Tucao: What are the three major card chain tours?

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DappReview has always been a loyal fan of blockchain games, but when you see a chain tour with good looks and unique features, you can't help but stand up and drum up. Recently, a friend told us that these so-called chain tours are far worse than mobile games. You are so touting, is there any PY transaction? Of course not, the gap between chain games and traditional games is an objective fact, and it is still too early to ask them with the same set of standards. For this reason, DR partners will evaluate chain travel with a relatively inclusive attitude and lower standards. You have known that after playing a few chain games, how many discs do we have to play in order to detoxify? This time, we will meet the needs of friends, do a chain tour version of the spit meeting, first take the card chain tour!

"I am doing things" – zombie battlefield

Zombie battlefield, the world's first blockchain card game, developed by the LOOM team. During the crowdfunding last year, a player named Niu , who did not want to be named, recharged the five-figure dollar belief . One can hope that the support team can make fun blockchain games. Secondly, it is hoped that the players will be noble. Identity is the battlefield. According to the party, the team not only invited him to travel to Thailand, but also promised to customize his exclusive card. He refused to travel, but the exclusive card is still in the foreseeable future.

As the star team of the chain tour, the LOOM team is often referred to by the insiders as the “work team” . Found out, in this circle, you can do something a little globally. In a blink of an eye, let’s see what the star team has done.

Blockchain programming

After the crowdfunding success, LOOM felt the enthusiasm of the chain tour, in the spirit of giving people a fish is not as good as giving people a fish, and then launched a game programming based Ethereum Solidity teaching course. It is said that more than 400,000 developers have studied the course, and then LOOM has launched two advanced paid courses, successfully paying for cross-border knowledge from game development.

The team has recently followed the trend and launched the first course of Libra. In short, the team does a lot of things, that is, it is not well developed. Developers, knowledge points: Selling lessons is to get rich!

Side chain development

LOOM has carried out a lot of research and development for the purpose of providing a chain tour expansion plan for Ethereum. For details, please refer to "V God's Guide to Plasma Usage Guide: Volume I: Game Landing". But what's embarrassing is that there are very few projects that are willing to use the LOOM solution, and fewer players are playing LOOM games. This is like a road repair, but the car is very few, carefully look at the car has no passengers , the degree of dampness in the dapp.review LOOM Beta data can also be seen.

Update game

The zombie battlefield launched a beta version at the end of last year. The subtitle of the game can be called "Come on Bug", and the game has started a long and thorough iteration. After half a year, even the game name was iterated, from "Zombie Battlefield" to "Relentless".

You, please read the words "Relentless", you will feel that the game has become elegant and noble, you can hardly find a Chinese name that matches its identity. It is said that the renamed "Zombie Battlefield" increased the number of registered people by 24%. Developers, the knowledge point is coming again: when the project can't go on, you might want to change a vest and cut another wave. The door of my house is changed half a year later.

To make a face-lift, changing the name is only the first step, and medical beauty is the key . "Zombie Battlefield" has a big knife on the UI and art, and the zombie lords have reincarnation into a handsome guy, fully catering to this face-watching era.

However, in terms of gameplay, the team never forgot to insist on not updating. In terms of operation and promotion, the team firmly believes that the wine is not afraid of the alley, and finally creates a quiet place to cultivate and cultivate. Players can temper their minds in the matching opponent phase. . .

I think the problem with LOOM may be what I want to do, and I have to do too much. After all, rice should be eaten bit by bit. Only by first making your own game, will more people be willing to understand chain travel and development chain tours . Loom is busy doing infrastructure construction without having to develop full game features.

The trading market interface has surprised the wave field and the coin security icon. Has it begun to expand the expansion chain for other chains?

It's like making a dish that nobody eats, but rushing to share recipes and upgrade the stove. Many games such as League of Legends and PUBG have faced the situation that the previous server is not enough, but as long as there are users, as long as the game is fun, the pit of the server can be filled in as soon as possible. If the trading volume in the game can be played out with an abacus, what is the significance of developing an excellent expansion plan?

In addition to its own client, LOOM has also developed several clients such as AppStore, Android and Steam. These can only be icing on the cake, but they can't be sent in the snow. The game should be cool, and the flowers can only be made into wreaths. To do things on the idea, LOOM redefines the meaning of the phrase "team is doing things."

