Babbitt weekly selection 丨 Bitcoin returns to US $ 10,000; blockchain industry explodes financing wave

Guide: Blockchain has set off a new industry boom in China. Babbitt's weekly election will review the major events that have changed the industry trend in the past week from the perspectives of policy supervision, editorial, project ecological implementation, technology progress, platform construction, and investment. Investors and users can provide a basis for grasping the development trends and opportunities of the blockchain.

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After a lapse of 5 months, Bitcoin broke through $ 10,000 again on the weekend, which also led to the recovery of the entire cryptocurrency industry. Bitcoin halving-the biggest event of the cryptocurrency industry in 2020 is affecting the market. In addition to Bitcoin breaking through $ 10,000, the blockchain industry's biggest concern last week was financing activities. According to Babbitt statistics and reports, the blockchain industry conducted more than a dozen financing activities last week, which can be said to be the most active week in the blockchain industry. In addition, in this war epidemic, the blockchain is showing its own "power". The central bank, the Beijing Municipal Government, Alipay and other government and enterprise departments are all using the blockchain to empower this war.

I. Policy and supervision

"Crypto Mom" ​​Peirce officially proposes a three-year grace period for legitimate crypto projects without violating US securities laws. The Financial Market Conduct Authority (FCA) has issued a handbook notice detailing the recent crypto asset business rules in the UK. The FCA proposes a flat registration fee of £ 5,000 for companies registering cryptocurrency businesses.

U.S. SEC Commissioner Hester Peirce proposes 3 year grace period for legal crypto projects

Crypto assets regulatory rules updated in the UK: up to £ 10,000 is required to apply for a license and registration fees are non-refundable

Cryptocurrency-related issues are included for the first time in U.S. tax forms, IRS: Cryptocurrencies remain the focus of attention in 2020

Swiss authorities "no longer friendly" to cryptocurrencies? New regulations require crypto transactions over $ 1,000 to be reviewed

Blockchain and physical applications

At the same time as the new pneumonia epidemic, the blockchain industry is doing its best to contribute. How can blockchain help? The central bank, Beijing Municipal Government, Alipay and other government and corporate departments are all empowering to win this war through blockchain.

Observation | Blockchain technology empowers epidemic prevention donations: how are Xiong'an Group and Alipay doing?

Blockchain empowers community-based epidemic prevention

The biggest public enemy of the "epidemic"-trust, to overcome its most effective weapon-blockchain

Beijing Haidian District launches blockchain-based SME supply chain financial service platform, expected to make first lender next week

Alipay endeavors to launch epidemic prevention materials information service platform, using blockchain to achieve full traceability

Beijing introduced "16" measures to promote the development of small, medium and micro enterprises, including the construction of a blockchain-based supply chain debt and debt platform

The central bank's trading gold blockchain platform helps corporate financing, and national project support breaks through development difficulties

Third, technical direction

The development of Ethereum 2.0 is ongoing, and the face of 2.0 is gradually emerging. Stage 0 may be officially launched in 3 months. The performance bottleneck of the blockchain has always been one of the important obstacles preventing the adoption of this technology. MIT researchers have recently proposed a routing solution that can increase the speed of the blockchain by 4 times.

Ethereum 2.0 development team AMA: Phase 0 will be deployed as early as 3 months

Ethereum 2.0 audit report announced next week, giving green light to multi-client testnet

Technology Sharing | "Junk Input and Junk Output" of Blockchain Technology

MIT shot! Researchers develop "spider" routing scheme to increase blockchain speed by 4 times

Sneak Peek, Ethereum 2.0 Deposit Contract Interface Flows Out

Fourth, investment and financing

Last week was one of the most active financing activities in the blockchain industry. According to Babbitt statistics and reports, at least a dozen blockchain companies announced their financing last week. Entering 2020, the blockchain industry has shown huge application prospects, which has also attracted a large number of investors to start the layout. It is expected that blockchain financing activities will enter an explosive period.

