The Game Theory of the Amaranth Culture and the IEO Phenomenon in the Currency Circle——Intelligent Pig Game

Chapter 0 Introduction

In the currency circle, all kinds of WeChat groups, there will be a large number of such speeches: "xxx big, fast pull the bar", "not yet pull the plate", "xxx red envelope". I have been unable to understand this phenomenon. These people seem to think that they should give money to them when they are awkward. It is a deserved slogan. If you don't send it, you seem to owe them.

According to the game theory topic of Wanwei Steel's elite day class, any long-standing phenomenon, even if it seems intuitive, is really unreasonable, but it is a great possibility. This is the Nash equilibrium in the social game.

I just thought, is the old thinking of the currency circle thinking about the big red envelope? Is it also the Nash equilibrium in game theory? Seriously check it out, it’s true.


Chapter 1 Zhi pig game

There is a game situation in game theory called the Zhi pig game. It is a game strategy in which the weak is unwilling to contribute and only wants to take it out in a situation where there is a need to pay for labor to scarce resources.

The wisdom pig game, here "pig" is completely devoid of meaning, the theory of game theory, without emotional color, is pure logic and interest analysis.

Said that there is such a scene, a pig, big and small. There is a feeding trough in the pig house and the eating switch is on the other end. Only when the switch is pressed first, the feed will be released at the other end, but it takes a little time for the pig to be switched to eat, and the pigs waiting for the tank can eat ready-made. This situation will lead you to press the switch, waiting for you to run over, maybe the feed is eaten by other pigs. Everyone didn't press, everyone didn't have to eat.

In this game situation, in the end you will find that it must be the fastest pig that runs the most. Press the switch, press it, and then sprint, run to the trough, and open the other pigs. Weak pigs will never go to the switch, wait for it to finish, run over, smell can not smell. Weak pigs will only wait at the side of the trough, waiting for the big pig to run and rush to eat a few mouthfuls before running.

This is the wisdom game.


This game situation can explain the phenomenon of free riders and poor people hitchhiking in various public welfare matters. For example, a community is very dirty and chaotic, only the rich will pick it up and say, let us pay for the community to do a good job, please ask a property management company, everyone will still live, the poor will not come out to do this Yes. This is not the poor people do not want to live in a good environment, this is only the rich lead, first out of the money, the poor hitchhiking, this is a Nash equilibrium point of the game situation.

In the Zhi pig game, no one is a good person, who is a bad person. Everyone is a game theory player, everyone is a rational Player. The strong take the lead to work and contribute money. It is not that he is noble first, not that he is far-sighted, but it is in his interest only to do so. The vulnerable groups eat ready-made, and the weak ones are not stupid and greedy, but the only way to gain income is that the weak-led strategy is unstable and in vain.

Chapter 2: Retail and Bookmaker Game

When you return to the currency circle, everyone knows that any kind of currency, any item, can't rise without air. There must be someone to do something.

The most amazing thing about the blockchain speculation is that everyone in the whole ecology wants to be good. In a coin, any ecological node is doing well, living well, and the value will overflow to the coin. For example, developers are doing a good job and doing well. Big V went to publicity, went to the meeting, and it was good. The leek came in and took advantage of it. The dealer pulled the plate and it was good.

But no matter which ecological node, doing things must pay for the cost, but the benefits can not be changed immediately. The strong have the ability to pay the cost, and have the patience to wait for the income to grow up. The weak person is incapable of paying the cost, and the cost is paid. If the income is not seen, it will starve to death. After the strong man pays the labor cost, the weak will share a part of the bonus, but the big one is that he has fallen.

This situation is a typical wisdom pig game.

This is why, "Leek" will motivate the project side to engage in activities in the WeChat group, shouting the reason for the big pull. This is a Nash Equilibrium that is in the interest of all Players.

Chapter 3 IEO is an accelerated version of the Zhi pig game

The popular IEO is not a financing tool first, but the project side is to be funded. The project side set the price of the coin to be much lower than the private placement. To put it bluntly, it is a loss sale, which is not good for all the early private investors.

IEO is not a fee, because the exchange did not receive money. At least the exchange did not collect money directly from the project side. Relatively speaking, the exchange allows users to use the platform currency to grab the IEO share, and the exchange gains only the activity and the valuation of the platform currency. But this is the value spillover effect after pressing the pig food eating switch.

Users who grab the share of IEO are “relatively weak” relative to the project side, private investors and exchanges.

This is the wisdom pig game. The form of IEO is the “relatively strong” side, the project side, the private equity and the exchange, which are big pigs. While looking at the trough that is about to release the feed, and then slamming, press the food trough switch. The "relatively weak" side, the leek, is the piglet, wow, rush to eat a few mouthfuls. There is no derogatory here. I am also a leek like this. I am also a piglet. I have robbed two projects. I have one in the middle and I have to earn a few meals.

Then the entire project user volume went up, the heat went up, the liquidity also improved, the valuation went up, and everyone benefited.

Next, the big pig will go to the piglet and eat two more. This is where the IEO currency will fall sharply from the high price, and the platform currency will fall back to a part. But in this process of falling back, in fact, not many people are losing money, because IEO coins and platform coins are difficult to fall back to private equity prices in the short term, that is, it is difficult to fall below the IEO price. As for the long-term, I don't know. Only those pigs that are particularly greedy, or pigs who think they are big pigs, will grab the IEO share and not throw it. They dream of arching other pigs and eating them into big fat ones.

This is not the Zhi pig game. As long as the pigs and big pigs perform their duties, this game can be played.

So when you pick IEO coins, you must check to see if the big pig is pressing the switch. If the switch itself is a pig, this is not a smart pig game. This is a stupid pig game, all pigs. I have to lose money. The Nash equilibrium of the stupid pig game must be that everyone loses their underwear.

Chapter 4 Conclusion

Oops, this world is so fun, I am too wise, it makes me learn and understand, thanks to world peace.

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