Attacking DApp: What new things will grow on the blockchain?

We are about to enter the era of a DApp. As Mr. Xiao Feng, Chairman of Wanxiang Blockchain Lab, said, after 2019, technology and performance will no longer be the primary constraint in the blockchain field. How to use the existing technology to realize the application and landing of blockchain technology will become an important topic that we will face next.

On Monday, the carbon chain value combined with Litex, TokenPocket and Chain Gold to conduct a deep dialogue about DApp, from the competition of DApp's public chain, to the status and operation of DApp developers, and then to the future of DApp world. . The following is the text content of the dialogue, and I hope to help readers who are concerned about DApp.

Moderator: Tang Yan, Chief Editor of Carbon Chain Value

Conversation: Litex CMO Li Lishi, TokenPocket CTO Chen Da, Chain Jinshu CEO Liu Gangqiang

01 DAPP people get the world: Who is the king of DAPP's public chain?

Tang Hao @carbon chain value: 1, the data shows that the DApp activity on the Ethereum is gradually decreasing. The DApp originally built on Ethereum was gradually developed in the form of Ethereum + EOS and Ethereum + Tron. Do you think that there is still a chance for the EApp Ecology of Ethereum?

Li Lishi@LITEX: In fact, DApp Eco-Ethernet has long been available, and the number is relatively large, but the DApp field really aroused everyone's interest, mainly from the EOS on the EOS outbreak in October last year, there appeared a DApp game with more than 10 million daily flows. Start. From the perspective of the richness of the number of developers, Ethereum's DApp ecological foundation is better, and its overall commercialization base is better. A large number of users are deposited in wallets, exchanges, and communities. However, EOS brought up a wave of DApp booms because it solved the performance problem. And because of the greater degree of commercialization, the evolution rate is also faster. In general, regardless of the user base or industry ecology, I think Ethereum's DApp ecological foundation is the best. But EOS is now the most successful commercialization. Other public chains have begun to pay more attention to this piece, so there will be no up-and-coming talents.

Tang Hao @carbon chain value: 2, EOS, the wave field came to the forefront, in the first quarter of this year, the EOS and wave field DApp ecological transaction volume exceeded more than 1 billion US dollars. Ask the distinguished guests: How do you view the DApp competition of Ethereum, EOS and Wavefield?

Chen Da @TokenPocket: For the time being, the three DApp main chains have their own advantages. As a public chain that has been in operation for 5 or 6 years, there was almost no competitive pressure in Ethereum in the first four years before EOS. This has allowed ETH to accumulate a large number of early blockchain industry developers and entrepreneurs. This also means that ETH has enough time to improve the above development tools, such as Truffle contract development framework, Remix IDE and etherscan browser, but also gives developers enough time to make some better projects and agreements. I will not list them here. Let's talk about EOS. Whether it's DApp development or consensus model, EOS design is completely different from Ethereum. EOS DApp development and use have a lot of thresholds, especially the EOS account system, which is relatively complicated. But after familiarity you will find it very powerful, and the DApp on EOS is much faster than ETH. The excellent DApp experience attracted a large number of developers to enter the market and triggered the DApp outbreak in the second half of last year. Finally, let's talk about the wave field. The development of the wave field DApp is similar to ETH, whether it is a contract or the interaction between DAPP and nodes, using similar languages ​​and frameworks. That is to say, the DAPP developed based on ETH can easily migrate to the wave field, and the wave field has a higher TPS than the Ethereum. These are the advantages of the wave field. In summary, EOS is not much comparable to the roads that are completely different from the other two public chains. ETH sits on more developers, while wave fields have better performance. Both need to overcome their difficulties in order to gain a place in the future DAPP.

