Think Bitcoin is a Kind of "argument" of scam – talk about thinking and progress

——I am Daewoo, crossing the second round of the old leeks of the bulls and bears, focusing on sharing the freshest and most straightforward investment thinking, so that Xiaobai can quickly jump.

What is the toughest job in the world? Thinking. Nothing that is worth thinking about is not something that people have thought about; all we have to do is try to rethink it.

– Goethe

A friend of mine followed me into the currency circle. From the beginning of the purchase of coins to the future of playing the futures (I never touch the futures), I have been playing in the currency circle, it is estimated that it has been two or three years.

But once I chatted, he told me seriously: "The bitcoin thing, I think it's useless, and it's no different from CX."

At that moment, I was quite shocked – I thought at first that people in the circle should have some knowledge and belief in Bitcoin. However, I was wrong. The composition of Bitcoin's circle is actually more complicated than imagined.

What is the hardest thing in the world? Transform people's minds.

Some people face new knowledge, are willing to maintain an empty cup of mind, and continue to learn; some people face new knowledge, accustomed to use their own inherent cognition to arbitrarily make conclusions, and finally revel in their own thinking. I can't walk out of the mistake.

However, Bitcoin needs more people to understand it more clearly and accurately.

When we often talk about when the bull market comes, don't ignore one of the most critical issues – the arrival of a real big bull market, more and more people must believe in the economy, believe in bitcoin , understand the logic behind them and Excited.

Bitcoin symbolizes the liberalization and non-stateization of money. This has a deadly appeal for some people.

The well-known "Nine Gods" only don't sell, but his ideas seem to be crazy reverie in the outside world – I have tried to send some of his articles to me with a high level of awareness and willingness to learn new things. When I saw it with my friends, I found that my friends had more questions.

Many people don't know that Jiang Zhuoer is also a person who can't sell it. Even when the price of the coin falls to the point where he even has problems eating, he only takes the currency as a mortgage, not the currency!

According to PANEWS, the blockchain awareness survey of 301 college students (although there is a problem that the sample data is too small to reflect the real situation, but it can also be used as a reference) . Three conclusions are the most touching:

– 23.4% of college students said they don't know anything about the blockchain.

– 26.7% of college students indicated that they would choose to work in the blockchain in the future.

— 8% of college students are holding cryptocurrencies; 9% of those who have purchased have now retired and are concentrated in economics.


From this survey, we can see that one in four people do not understand the blockchain, and up to one in four people will choose the work related to the blockchain.

This shows that 3/4 of the students who have a certain understanding of the blockchain believe that the blockchain is an emerging potential field, so one-third of the people choose the work related to the blockchain.

So, every three people who understand the blockchain have a highly recognized blockchain – this is very exciting.

I used to say that bitcoin goes beyond gold. My idea is 20 years – because I think there will be too many new people like me to fall in love with it. The only thing that makes people unhappy is that we It was getting old at the time!)

Soon after I started writing an article, I gave myself a position—not to accept soft texts or to promote them, because I wanted to concentrate on science for this blockchain world and do more, better, and more meaningful things.

My strength may be small, but I believe that only when the world gets better will I be better.

I often pay attention to the "high-cognition" group's understanding of Bitcoin, such as knowing.

But what is surprising is that there, I have seen a lot of so-called "high cognition" always using the knowledge they have studied in the past, making self-contained naive conclusions about the bitcoins they have not learned.

Let me share it – maybe we can see ourselves better from it.

Someone asked: Why is Bitcoin not as stable as Q coins, but some people think Bitcoin is a currency and believe it?

The answer to the highest vote received more than 10,000 praises and more than 3,000 comments. The Lord said in a mocking tone: Because Bitcoin has nothing (so bitcoin believers are unconscious mad believers).

He cited examples: the pound, the dollar, the renminbi are all backed by the state, there are things that stand up, and what is behind the bitcoin?

I liked a lot and commented a lot. He was very happy and shouted the slogan "Bitcoin is not dead, the real economy is hopeless!"

(Know about screenshots)

His answer can be refuted from many angles. But because of his misunderstanding of the two things behind "the things behind Bitcoin" and "the promotion of more advanced currencies to the economy," all debates will become meaningless.

The comment area was expanded, and there were some opinions that were topped to the front row:

– Behind Bitcoin is a miner who takes off his pants and farts and a speculator who is a profitable figure.

– The credibility of gold is that people naturally believe in him, and most people in Bitcoin naturally feel that it is a messy thing.

– Because gold is scarce and has decorative value. What about bitcoin? What is the scarcity of a bunch of 1s and 0s?

– Poor people you have never read before, high political and economic life: gold and silver are not money, the currency is naturally gold and silver. But bitcoin is not a currency.

When I saw these ideas, I actually realized why Jiang Zhuer can make money. Because they learn earlier than us, they know more than us. On the one hand, I am also fortunate: Everything is still too late. Everyone who is reading my article today should be thankful. It is still very early, and everything is still too late.

Many people do not have decades of learning experience, but have lived for decades with years of learning experience.

The book and the world tell him that gold is a currency, he is convinced that it is iron law; and what bitcoin is, there is a natural resistance.

Stupidity is not born, it is made up the day after tomorrow.

I am not saying that smart, excellent people, is to recognize bitcoin; at the very least, should be able to continue to learn, constantly overthrowing yesterday, and constantly keep moving forward.

“Stay Hurguy. Stay Foolish”


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