Xiyou Cong: Have you prepared for the next wave of hype narrative after Brc20?

Xiyou Cong: Are you ready for the next wave of hype after Brc20?

On the morning of May 23rd, Con, with the ID number 8669069, was born, and it received widespread attention because it is the first Rare level rare Con inscription. The author of the Rhythm column wrote an article interpreting why Rare Con is “rare” and what is an “interesting Con,” and explored and analyzed the expandable gameplay of Rare Con.

Bitcoin’s unit of composition is the satoshi, and each bitcoin is composed of one hundred million satoshis. The Ordinals protocol provides unique numbering for the satoshis, giving each one its own numerical identification. This numbering system allows for clear differentiation and tracking between satoshis. Bitcoin has a series of periodic events, some of which occur frequently and others which are relatively rare, that naturally form a rare system.

Currently, the periodic events are: 1) Block mining: from now until the end of time, a new block will be mined approximately every 10 minutes. 2) Difficulty adjustment: every 2016 blocks, or approximately every two weeks, the bitcoin network adjusts the block difficulty in response to changes in hash rate, ensuring relative stability in bitcoin mining speed. 3) Halving: every 210,000 blocks, or approximately every four years, the number of new satoshis produced per block in the bitcoin network is halved. This event reduces the supply of bitcoin, giving it scarcity and anti-inflationary properties. 4) Cycle convergence: after experiencing six halvings, magical things happen. Halvings and difficulty adjustments occur simultaneously, forming what is called a convergence. The time period between each convergence is one cycle, occurring approximately every 24 years. It is predicted that the first convergence will occur sometime in 2032.

These periodic events give each satoshi a unique identity and attributes. Based on these events, the Ordinals document defines several levels of rarity for satoshis. Additionally, the total supply and current supply of these rarities can be calculated based on the number of “sats” that have been mined.

There are also expandable gameplay options: 1) attribute stacking, such as the RareSatSociety community engraving a rare satoshi with five attributes: Uncommon + Nakamoto + Block 78 + First tx + Pizza; 2) the Rare Satoshi Society community has also released “.sats” membership passes, which grant holders exclusive access to gifts, whitelists, and well-known figures in the Alpha and Ordinals domains; 3) SatsHunters, a project that seeks rare satoshis for individuals or projects, has released a Taproot Collection consisting of 1138 unique images, and holders can gain access to different early project features; 4) there are also many projects deploying tokens on rare satoshis.

Reference: https://www.theblockbeats.info/news/37657

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