卯金刀@链金术: Then I compare the three public chains from the perspective of the community. At present, most of the DApps in the EOS community emerged in the second half of last year, and the ecology of the wave field has gradually improved this year. At the same time, the characteristics of the wave field ecology are not the same as EOS. From the perspective of the audience, there are more foreign players in the DApp ecosystem of the wave field. There are more players in the EOS DApp ecosystem in China. In addition to the different participants, the DApp model is different. In the EOS ecosystem, DApp initially adopted the trading mining model, followed by a halving setting. This model has made DAPP get a lot of attention from the beginning, attracting players and investors in the ecology. Because EOS is earlier than the wave field, the new leeks at that time have now grown into old leeks, and they are familiar with all kinds of routines. So the pattern presented now is that there are more intelligent people in the EOS ecology, and they are small in the wave field ecology. More white. Different behavior patterns lead to the development of EOS and wavefield DApp ecology in different directions. For example, doing some high-interest DAPP in the wave field ecology is easier to attract attention, because the white in this ecology has not experienced the baptism of this DApp; but in the ecology of EOS we can see another The trend is that chain travel is more and more, and it is developing in the direction of chain travel. Let's talk about ETH. ETH is the first DApp ecologically complete public chain. However, due to the limitation of the performance of the ETH main network, the high-performance DApp in the ETH ecosystem has not developed particularly well. For example, the game of throwing dice can be popularized in the EOS and the wave field, but in the ETH. Still can't do it. So what kind of game is easier to fire in the ETH ecosystem? We have seen that coin-operated games have been hotter recently, and earlier crypto cats were also hotter, and such games did not require real-time feedback. Therefore, in terms of ecology, ETH is not the same, but we must acknowledge that there are more players and developers in the ETH ecosystem, and there will be stronger concerns in foreign countries.

Li Lishi@LITEX: Many people worry that Ethereum will be defeated in this DCha competition of the public chain, such as being defeated by EOS and the wave field. I just mentioned that the rise of the DApp ecosystem on EOS is mainly due to the resolution of performance issues, and the layer2 technology that Litex is currently working on is to solve the performance problems of Ethereum. We are one of the first teams to realize the commercialization of layer2 technology. Everyone who saw the product demo released at the meeting of the knife last year also saw it. The hundreds of viewers on the scene experienced it, which makes the E-shop experience of Ethereum very smooth. There are more than 100,000 tps under the chain and there is no upper limit. With the commercial foundation of Ethereum, if the performance is liberated, you can still do a lot of things. Of course, we are also paying close attention to the DApp ecosystem of other public chains. After all, the whole industry is still in the early stage. In addition to the chain expansion, layer2 can also be used for cross-chain communication. If there is corresponding industry demand in the future, we may be based on other public chains. Layer2, to achieve the connectivity of each public chain island.

Tang Hao@carbon chain value: 3. In addition to Ethereum, EOS and wave field, many public chains including Ontology, Conflux and Nervos are seeking to build a DApp ecosystem. The competition of the public chain is also manifested to the competition of DApp on the public chain to some extent, and the public chain project parties are also willing to take money to encourage DApp developers. So, what kind of public chain can harvest good DApp developers? And keep your DApp ecosystem active?

Chen Da @TokenPocket: I want to get more DApp developers and figure out what developers need. I think as a developer, it is nothing more than money, user base, the difficulty of developing DApp and whether DApp can run smoothly on the public chain. I think that these points are factors that should be considered as a developer when choosing a public chain. In terms of money, I feel that public chain project participants can learn from the wave field. They will hold some DApp developer contests on a regular basis and give a lot of bonuses. On ETH, I think their development tools and documentation are currently relatively complete, and they are very friendly to developers developing DApps. This is also worth learning in other public chains. EOS is the best performing public chain, and the EOS developer atmosphere is also very good, because his consensus mechanism is DPoS, so whether it is a node, project side or wallet will have its own developer community. These are some of the points that I think can be learned from the three major communities.

卯金刀@链金术: What kind of public chain can attract developers, this should return to the essence. The first one depends on the number of people, and the second one looks at the structure of the crowd. Just now, Mr. Chen also said, first, there are enough audiences, that is, this group of people can support these DApps. From our current observations, ETH, EOS, and wave fields actually have such basic conditions. Can feed the DApp team. EOS Ecology, I have observed two or three, in fact, it is still good, but it belongs to the kind of relatively low-key, muffled and big money, the gameplay is different from the previous mining method, attracting more players. Non-investors. The ecology of the wave field is different. For example, the gameplay of some funds and the gameplay of gambling are not the same as EOS. But in this ecology, we have recently seen that many developers, especially some foreign developers, have made money on it. ETH is not specifically launched. Speaking of the crowd structure, now that the EOS ecosystem is relatively homogeneous, there are more investors, and the real players are now almost harvested, so their DApps tend to be homogenized. The ecology of the wave field is more white, and it is in a learning period. This group of people is used to calling it a new leek. There are always some new leeks in the wave field. In the past week, many people added me to WeChat and asked to enter some communities in the wave field, but the EOS ecosystem saw less, which means that the high threshold of EOS has restricted many players.

