Facebook data leakage victim: Since it is impossible to prevent data from being sold, it is better to sell it myself.

As we all know, the data we generate on social networking sites and smart devices is becoming more and more valuable, and many giants are profiting by selling these data. Although most users are quite vocal about this, it seems that this trend is unstoppable.

Since your own data has to be sold, why not sell your own data and make money yourself? This article is about such a user, just trying to sell their data directly to a third-party trading platform.

As one of the victims of the Facebook account leak last year, Gregory Barber formed a set of "selling his own data" by comparing different platforms. Let's take a look at how he did it.

Anyway, you have to be sold, it’s better to "sell yourself "

On a Tuesday night some time ago, when I was preparing to go to bed, I made a very important decision: I sold my personal information on Facebook to a stranger in Buenos Aires . This approach may be more reckless, but I think I have started a whole new life – becoming a security guard in the digital age.

The reason I do this is due to the Facebook data leak in September last year, in which more than 90 million Facebook members, including me, became victims of personal data breaches .

With Facebook Connect, members will be able to use Facebook's authentication data across the web, including file photos, names, photos, friends, groups, events and other information, which reminds me that my personal information is directly exposed. On the internet…

After all kinds of leaks, hacking, and data plundering, I was thoroughly fed up with these behaviors . In order to escape these hackers and data plunder, I thought about deleting account information directly, but I also considered that if I didn't know, my personal data was used by marketing companies, third-party applications, and even political propagators. Selling for profit, then why can't I benefit directly from it ?

So, I have a best-in-class strategy: sell personal data and directly profit!

"Users should have the right to control personal data"

Everyone is angry at the abuse of personal information data, so a new group of companies has launched a rather enticing message: users should have the right to control personal data, and by the way, make small money .

Before the social platform Facebook and the US credit giant Equifax became the oligarchs of the digital age, they proposed the initiative to return to the Internet to decentralize. Many platforms are beginning to accept direct sales of user generated data.

For example, Web founder Tim Berners-Lee is creating a platform called Solid, on which users can control which services are allowed to access their personal data.

In addition, the Ocean Protocol is a decentralized exchange where people can sell data directly to AI companies . The exchange has attracted thousands of venture capital investments during the development process. (Click to view the interview with the founder of the Ocean Agreement)

At the same time, many people also want to take the lead in occupying the data trading market. The applications in the market are also mixed.

Selling personal data on the chain

If you want to sell your personal data, you can register directly on the platform described above, then there will be buyers directly to contact you, they will use Token in exchange for your bank transaction records, medical history and even intelligent thermostat Fluctuation information and so on .

And whether or not to conduct a transaction, the decision is in your hands, no one can steal your personal data information in private.

The reason for this is that the blockchain is based on the blockchain, where you can sell your data in a secure and private way, while still ensuring that every transaction record is not tampered with .

These companies have promised us autonomous authorization and exchanged personal data with cryptocurrencies. I feel that I have joined an uprising in the digital age – taking control of my data from the oligarchy.

But my heart is still not practical, I am afraid that the blockchain is another pit, and finally I have to fight for the old life to come out from here, trying to erase all the traces on the chain.

So I turned to Telegram, which was the place where early cryptocurrency followers discussed the most recent encryption scheme, and it was safer. Here, most of the chats are around bug complaints or invalid Tokens, but there are still passive incomes.

5 private data sales platforms

I started this big adventure in digital information trading. First, I registered on the Datum app and shared my GPS location information so I got the 1DAT token.

Next, I turned to Doc.ai, where users can share the results of the microbiome test in exchange for the NRN cryptocurrency.

So, I signed up for an allergy research test and agreed that I reminded the application to record when I felt convulsions. At the same time, registration information includes sharing selfies, location information, and data on Apple Health.

Finally, I also tried Wibson. Linked the information I shared on Facebook and the running routes on Strava on the Wibson app. It is awesome that Wibson also supports Chinese and is very friendly to Chinese users.

In addition, Argentina-based Big Data Analytics SA also threw an olive branch to me, hoping to exchange 46 Facebook cryptocurrency for my Facebook data, and I agree.

The reason why Wibson founder Mat Travizano created this platform is the same as me. In 2017, Mat Travizano was the founder and CEO of a company that used AI to analyze consumer trends. Previously, he bought user data from an intermediary.

Later, he suddenly came up with the idea: Why not buy data directly from users? This logic is quite right, but the business model is determined by the size of the business, but such data is valuable to the giant Facebook, because it can accurately target the user's data. Currently, Wibson has only 5,500 data sellers and 10 data buyers, and has not yet formed a certain commercial scale .

Travizano aims to create a consumer data market where users can provide their bank accounts, GPS and social media information, and use this information to create forecasts such as their shopping methods, shopping locations and more. This information should not be too attractive for advertisers.

In order to ensure that buyers are not deceived, he also specifically invited banks and telecommunications companies to verify whether the data sold by the users is legal.

In theory, users have complete control over their own data, and are completely private, and when the user sells, they can still get a certain amount of compensation. Travizano also mentioned: From a privacy perspective, if you don't care what Facebook has done little tricks on your data, why not choose to sell to whom you choose?

All of this is based on the foundation that users believe that these unfamiliar companies are truly secure and private. After two weeks of reading contracts and terms of service, I have become exhausted – it’s too hard to be my digital agent!

I insist on it because I want to be a pioneer in the new data economy, take full control of my data, get rid of the silos of data oligarchy companies, and sell personal data on a large scale.

Because of this, I also tend to expose my personal data as little as possible, such as leaving my phone at home while running, or hiding my phone number and real email address on Facebook.

Oh, yes, many people care about the income from selling personal data. My income so far is: 162 WIB, 1 DAT, 0 NRN, although it is not worth mentioning, but it can also be worth 0.3 cents!

After reading this article, what do you think about selling personal information directly? Would you also try to do this? Leave a message to tell the battalion commander!

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