Blockchain company SIMBA Chain receives US $ 9.5 million investment from US Navy, will build a secure information platform

Blockchain commercial payment company Paystand secures $ 20 million in Series B funding

Blockchain supply chain company Envoy secures $ 13 million in funding, accelerating $ 17 trillion in global trade inflows

Fidelity leads investment, blockchain settlement company Clear secures $ 13 million in Series A financing

Pantera led, Square and DCG participated in the investment, and the decentralized settlement network Transparent received US $ 14 million

Lightning Lab completes US $ 10 million in Series A financing, the first paid product enters testing

Blockchain startup Digital Asset completes C + round of financing, with Salesforce and Samsung participating

MakerDAO-backed PoolTogether raises $ 1.05 million, with ConsenSys participating

Japan's Sony Corporation completes strategic investment in token issuance platform Securitize

Baton secures another $ 4 million in funding and completes $ 12 million in Series A financing

Interview with Babbitt 丨 Ten thousand bucks against the trend, focusing on supply chain finance

V. Mining

Bitcoin "halving" every 4 years will be one of the most significant events of 2020. The most affected by this incident is probably the miners, so the movement of miners before and after this incident will become the focus of attention of the entire industry. And the world's largest mining cluster, China is fighting the new crown pneumonia, and there are various levels of shutdowns throughout the country, which has affected the mining industry. This also makes this halving event full of more variables.

Mining mystery: when halving prices encounter epidemics

Ukraine: Bitcoin protocol is sufficient to regulate on-chain activities, and mining does not require government supervision and intervention

$ 12,000! This is the lowest price for miners to continue to profit after halving

Analysis | Forecasting Bitcoin mining cost price after halving with hashrate trend

Stoppages, losses, suffering … Having not halved, but the mine disaster is coming?

Five big mining pools called for "strong donation", 42 million yuan BCH miners decided?

Feeding Developers with Miner Taxes: Zcash's Decentralized Governance Dilemma

BTC prices are picking up, miners are out of stock, but the mine is empty …


DeFi set a new milestone in its hedging scale last week, breaking through $ 1 billion. As the hottest trend in 2019, DeFi will continue to grow in 2020.

DeFi locks up to $ 1 billion milestone but cannot be taken lightly

The total value of DeFi hedging exceeds US $ 1 billion, and the rise in ETH price is not the only reason

DeFi stress test: ETH daily volatility is less than 20%, compound contract default risk is low

2019 DeFi industry research report: DeFi industry will become the best application scenario for blockchain landing in vertical industry

Inventory 201 DeFi systems on Ethereum

Defi's Reasonable Logic and Aging Status

Seven, central bank digital currency and Libra

After Facebook announced Libra last year 618, the global central banks began to change their views on central bank digital currencies. Whether it is to conduct theoretical research or have started development, the emergence of Libra has changed the global central banks' views on central bank digital currencies. Among them is the US Federal Reserve. Unlike the early disdain for central bank digital currencies, the Fed's view of digital currencies is gradually turning, and it has publicly stated that it is studying the possibility of central bank digital currencies.

Central bank digital currency

Aiming at DCEP: Fed wants to accelerate "digital dollar" research

IMF advises Eastern Caribbean countries to try digital currencies

The possibility of the Federal Reserve issuing coins has greatly increased, the director talked about Libra, digital RMB and stablecoin

Former European Central Bank Deputy Governor: Consumer-oriented central bank digital currency will wait another 10 years

Fed directors: Fed is studying the feasibility of digital currency

Analysis of CBDC's international R & D dynamics (II): Thailand and Hong Kong join hands to open up the "second pulse of Rendu"

Should a single anchor and a basket of currencies be more imaginative?


MasterCard CEO: Libra's financial inclusion fails to meet expectations, and compliance is too vague

Libra launch or meet resistance again: retreat storm, more rivals, can be launched in 2020?


The most notable event last week was undoubtedly that Bitcoin finally returned to $ 10,000. Entering 2020, bitcoin rose sharply after the start of the year, but after adjustment, it is now returning to an upward trend. The return of $ 10,000 this time is also considered by many to be a manifestation of the "half effect of Bitcoin", and many people even analyze that this is the beginning of a higher price for Bitcoin.

Soaring 45% this year, Bitcoin broke another $ 10,000! "Half quotation" is expected to be hot

milestone! Bitcoin confirms more than 500 million transactions

Tesla plunges 20%, calling it "Bitcoin" in the automotive sector

U.S. bailiff to auction bitcoin worth nearly $ 40 million

A-share rat opened 3,000 shares in the year, and Bitcoin hit a 90-day high. Buy shares or buy coins?

Nine, SheKnows selection

SheKnows debuted as a new year's debate in the 2020 Lunar New Year. This event combines the "outbreaks" that are currently receiving the most attention, and analyzes and discusses how the blockchain industry should respond today.

SheKnows New Year's Debate | How does the blockchain team survive the death of entrepreneurship?

SheKnows New Year's Debate | Encountering the "black swan" epidemic, the "crisis" and "opportunity" of the blockchain

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