02 Attack DAPP: What new things will grow on the blockchain ?


Don Juan @Carbon Chain Value: Let's move on to the second part: "Attacking DApp: What new things will grow on the blockchain?"

1. As of now, the explosion of DApps is still concentrated in the more gray areas. How do you think about the prospects of DApp? What kind of market value and user size may DApp achieve in the future? What is the most likely landing direction for DApp next?

Chen Da @TokenPocket: Looking at the future with my personal understanding, everyone will need to deal with DApp every day. I only talk about the problem of the day and night. Of course, a lot of the final form of DApp may be Unperceived. DApp's landing scenes actually have a lot, including the current game, copyright, and privacy protection, but most of the scenes, in fact, it is necessary to get rid of the life of many Internet companies. That is to say, you can see that many of the current big factories are doing it, but in fact they are just playing the ball, and of course there are some policy issues. For example, in the future, we listen to music. In any music player, as long as I import a private key or authorize an app, I can listen to some music I have purchased before in the music player, or I saw the movie I bought before. Rather than saying that like now, for example, if I want to watch a movie, I need to go to Youku to open a membership. Then I want to go to other places and watch another movie. I may need to open a member in another place. In fact, the data is completely unblocked. What DApp does is actually that after I bought this, I should have a right to use it, no matter which platform he is playing on, and I can use it. This is my vision for a future scenario for DApp. Of course there are many other examples. I think that in any industry and any field in the future, as long as valuable things related to data can be applied in the blockchain.

Li Lishi@LITEX: If the blockchain has a landing application, the prospect of DApp is still very bright, just like the Internet has an app. In the future, DApp will be at least a billion-dollar market, because EOS has already had more than 10 million DApp games per day, and with Ethereum's larger market space, it is not a problem that the entire market reaches 100 billion, and this is now an increase. market. Users will reach 10 million levels, and there are many orders of magnitude to cross. The most likely landing direction is DApp games and financial related products. But I think it will take at least two years for DAPP games to be industrialized.

Don Juan @Carbon Chain Value: So, what are the participants in the DAPP Ecology in an industry where the future market size may reach such a large size? What is their status?

卯金刀@链金术: Let me take the EOS ecology as an example. So far, EOS Eco Participants can be divided into several roles: EOS nodes, DApp developers, players and investors. A community like our chain is also one of the participants, and we classify ourselves as a player investor. Because the node is the builder of the infrastructure, it is said that there is an advantage in nature. For example, in the process of DApp development, some nodes are often needed to provide some technical support. The nodes provide some services of the whitelist class, such as providing support for CPU resources. For DApp developers, there are more development teams in the EOS ecosystem. He may not be a full-time team. It may be that some part-time teams are doing it. They know more about EOS and the corresponding language, and hope to be able to participate in this process and make money. There is also a real problem: the number of some games in China is temporarily unavailable, so they will choose to develop on EOS to see if there is any chance of making money. There are also a group of investors, such as the EOS eco betting mining game, in fact, many participants he may not be the player of this game, he just invested, hope to gain. Players who are purely interested in the game, in the process of playing, are actually not particularly interested in this token. Like when I first started playing Dice, I smashed a token of 20 to 30 million Dice in one afternoon. Then he will lose two or three million yuan, and the last two or three million will be earned back. Because the game was just on the line at the time, I didn’t expect that Dice would be very valuable afterwards. But this player also has a problem, that is, this kind of gaming game is lossy. When you play to a certain extent, your money is to be lost; and if you lose to a certain level, you will not continue to play. In the absence of new leeks, the game is broken. Others are selling water, for example, CPU intermediaries, he provides some CPU resources to earn fees, this kind of person can actually make money. There is also a brush service to help you put the DApp's high brush. There are also training institutions that can educate some investors into the DApp ecosystem. The wallet is also a water selling service, and then rebates from the process. I chatted with people for a while before, because EOS is currently in a cool state, so for the wallet, his income has now decreased. Because the participants did not make money, the DApp is now in a cool state. EOS nodes or ecological nodes are relatively robust. The player is the worst, basically losing. In the second half of the investor, there was basically no money earned. The early participants should have earned money, about 10 times.

