node Garden Party” event with its friends. At that time, there will be opportunities to participate in offline activities to win the BitShield BITHD series hardware wallet, and provided by massive partners. Surrounding gifts哟~

Waiting for you to play with us, we are waiting for you in Wuzhen in November.

World Blockchain Conference·Wuzhen official website (with registration link):

We will continue to update Blocking; if you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us!


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