Weekly development of industrial blockchain 丨 Anti-epidemic prevention, although the blockchain is late, it is not absent

Although epidemic prevention and epidemic prevention is still the top priority of the current government and enterprises, the progress of the industrial blockchain has not stalled.

In terms of policies, the State Council and local governments have promulgated multiple blockchain policies. The blockchain was first written into the Central No. 1 document, which is of far-reaching significance. In terms of industrial research, the implementation of blockchain in the physical industry is slow, but it should not be pessimistic. In terms of industrial applications, after a short period of absence, the blockchain has used practical actions to answer what the blockchain can do for the epidemic. For listed companies, investment and financing activities appear to have not been affected by the epidemic.

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Industrial Policy: Blockchain is first written in the Central No. 1 Document

State Council: Accelerating the application of blockchain in the agricultural field

On February 5, Xinhua News Agency was authorized to issue the "Opinions of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China on Doing a Good Job in the Key Areas of Agriculture, Rural Areas, and Farmers" and Ensuring that a Well-off Society Is Completed on Time (also known as Document No. 1 of the Central Committee of 2020). It is mentioned that relying on existing resources to build agricultural and rural big data centers, accelerate the application of modern information technologies such as the Internet of Things, big data, blockchain, artificial intelligence, fifth-generation mobile communication networks, and smart weather in the agricultural field. Carry out national digital village trials.

Seven departments: promoting the research and application of the global shipping service network platform of blockchain

On February 3, the Ministry of Transport, the Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Commerce, the General Administration of Customs and the State Administration of Taxation issued the "Guiding Opinions on Vigorously Promoting the High-Quality Development of the Maritime Industry". Opinion said that vigorously promote the application of new technologies such as mobile Internet, artificial intelligence, big data, and blockchain. Promote the research and application of global shipping service network platform based on blockchain.

Changsha City: Three-year Action Plan for Blockchain Industry Development

On February 4, the Changsha Development and Reform Commission issued the "Three-year Action Plan for the Development of the Blockchain Industry in Changsha (2020-2022)" (Consultation Draft), with a view to seizing the major strategic opportunities for the development of the blockchain and constructing New growth points for economic and social development in Changsha.

Guizhou: Accelerating Converged Applications such as 5G and Blockchain

On February 6th, the Guizhou Big Data Development Administration issued the Guizhou Provincial Big Data Strategic Action 2020 Work Points, which mentioned that Guizhou will accelerate 5G, blockchain, artificial intelligence, Beidou and satellite big data fusion applications.


2020 is a crucial year for China. It is the end of the year to build a well-off society in an all-round way and achieve the first century-long goal. Therefore, it is particularly important to do well the work of "agriculture, rural areas and farmers" this year. On this special node, the State Council writes the blockchain into the Central No. 1 file, and it ranks ahead of artificial intelligence and 5G, which has far-reaching significance.

Industry research: Blockchain industry progress is slower than expected

China Software Association Blockchain Branch: Initiated "Blockchain + Charity" Technology Innovation Action Initiative

On February 1st, the China Software Association Blockchain Branch, a second-level association affiliated to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, launched the "Blockchain + Charity" technical innovation action. The document mentions: In response to General Secretary Xi ’s call to accelerate the development of blockchain technology and industrial innovation, the "Blockchain Technology + Public Welfare Charity" project team was established to use blockchain technology and work together to provide the public welfare charity industry with: Blockchain technology solutions such as transparent and supervisable operations, material status and whereabouts can be traced, and payment details can be viewed.