"My fans have mines at home" – Gods Unchained

Readers who don't know GU can refer to the Gods Unchained Test Experience. 140+ETH auction single card, crazy pre-order, GU is undoubtedly the light of blockchain card game in 2018, a V-name player who requires coding also invests in four-digit dollars , but a huge victory band It seems to be a huge emptiness for the team. GU's pre-sales update speed does not match the player's expectations. In August of this year, Chris Clay, the former director of Magic: Arena, joined GU, and the game's update iterations increased greatly.

Oddly enough, GU hasn't had any eye-catching performance for a long time, but it has been one or two hundred active players. Although the value of the card has been waist-shouldered, there are still many players who are still buying card packs to recharge their faith. There are such fans, what do you want? Perhaps, it is with these one hundred and two hundred days of life that GU has obtained the 15 million financing, which is the most advanced "flow realizing". Regarding the gameplay of GU, it is difficult for me to make a statement, because people don't give opportunities. In the first half of the year, due to various bugs, the number of times I entered the game was very few. I just thought that GU's card design is really simple.

At present, GU Qiangqiang is a replica of "Furning Stone Legend". What is embarrassing is that this sentence is not to praise GU, because from the gameplay point of view, no player will abandon the Hearthstone to choose GU. I spoke about the evidence. GU had a "hands-on" with Hearthstone on October 8 (see below for specific reasons). This hype brought a lot of attention from Hearthstone players.

However, from the heat of the day, the conversion rate is not high. Recently, these players who have been converted are almost lost. After all, the pub is really fragrant. In general, GU is still too simple, the card mechanism has no special features, can not meet the needs of strategic card players, huge bonuses and transactions to attract money are attracted to speculators, and real card players are hard Nuclear players, the game is not fun, it will be Pass .

“Is the original Google translation awkward?” – SkyWeaver

SkyWeaver is a blockchain card game invested by the founder of Reddit. It can be said that it is the most complete card game at present. For details, please refer to "No pre-sale can play!" SkyWeaver – Card Chain Tour for "Managed Cards". SW is the most popular card chain tour we have found. It is not only good, but also connotation, which satisfies the following two points:

  1. The development is fast, and SW has come to the fore. It has released a test version with high playability and low bugs. It has repeatedly balanced cards and recently launched the exchange function. Relentless and GU please don't be so comfortable to be overtaken!
  2. The design is reasonable, SW has no neutral cards, almost no waste cards, each card has its own role, quite a bit of magical charm.

The above two points make SW's card construction very diversified, players can build a deck around a super strong card, but there is no super strong Wanjin oil card. For example, one of my favorite cards is the eight-fee Prismata of the "Bright Love" series. After sacrificed a bright entourage, you can get eight random spells and their cost becomes 1.

It will play the card game's playability to the extreme, get eight random cards in one round, and the huge amount of decision-making and operation is full of your hands. Skilled players can use these spells to play the game of twisting the battle. Operation , leaving the messy opponents in the wind to hide their power and name.

There are a lot of places worthy of SW. The first is the high threshold. The 15-year-old card players like Xiaobian often have to burn the ropes in the game. I can imagine how big the blows to the novices are in the DR group. In the game, some players said that they never won in the first two or three days of playing the game.

Secondly, the form of the card mechanism is not intuitive. The skills of some cards are already very complicated. The trigger conditions and effects are not very intuitive. When a card is played, the new players may not know what happened .

Finally, there is a shortcoming of the direct hit card game "soul" – can not smash the card (fog), whether it is a soul shock or a basin explosion in the furnace, the old card players of the plaque must know . But SW sets a small range of hateful, cards can only be played within a range, the soul of the card battle -50%.

At present, the biggest reason why SW is not in China is the anti-humanization of Chinese. I have seen the Chinese version of Google translation with awkwardness. I really feel that it is better. Match=” Matches”, Play=“Play”… DR friends saw this honey juice after the translation, and decided to carry out technical poverty alleviation, only charged 1 BTC friendship price , but was rejected by the other party, saying that they have already found The professional translation team will give a satisfactory Chinese translation (manual smile) as soon as possible.

Can this full-filled translation remind you of yourself when you learn English?

"I mean everyone in the room is rubbish"

With so many blockchain card games, let's take a look at the high-quality card games on the market.

Magic Card – As a debut and enduring card game, Magic is a true TCG (replacement card game). Because of the huge pool, players often need to trade with other players to get themselves. Required cards.