Chen Da @TokenPocket: Knife's answer is very comprehensive. I will add a few more points: DApp's ecology, in fact, there are some security agencies that will provide some services for security auditing, and some websites distributed by DApp like DApp. Review, DApp radar these. In addition, there are still a lot of developers, and now it is a state of cross-chain development, that is, the public chain is online, and then the DApp is needed and the DApp developers are rewarded. They are transferred to the public chain; when the public chain is cool, They will go to the next public chain. This is actually quite interesting.

Li Lishi@LITEX: At the industrial level, DApp Ecology is divided into three parts: content, tools and users according to industry links. Content refers to the provider of DApp game content, which is the DApp developer; tools refer to the tools that provide the carrier for the DApp ecosystem, such as wallets and exchanges; users refer to the sources of users for the DApp ecosystem, such as communities, media, app stores, Data platform, etc. We are also very happy to work with the most TP wallet and community operator chain technology in the DApp industry. Now the industry is still in the early stage, especially the Matthew effect on EOS is particularly obvious. Most developers are not making money, and even have to burn money to seize the market. The wallet is also in a stage of rapid development. Operators also need new users and good game content, so this time we are united, carbon chain value is responsible for content and data, Litex is responsible for providing acceleration capabilities and integrated payment scenarios, TP is an entry-level one-stop tool, chain Gold is the most important community of DAPP ecology closest to users, so that everyone can develop better and better through the cold winter.

Tang Hao @carbon chain value: 3, then as the project side, what factors do you need to pay attention to in order to do DAPP? Is it propaganda, economic system design, or is it fresh?

卯金刀@链金术: I think everyone should have a consensus that they hope that more new leeks will enter the industry. How do those leeks enter? – rely on the effect of riches. This may be a feeling for many people, but this rich effect is difficult to make and may suddenly break out at a certain point in time, but it is difficult to predict when. So, now if you introduce some newcomers into the ecology of DApp and want to introduce new leeks, I don't think there will be much progress in a short period of time. This should be a long job. In the case of the EOS ecology alone, it is necessary to lower his threshold. In the EOS ecosystem, the current DApp ecosystem can be said to be dead. Without some new gameplay, it will take some time to improve its infrastructure. I feel that with the improvement of the entire infrastructure and the entry of some new forces, some new players will gradually enter. The wave field is because some DApps have recently made a lot of money, especially in the wave field ecology. In the case of the official trade, it has risen quite well, so it is only concerned by more people. How to play the decentralized exchange recently has also attracted the attention of some white players. Yesterday a little white player has been asking me how to download it from the Centralization Exchange. I said this is the browser you can play in the wallet, after an hour, he told me what is known as the decentralized exchange. In addition, I think the most important thing is the design of the economic system. Taking Eice's Dice as an example, he did a game of mining and mining halving. In fact, I think there is no problem in mining this game. Some very many foreigners prefer this token. The problem should be Appeared in the game of mining half-half. Starting from Fcoin, it turns out that the essence of mining halving is a fund disk, which is cut by the people in front. After I cycled a few times, everyone played a few DApps. In the EOS ecosystem, everyone became a monkey, and they were reluctant to be cut later, so the life cycle of DApp is getting shorter and shorter. , getting shorter and shorter. It should be from that JKR as a dividing line, and the later DApp will soon enter a recession. To sum up, DApp is still very promising. Because of the ecology in the blockchain, DApp has proven that business models can be played. Dapps like gambling and even Hashbaby have been able to generate revenue, generate profits, feed this small team, and even provide some vouchers. This has not happened before. There were sporadic small teams in BTC and ETH before; EOS is an important start when it appears on a large scale like this.

Li Lishi@LITEX: I have observed that in fact, there are some teams of traditional game makers in the field of DApp games, but in fact, it is not so simple to do DApp games. It takes a few points: 1. The development capability of smart contracts; 2 The design ability of the general economic model; 3. Good player community management ability; 4. Familiarity with the secondary market. This is not covered in many traditional games. As for the fun of the game, this test is the ability of traditional game developers. The industry's iterations are very fast and will screen out the most capable teams. Nowadays, small teams usually fight, so some services will be outsourced, which is normal.