Zhu Jiaming: Although the blockchain industry has made progress, it is much slower than expected

On February 3, Zhu Jiaming, Chairman of the Academic and Technical Committee of the Digital Asset Research Institute, published a discussion on industrial blockchain, saying that people generally think that the concept of "blockchain industry" is inspired by the concept of "Internet industry". The blockchain field can repeat the history of the deep integration of the Internet and industry, and finally form an industrial form based on blockchain technology. However, in real economic activities, although the blockchain industry has made progress, it is much slower than expected. Especially, it is difficult to repeat and transplant the historical experience of the industrial Internet, and there is no prospect of breakthrough in the short term. Zhu Jiaming pointed out that from the perspectives of technology, industrialization sequence, evolution mechanism, application mode, and expansion paradigm, the difficulty of the industrial blockchain lies in the fact that the industrial Internet model cannot be copied. The most difficult application of blockchain technology is the real economy. Without the combination of blockchain technology and the real economy, the industrial blockchain always stays in the initial stage.


The application of blockchain technology requires industry-university-research linkage. Although the current progress of the blockchain industry is slow, it is not necessary to be overly pessimistic. For example, the "Top Ten Technology Trends of Dharma Institute 2020" released by Alibaba Dharma Institute at the beginning of the year pointed out that More than 10,000 large-scale production-grade blockchain applications will enter the public.

Industrial application: What can a blockchain do in the face of an epidemic?

Multi-department in Beijing: 7 new application scenarios of "blockchain + real estate registration"

In order to prevent and control the pneumonia epidemic of the new type of coronavirus infection, promote the convenience of the people and benefit the enterprises, and implement the Beijing Municipal Government Service Blockchain Application Action Plan (2020). Since February 8, 2020, the Commission, the State Administration of Taxation, the Beijing Municipal Taxation Bureau and the Beijing Municipal Administration Commission have launched an upgraded version of the blockchain-based real estate registration information platform and launched 7 applications of "blockchain + real estate registration" Scenes.

Beijing: Official launch of blockchain-based supply chain debt and debt platform

On February 5th, the Beijing Municipal Government issued "Several Measures to Respond to the Impact of the Pneumonia Epidemic of New Coronavirus Infection to Promote the Sustainable and Healthy Development of Small, Medium and Micro-sized Enterprises", which explicitly proposed that a blockchain-based supply chain debt and debt platform should be established for Small and medium-sized enterprises of government procurement and state-owned enterprises provide right-financing financing services. In order to actively implement the "Measures", Beijing Financial Group relies on its "Beijing Micro and Micro Enterprise Financial Comprehensive Service Platform" and jointly with the Haidian District Government and the Micro-Core Research Institute to vigorously promote the construction of a blockchain-based supply chain debt and debt platform. . On February 7, the platform was officially launched.

Nansha District, Guangzhou: Establishing a collaborative epidemic prevention and control system using information technology such as blockchain

In order to fully respond to the epidemic, the Nansha District Epidemic Prevention and Control Collaboration System was officially launched on February 2. The system is based on the "Nansha City Brain" and uses blockchain and other information technology to aggregate and integrate various types of epidemic prevention information such as key personnel, latest epidemic data, resource scheduling, etc., to open up the "data chimney" of each department and strive to create a unified Outbreak Prevention and Control Command Center. As enterprises in the area resume their work, Nansha District will use the system's enterprise resumption management function to guide the strengthening of personnel prevention and control. Relying on blockchain technology, companies will be truthfully reported on epidemic prevention information to help prevent epidemic prevention work achieve informatization management.

Xiong'an Group: Launched a blockchain philanthropy donation management traceability platform, with a total donation of 745.78 million yuan

On February 8th, the information of China Xiong'an Group's official website revealed that the charity donation management traceability platform was launched a few days ago. In the fight against the epidemic, the characteristics of blockchain technology were used to improve the transparency and credibility of donation information. The statistics of the charity donation management traceability platform show that the platform currently has a total of 747.78 million yuan in donations, 521 projects for love donations, and 118 projects for donation needs.