Trading is the best thing about chain tours. Almost all blockchain card games allow players to exchange cards as a basic function. However, there is no exchange function. There is not enough depth in the current blockchain card game. The card pool determines the ecological environment of the game. In a limited number of card pools, players will quickly build a number of T1 decks and They have several T2 card sets. After a period of time, the cards present in these decks can become extremely expensive, and cards that are not in these decks may not be purchased even if they are cheaper .

On the other hand, the magic card, the huge card pool makes it impossible for players to set up a super-powerful deck, and the excellent card design makes most cards have a place to use, so that the card transaction has a market. GU is not good enough in this respect, because GU has a lot of neutral cards like Hearthstone, only the most powerful neutral cards have the value of being traded. The cards in Hearthstone can be synthesized, but only in GU. Can be obtained through trading or unpacking, players without strong neutral cards are easily crushed.

Hearthstone Legend – Hearthstone legend pushes card games to a new level. Hearthstone is actually Blizzard's second card game. Its predecessor was a World of Warcraft card game, but it ended up being lost. There are only 15 people in the Hearthstone development team Team5, which may not be more than any blockchain card game team , but it has made such a stunning game.

The Hearthstone legend cancels TCG's trading function, and all cards can be synthesized. This is similar to the current SkyWeaver direct buying. I used to worry that SkyWeaver didn't open the package. Direct buying will lead to poor payment, but in In the current chain travel situation, lowering the user's threshold and playing their building deck imagination may be a better way to attract and retain users .

There is a special fun point in Hearthstone is randomness, which is the advantage that offline cards don't have, such as random damage caused by three points. In the Hearthstone legend, the program helps you choose three targets, but the offline card. It's very hard to operate, let alone the ability to randomly generate new cards.

Randomness reduces the repetitive feeling of the game, so that the game has some gambling nature , I believe that all Hearthstone players remember the days dominated by the "director" Yug Saron, because – there is no "director" can not turn the disk . The DR partner recently returned the Hearthstone story because of the tavern war. Since AFK has been a long time and there are not many cards, it has set up a set of cheap "plagiarism thieves" (the card group that steals cards). Each game is completely new. So much that there is a feeling of playing PVP with the Roguelike deck, which is particularly addictive.

Random card, random damage, random effects and other randomness are the big killers of online card games. Playing randomness can greatly increase the content of the game. This is a good way for SkyWeaver to do a random, random follow-up spell. Greatly enriched the player experience .

Of course, the legend of Hearthstone is inseparable from the ace IP "World of Warcraft". In that era, the games on the side of "World of Warcraft" were not bad, and the major manufacturers later launched their own card games and most of them were Combine your own ace IP . The importance of IP is self-evident. In the small circle of chain travel, perhaps it is a tricky but practical road to success to cooperate with Dachang to win a ace IP to get huge user increments?

Killing the Minaret – Killing the Minaret sold more than 700,000 copies on Steem in 2018. It is different from the first two big brothers. The Killing Minaret is a Roguelike card game where players are immersed in constructing different cards in a battle. The group blew the enemy's thrill. The killing minaret itself is very fun, and in the last big update gives the player the ability to do MOD .

The amount of official game content is probably less than one-tenth of the MOD content. These mod makers are decentralized content providers who keep the game alive. For me to brush through the three main heroes, trying the fun mod is the first motivation for me to open the game now. Most of these MOD providers are selfless devotees to the center, blockchain games should be where they shine better .

The Hand of Destiny – This is a card + action game, the card is the equipment, skills, random events in the game, just a marker symbol. The game balances the proportion of Roguelike and action battles well, giving players a feeling of double happiness. I think this is the key reason why it can win a big fan.

Introducing this game is to give a way of thinking, card games are not necessarily only card games , cards are the best carrier in the game, a card can carry and display the developer's very complicated design, card Production is also easier than model making. When the card chain tour has not yet erupted, it is a good choice to use the card as a carrier to do some games with a sense of design but not a lot of work.


The above-mentioned card chain tour is the leader in blockchain games, but from the perspective of team ability, development budget, and operation cycle, it is impossible to compete with classic card games such as Magic and Hearthstone. Same day. Looking at it from another angle, the big gap indicates that there is enough room for progress in the chain tour. This is a brand new industry with unlimited possibilities. In the face of the pioneers and pathfinders of these chain tours, we can't kill, let alone kill . Our spit naturally has the elements of jokes, but the mood of the boutique chain tour is incomparably real.

We will continue to update Blocking; if you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us!


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