Tang Hao @carbon chain value: 4, then how should DApp project parties revitalize and play their own community?

金刀@链金术: In fact, a lot of DApp parties came to me to talk about this problem, and found that most of the DApp party's understanding of the community is to forward, forward, and forward in the group. How many groups are sent, and then how many people in the group can see this advertisement, this is the operation of a community. In fact, this is still relatively simple. We may wish to think about it, what exactly does the blockchain bring to us? The blockchain accelerates the flow of money. In a very short period of time, between the people and the people, there is a flow of value between the account and the account, which is different from the traditional information Internet. The speed of asset transfer is greatly enhanced in the blockchain. This value behind the Internet means trust. Only trust can promote a kind of migration between such assets. Similarly, DApp also applies this principle. How can the DApp side build this trust? On the one hand, in the development and design process of the entire DApp, let the community enter the process relatively early, so that they are more involved. There will definitely be people who praise this process, and some people are jealous, which is normal. We can look at how EOS JKR's community developed. At the beginning, JKR went on several serious accidents. First, it was issued, and then there were a series of problems. This is normal in the development of DApp. However, JKR will listen to the opinions of the community. Many people have provided more valuable suggestions, and then they have been adopted. Finally, it succeeded. Therefore, in this process, the whole community can feel their sense of participation, and their voice can be heard by others. This is very important. For the DApp side, if you want to get community recognition faster, JKR's family is a good point of contact, and some of the more influential people are inside. Send a red envelope, and then the family will help you to do "make a pyramid scheme" for free. Therefore, some project programs are welcome, and red packets can be distributed to the home crowd.

03 A world of DApps: What can we do around DApp?


Don Juan @Carbon Chain Value: Let's move on to the third part: "A world of DApps: What can we do around DApp?"

1. What business opportunities are there in the DApp game space?

Li Lishi@LITEX: There is definitely a chance, but it takes a while to follow the overall market. I have different opportunities for different roles. 1. For DApp developers, because EOS is now a bottleneck in the user volume, even for existing head projects, it is actually a good choice based on Ethereum development, future development. It is very likely that products will be developed based on multiple chains. LITEX can provide acceleration, and the gameplay on EOS can be translated to Ethereum. At the same time, we not only have technical support, but also provide industrial support. We have good cooperation with the head wallet and the community, and can seamlessly support the operation of DApp products, so that the flow of Ethereum ecology can be imported into the DApp ecosystem. To solve the most important problems of user scarcity. 2. For the wallet, it is actually a very good opportunity, because the entire wallet market is likely to face shuffling in the bear market, and it will not be able to keep up with the general trend. The future wallet will be an entry-level tool in the blockchain world, and all kinds of scenes can be done in one stop in the wallet. It may be dangerous to stay in a wallet as an asset storage tool. For example, an excellent wallet like the TP wallet is to seize the rise of DApp. In the future, we will cooperate in the field of encrypted payment to create a one-stop tool to create a business closed loop in the wallet, so that users can use the stable and convenient Currency to complete the transfer payment and other operations. 3. For community operators, DApp is also a very good opportunity. Ethereum has a larger base of money-holding users, and Ethereum DApp has a low barrier to entry, so it has great potential for development. We go back and reflect, there are currently three different asset types: 1. Digital currency of currency attributes, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum; 2. Digital currency issued by ICO, more like digital currency of securities property; 3. DApp this wave of generated, dividend-based game tokens. The current community operation is an important promotion channel for DAPP. It can activate community users, water products, and iron channels. Because of the recent proximity to users, the life cycle of such channels can be longer. 4. In addition, media, application stores, data platforms, and dex are all service-oriented industries that have risen with the development of the DApp industry. They have entered the layout early, grasped the users, and provided core values, which will definitely play a huge role in the future. value.

