What is the winning gene in the blockchain marathon?

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2017 is a beautiful year for ICO. 2018 is the assembly number of the public chain. 2019 seems to be the peak moment of the blockchain project's physical strength and endurance. The project is gathering, not to be disturbed. As an investor, I hope to break the road of the world, trying to explore the vast land and the people who are floating. In fact, this is very difficult. The blockchain project not only has the common features of traditional projects and Internet projects, but also has unique industry attributes. At present, many blockchain rating agencies have established dimensional indicator models to quantify their development prospects. Intention, each has its own strengths.

Feng Qingping believes that it is a great project to break through from many competitors and even to ride the dust. The blockchain network that opens up the territory is a great project. Beyond great projects, there must be a great team behind it, creating history. The main factor is still people.

Feng Lun said that greatness is coming out! In the journey from excellence to excellence, and ultimately to great achievements, is there any reason for the great for investors to examine and dig? This topic is worthy of investors' efforts. Daosheng one, one life two, two three, three things. Then, what is the commonality and origin of a winner, with this thing, all the way to the west, through the rough, and finally to the nirvana?

There are many elements, but according to Jim Collins's book, From Excellence to Excellence, individuals agree with their views. From a company with a consistently high performance to an idol-class, lasting company, it is necessary to apply The core concept of Evergreen is to discover core values ​​and goals that are higher than money and combine them with dynamic trends that promote the core and promote development.

In the Chinese philosophical yin and yang taiji, there is a Taiji life, and the concept of one or the other is too narrow. The great company is not restricted by the dichotomy. Instead, it uses an inclusive method to make itself jump out of the predicament and enable it to simultaneously Embracing the two extremes of several levels, as Scott Fitzgerald said, "Testing the best intelligence is that there are two opposite ideas in mind but still able to maintain mobility."

Simply put, it is the ability to maintain the core and stimulate progress. There is both a core of discipline and a mechanism for continuous improvement. Borrowing the blockchain network, the latter belongs to the category of community governance. This article focuses on the former.

“Like a great country, church, school, or any enduring basic ideal, the core idea of ​​a forward-looking company is a set of basic principles that are firmly buried in the ground like a cornerstone,” indicating that this is its source. Things are the ones that are constantly changing, and they are the core of what they need to do.

In the early stages of the blockchain, whether it is available or not, even in the current survival and trial and error, it can continue to emit a distinctive atmosphere. This thing, Feng Qingping is simply summarized into a vision and goal.

On the other hand, all kinds of blockchain projects have great visions and great goals, all of which are fascinating. However, the vision and goals are not hung on the wall for people to observe, but are reflected in the action. In the face of conflicts and crises, they are always reluctant to give up and stick to the bottom line and philosophy. At the beginning of such a project, there should be a class of leading figures, humble personality, but professional, "not so much like Barton and Caesar, they are more like Lincoln and Socrates." They often carry paranoia that transcends economic factors. They are convinced that they are not skeptical. As the standard, the key is not to be different, but to be true.

It is particularly worth mentioning that Stockdale's public opinion is outstanding. Even in the face of severe challenges, it is firmly convinced that the future is bright, and the core vision and goals are never abandoned.

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This article takes Ethereum as an example.

Ethereum once suffered from encirclement, and the sound of singing and sorrow was endless. The problems in Ethereum were greatly revealed in the world, and they were used to see through mirrors, magnifying glasses and other tools to help the public. The price of the Ethereum has also fallen due to the combination of the general trend and the individual adverse situation. The problems existing in Ethereum have been well known. When the sails are waiting, will there be a glimpse of the ship, will it be brought back to life, and the hero will return?

According to the logic of the previous thinking, the vision and goal are the irreplaceable and invaluable core values ​​of the blockchain network. These things must be true enough.

According to Ben Edgingon's DevCon held in November 2018, the five design goals of Ethereum 2.0 were clearly recorded. Feng Qingping included it in the vision and goals. The following items are listed item by item: 1. Decentralization. Allows consumer-grade notebooks with a processing power of 0/(C) to process verification O(1) shards; 2. Strong toughness. After the main network partition, after most nodes are offline, the entire system can still run. 3. Security. The total number of certifiers and the number of participants per unit of time are provided by cryptography techniques and design techniques. 4. Simplicity. Minimize complexity, even if efficiency drops. 5. Persistence. The components selected should be able to withstand quantum calculations, or alternative components can be used to know the available anti-quantum computing components.

The above design goals outline the design content of Ethereum 2.0. It can be seen that its vision is to be a solid digital economic network ecosystem in the future. In these goals, combined with the development history of Ethereum in the past two years, we can also see the ideal feelings of Ethereum and the paranoia beyond the economy. This has created an anxious slowness in Ethereum, which has brought a lot of trouble to itself. It also reveals the uncompromising efforts of core values ​​and the thoroughness of trying to solve problems.

Decentralized Ethereum 2.0 core-oriented conservation philosophy. As for the toughness, security, simplicity, and durability, it is the bottom line that complements the decentralized features. In particular, the persistence, the risk preparation for the quantum computing attacks suffered in the future, reflects the pursuit of a global blockchain network with a lofty goal and dare to act.

These goals together constitute the supporting pillar of Ethereum's grand vision and become the gene of Ethereum 2.0. It is not precious and precious, but it is honest and trustworthy. Hewlett-Packard once compared itself to a gyroscope, the outer pedestal is free to run, and the core disc is stable. These five goals can be understood as the part of the gyroscope that is always stable.

We have seen that the public chain launched one after another, constantly making compromises, sacrificing the various blockchains and genes, and even degrading into a coalition chain, or even a simple database trend.

If you turn around and return to the starting point, the blockchain project, which is known as the lost, loses the innate superiority of the blockchain. Is it wrong? Why should we start?

At this point, we have seen the invaluable aspects of Ethereum. If Ethereum can win successfully, then its winning secret is its true vision and goals, not technology. Technology is not the creator of history, technology can be solved by time precipitation, and technology is the accelerator of development momentum at best.

It is true that there are still many problems in Ethereum. For example, the financial information of the Foundation is opaque and open, the core development team is seriously lost, and the economic system design of ETH is not perfect.

However, compared with the goal and the goal, the vision and the source are the core values, which are the key factors that determine the ability to stand out and establish the king's hegemony. Professor Wang Mingfu called for life to come as a major event. As everyone knows, these projects with clear vision and firm goals have always come for a big deal.

If you don't see it, the developers of Ethereum, even if they leave, are like immigrants, with a strong sect-like cultural imprint. Rely on simple ideas, do not create seeding, and create miracles.

We would rather wait for the maturity of the Ethereum that we did not forget, and we are not willing to join the paradise of the color-changing catering. The latter is a participant in the blockchain industry, speculators, and a secular, self-interested self-interest, while the historical creation can only be a blockchain project represented by the former.

Merck has interpreted its pragmatic idealism. "I hope…….Improve the principles that our colleagues must follow. To put it briefly, we must keep in mind that medicines are designed to cure people and we must always forget medicines. Designed to save people, not to make profits, single profits will follow." The so-called is nothing, nothing is there, nothing is done and nothing is wrong.

“This is a group of people who want to be masters, not just those who want to be successful.”

For investors, there is no need to be too complicated, to maintain a clear vision, to try to train their own deep insights, to see through the laws of time and space, to find potential genetically superior projects, to quietly accompany their growth, from excellence to excellence. , even to open a great journey. In this way, no effort and no effort, no service and strength, no dissatisfaction with the public, "now just looking down, he is difficult to face in the face of the day", unfortunately!

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