Alipay: Launched an epidemic prevention information service platform, using blockchain to achieve full traceability

Recently, Alipay has launched an epidemic prevention information service platform, which can be seen by searching the same trip query function. It is reported that the Zhejiang Province Medical Materials Security Group has launched the first material requirements list, which includes medical masks, protective clothing, work caps, etc. According to reports, unlike other material information platforms, this platform uses ant blockchain technology and is led by the Zhejiang Provincial Health and Construction Commission and the Economic and Information Department. It will review the information on the demand, supply, and transportation of materials and store them on the chain. . At the same time, Alipay also provides blockchain program power to the epidemic-related small program developers for free forever and special funding support.

Mutual treasure: using blockchain to process corona virus claims

During the outbreak, Huobao had used blockchain to manage claims related to coronavirus. At present, Huobao has added a new coronavirus to eligible diseases, with a maximum one-time payment of about 100,000 yuan. According to previous reports, more than 100 million people across the country have joined Alipay's critical illness mutual assistance program "Mutual Treasure". It is reported that, through the blockchain's open, transparent, non-tamperable and other technical features, mutual guarantee to ensure that there will be no fraudulent insurance and fraudulent accounts.

Xiamen International Bank: Provides "Charity Charity Sunshine Chain Platform" Based on Blockchain for Charity Organizations

On February 5th, Xiamen International Bank launched the second batch of fifteen anti-epidemic financial service measures, including providing a "philanthropy and charity sunshine chain platform" based on blockchain technology for charitable organizations to realize loving donations. The entire flow of information such as donations, aids, and capital flows is online and transparent, and the power of fintech is used to help epidemic prevention and control and charity work.

Shandong University of Finance and Economics: Launch of new crown pneumonia epidemic collection and monitoring system based on blockchain

According to the news of China Shandong Net, the reporter learned from Shandong University of Finance and Economics that, under the organization of Shandong Provincial Science and Technology Department, relying on the Shandong Key Laboratory of Blockchain Finance under construction, Shandong University of Finance and Economics has developed a "blockchain" The "epidemic collection monitoring system" was formally deployed and put into operation in the early morning of February 7, 2020. At present, the information collection of teachers and students in the school is progressing rapidly.

Xi'an Jiaotong University: launches new crown virus risk screening system based on blockchain

On February 6, a reporter from Xi'an Evening News learned from Xi'an Jiaotong University that in order to do its best to prevent and control pneumonia caused by a new type of coronavirus infection, the medical artificial intelligence team of the School of Mathematics and Statistics of Xi'an Jiaotong University recently served as the Second Affiliated Hospital of Xi'an Jiaotong University. Urgently developed a free online health consultation, consultation and "New Crown" virus risk screening system. According to the team leader, Professor Xu Songhua, the system is a comprehensive medical online service platform, which opens up the participants, systems, and terminals in the medical process. It supports blockchain technology in the background and strictly manages access to medical records. Monitoring and dynamic management.

State Grid E-commerce: Applying Blockchain Technology to Help Small, Medium and Micro Enterprises Resumption of Work

According to the People's Daily News, the State Grid e-commerce company uses blockchain technology to help small, medium and micro enterprises resume work after delivery. During the epidemic, the recovery of production capacity such as masks is directly related to the success or failure of the epidemic prevention campaign. State Grid E-commerce has launched an online industry chain financial platform for the entire process of online financing consultation and processing services. With the help of the blockchain multi-party coordination mechanism, it has joined hands with major banks to launch account factoring financing, material e-commerce procurement financing, and bills. Comprehensive solutions such as direct sticking provide preferential financing services for outbreak prevention and control enterprises. At the same time, relying on the blockchain multi-party trust mechanism, it provides enterprises with authoritative and credible accurate digital services, accelerates the rapid flow of various funds, and wins time for the production of front-line protective materials in the affected areas. According to statistics, since January 30, the blockchain-based online industry chain financial platform has lend 19.49 million yuan to 5 small, medium and micro enterprises that produce epidemic prevention supplies.