Chen Da @TokenPocket: I have already said it in great detail on the macro. As a developer, I can only answer this question in a field that is comparative, that is, vertical. In the game world, there is such a group called independent game developers, usually a small team of one or several people. In terms of the current development of the blockchain, they are very friendly to these independent developers. There are also many opportunities on the blockchain. Because the current blockchain game is very tasteless for traditional big companies like Tencent and Netease. First of all, for the user, the threshold of the chain is very high, they can develop a game can have millions, tens of millions of users, if you add the winding requirements may be only a few thousand. Second, the chain is not exactly what is needed for game developers. Like the game props on the chain, in fact, the official can directly sell the money, he does not need to give the user a chain, do the need to trade each other. Therefore, if we look at it now, the big factory still can't see the blockchain. Of course, the market size of this piece will definitely be bigger and bigger in the future, so I think the big factory will still have the moment to shoot. Just for the time being, there has been a long time since indie game developers have entered the blockchain on a large scale, and indie game developers can do some interesting things in blockchain games.

Tang Hao @carbon chain value: 2, I hope you will come to a concept. Now we are in the world of an app. If we are in the world of a DApp, how is that world different from what it is now?

卯金刀@链金术: Our team actually grew up from PC to App to DApp, and experienced a round of baptism. From the previous information Internet to the current value of the Internet, I feel more and more deeply that we will have a very interesting future. BTC is now basically done without relying on a single organization and characters to operate. If we live in a DApp world, we will live in a similar system. Today, I also talked to my friends about the wave field. The wave field is now an ecologically strong control, but going back, the official chips will continue to be released. Then these chips will be more controlled by a series of roles such as ecosystem nodes, DApp developers, and infrastructure providers. This is actually a process of gradually spreading chips. BTC has been around for more than a decade since its birth. The ecology of the wave field has been more than a year old, and it hasn't even arrived in a year. So there is still a long time for the wave field to do this. thing. The wave field ten years later is definitely not the current wave field. Just like now we see that our information is being exchanged at a rapid speed. One day in the future, we can also see that assets are flowing at high speed, and there can be rapid asset exchange between two people. The circulation of value will build a bigger future. The real world depends on the rule of man. We will find that the currency is always in an inflationary state. The central bank will spam money for its own personal interests. This process is intangible. It is actually taxing everyone. In the future of DApp's ecology, DApp does not depend on people, does not rely on policies, and does not rely on the regulatory agencies to operate on their own. I dare not say that it must be brighter, but it is definitely a very interesting future.

Chen Da @TokenPocket: I think that in the early stages of the blockchain, DApp and App are easy to distinguish. For example, if I play an App project, everyone must use the mobile phone number, email address, or ID card to register or log in; and the DApp account or your address to distinguish the identity. I think that the latter boundary will be slowly blurred, and finally form a form of decentralization and centralization. But this process should be long. What our TP wallet is doing now is to blur the boundary between the DApp and the App, and try to reduce the learning cost of the user to learn the blockchain private key, permissions and other knowledge. As for the future blockchain will bring us different, if I use a sentence to summarize, I think it should be some data will become more important, more valuable. For example, data privacy protection, data validation, data sharing, etc., these data-related things, I think is the core of the blockchain, of course, still rely on tokens and DApp to continue to promote the blockchain industry development of. What is ultimately to be achieved is to apply the technology of blockchain to all of our realities. Let me give you an example. EOS will immediately go to a resource exchange of REX. He actually solved the problem of opacity between borrowers and borrowers. That is to say, I can see how much deposit I have in the current pool, and then I can see how much money someone else has spent on renting. I think this is a prototype of future borrowing, which can completely kill all P2P now. Whether you are a leasing party or a lender, all your income and lending information are transparent, completely fair and equitable, which saves a lot of middlemen who make the difference. These things actually have a lot of lives. Therefore, the development of the blockchain is still coming slowly, and it is impossible to completely replace some centralized things at once.

Li Lishi@LITEX: This question has just been said quite well by Mr. Liu and Mr. Chen. I replied simply. I feel that many high-tech technologies should be integrated with each other in the future. For example, the current 5G, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, blockchain, they will integrate into our lives in a non-inductive way, and ultimately improve efficiency. The purpose, in the invisible, profoundly affects our lives.

Tang Hao @carbon chain value: DAPP is a vast world, I hope that people of insight will shine in this vast world, and have a lot to do. I also hope that DAPP can bring new experiences and innovations to Internet applications.

We will continue to update Blocking; if you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us!


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