The first batch of six major activities of the Wuzhen Conference was released!

On November 8-9, the second blockchain conference·Wuzhen is coming!

The most important year-end event in the 2019 blockchain is expected to attract at least 4,000 blockchain practitioners to meet in Wuzhen. In 2 days, you can participate in the main forum and the six major sub-forums shared by more than 50 industry leaders, and you can also see the large-scale professional exhibitions in the industry covering more than 4,000 square meters.

This is not enough!

Babbitt will bring a lot of exciting activities to her friends, each with their own characteristics and colorful. For example, there is Babbitt Night, there is a product crab bureau, there is an exchange night, there is Jia Nan Zhizhi night, and a blockchain game special, than the original chain special, Top Network main network launch conference, etc.!

In short, you want to listen to industry stories, industry trends, and there. You want to eat the most beautiful food in the fall, there are. You want to see the best in the industry, the most intimate friends, too!

Good-looking, delicious, fun, all in the second world blockchain conference · Wuzhen.

Today, Babbitt is the first to expose the first six events. Are you ready?

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First stop: Babbitt night, the strongest meal in the blockchain

On the evening of the 8th, Babbitt will launch a superb dinner with BKEX on the Babbitt Night. The dinner venue will be at the Yunzhou Guest Center of Wuzhen Internet International Convention and Exhibition Center.

Babbitt Night will invite 300 VIPs from the invited guests, the top squatters in various industries, VIP users and some quality partners. In the place where the Internet is "about rice", the elite leaders of the blockchain will also gather together. Will this be the strongest meal in the blockchain? It is worth looking forward to.

That night, BKEX founder Ji Jiaming will also bring the heavy news of BKEX development, there are multiple pounds? It was announced that night.

Second stop: Cocos-BCX, the aircraft carrier of the blockchain game, set sail

The game has always been regarded as the forefront of the blockchain landing application, and is also the aircraft carrier in the blockchain DAPP entrepreneurial army.

On the 8th, Cocos-BCX will hold a special Cocos-BCX blockchain game in Wuzhen. As a high-quality game special event recommended by the current conference, the game field is coming. Cocos-BCX founder Chen Yuzhi, DappReview founder Niu Fengxuan, Celer COO Yu Chao, pure white matrix CEO Wu Xiao, DAppChaser editor Erica, etc., they will interpret from multiple angles to reveal how the aircraft will sail in the distance.

Third stop: Decryption, than the original chain Bystack and cross-chain value exchange protocol MOV

Why is the BaaS platform Bystack better than the original chain, how will it change the impossible triangle? What is the cross-chain value exchange protocol MOV, and how does it freely circulate digital assets?

On November 8th, the "Keep MOVing" special event was brought over the original chain, and all the practitioners around the original chain came without exception. They have eco-partners, core community users, technology developers, etc. They will decode the new ratio chain with a new perspective.

With the heart and the fear, in the journey of technology to change the world, open a new adventure together with the original chain.

The fourth station: TOP Network main network startup, 80 million blockchain new users, come!

The market is weak, the giants are in the game, and the landing is worrying. The cloud-blocking blockchain industry needs a “strong shot” to truly open the window of business. The TOP Network, developed over two years, may be a strong shot. It will officially announce the launch of the main network in Wuzhen! After the main online line, its 80 million users will migrate to the chain, which means that TOP Network will kick off the new era of blockchain world.

At that time, the TOP Network founding team will share the multi-dimensional sharing of the project from ecological closed-loop to ecological development. The door to the broken chain is opening. Where are you?

Fifth stop: BigONE & Mixin high-end mystery cocktail, purple whirlwind in Wuzhen never sleep

After visiting Babbitt Night, you can also enter the mysterious cocktail party jointly hosted by BigONE and Mixin. There are well-known institutional investors in the blockchain industry, top industry media people, and the well-known community KOL. A group of discerning industry optimists.

In the dense night of Wuzhen and the lights of the hustle and bustle, we will discuss the next wave of investment in the blockchain industry. Purple Mystery Night, are you coming or not?

The sixth stop: when the autumn is strong, the crab is just right, the Wuzhen crab is not you.

This summer, the 18-line lobster exchange meeting in the ostrich block chain can be said to make the block chain savour the savory taste of lobster. On the evening of the 8th, the Lobster Bureau was upgraded to the Wuzhen Crab Banquet.

Ancient towns, nights, cool breeze, beautiful people, three cups of small wines, together with like-minded exchanges and project parties, reached the most appropriate consensus this year. The world of blockchain, there is a love for the future, where are you?

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Written at the end

Do you think Wuzhen is like this? This is just an appetizer! Jia Nan Zhizhi Night takes you into the mysterious mining machine world and feels the glory and dreams of the miners. The night of WXY's exchange will focus on the industry's most cutting-edge resources, showcasing the partners' most beautiful style, and letting you get close to the wealth password of the cryptocurrency industry. There are more special events, so wait for the next secret.

In 2019, the blockchain year-end feast, most of the people in the blockchain world have come, you can't come? If you don't come, your friend circle in November may be eclipsed.

World Blockchain Conference·Wuzhen official website (with registration link):

For business cooperation, please contact: [email protected]

We will continue to update Blocking; if you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us!


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