In the face of the epidemic, what can the blockchain do? It needs to be acknowledged that in the early stage of the epidemic, the application of blockchain was absent. Of course, this has a historical background. After all, before the "10.24 speech", the blockchain industry had been stigmatized for a long time. As Meng Yan mentioned in an interview with SheKnows not long ago, "when the epidemic broke out, the entire blockchain industry was untied for only 80 days. What can it do?" However, after entering February, we are happy Seeing that many companies and governments have spontaneously used the blockchain for epidemic prevention and control collaboration, right financing, virus risk screening systems, epidemic collection monitoring systems, charitable donations, claims, etc., although the blockchain is late, But in the end there was no absence.

Listed companies: investment and financing activities appear unaffected by the outbreak

Guangyi Technology: Blockchain Internet copyright registration invested by the company has formed realistic income

On February 7, when Guangyi Technology responded to investors' questions on the interactive platform, it stated that the CCDI project's blockchain Internet copyright registration invested by the company had formed realistic income.

Hailian Jinhui: The company's blockchain patent has been applied to related blockchain application systems

On February 4, Hailian Jinhui responded to investors' questions on the interactive platform, saying that the company's blockchain-related patent applications originated from related subject research and technology product development and other processes, and have been applied to the company's self-developed blockchain. Among the underlying UChains, the blockchain middle layer bs4chain and related blockchain application systems.

Zhongzhuang Construction: Capital increase from outside, an important extension of the company's blockchain project

On the evening of February 5, China Decoration Construction announced that the company intends to increase the capital of Anxun Group by 54 million yuan. After the capital increase, the company occupies 30% of the equity of Anxun Group. Anxun Group, headquartered in Hong Kong, is a company focused on data center construction, cloud video office, cloud computing and big data, data center operations and network security solutions. It has a Hong Kong telecommunications business operator license. IDC is a supporting infrastructure for the construction of blockchain projects, and provides a cloud data processing technology center for the operation of blockchain platforms. This investment plan is an important extension of the company's blockchain project, which can deepen the digital transformation of the main business.

Adir: Use blockchain to build a new jewelry retail platform

On the evening of February 4th, Adir announced that in order to further develop the new retail business of jewellery, the company intends to cooperate with Hangzhou Yingotong Technology Co., Ltd. and Zhuhai Muzhu Asset Management Co., Ltd. to set up a company in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province. The company name is temporarily Dingzhong Decoration (Hangzhou) Technology Co., Ltd. The company intends to invest in the establishment of China Decoration Technology mainly to further develop the new retail business of jewellery, and to explore the integration and application of the "online + offline interoperability" business model and "Cargo Ticket" technology system in the jewelry, diamond and gold industries. Create a new industry platform and SaaS service system, including but not limited to the use of 5G, VR, blockchain technology and other information technology to create a new retail platform for the Chinese jewelry industry. Improve the efficiency of the supply chain and digital marketing, reduce operating costs, add value-added services, and shape a win-win operation mechanism.

Evergreen: Expansion of innovative technologies such as the Internet of Things and blockchain to form a business profitable ecosystem with outstanding main businesses

On February 2, Evergreen Co., Ltd. responded to investors' questions on January 30 on the interactive platform, saying that since the second half of 2019, the company has actively carried out strategic concentration, clarified the grouping of the pillars of the group, and further focused on the group's main business. Expand innovative technologies such as the Internet of Things and blockchain to form a business profitable ecosystem with outstanding main businesses. Based on objective factors such as the macro environment, industry policies, and bidding conditions and the company's strategic adjustment, the company is expected to accrue relevant impairment provisions in 2019, and the specific operating results will be disclosed in detail in the 2019 annual report.


Listed companies' external investment and financing activities do not seem to be affected by the new coronavirus. Two listed companies still invested abroad this week to explore the combination of blockchain and the physical industry.

Review of previous periods: Weekly development of industrial blockchain 丨 Many governments have stated that they will vigorously develop blockchain in 2020More industrial blockchain services: https://www.8btc.com/industry

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