A letter to the blockchain starter

As a pioneer in the blockchain industry:

Unconsciously, the blockchain industry has also had some problems. From the outbreak of 2017 to the calm of 2018, it is now 2019. The financial attribute label on the blockchain seems to be getting heavier and heavier. When it comes to the blockchain, it is the speculative coin . There are fewer and fewer real blockchain practitioners around me, and more and more people are sending money. Domestic policies are not allowed, but people with a heart can always find a variety of ways to send money. It is really "there are policies and countermeasures."

Even in a city like Fuzhou, where the popularity of blockchain is not very high, I know that there are several organizations that have been marketing MLM in the name of blockchain. Most of the participants are middle-aged and elderly. Vowed to all people that "blockchain is enough to change the world", as if they are more "orthodox" blockchain practitioners than me. Go back and let you buy coins…

Just two days ago, my WeChat friend sent a message to me, hoping that I would reveal a new "currency" that has just emerged in Fuzhou in recent days. But what is the use of this? My "Spark" does not say whether it can "recover the original", "the spring breeze is born again" but it is already a fact.

The original intention of writing this letter is to hope that the pioneers who are still sticking to the blockchain industry can face the status quo of the industry and stick to their original entrepreneurial spirit. What we need is a truly good blockchain development environment , not as a chicken with a golden egg, or even a chicken. We want the whole industry to be better, not just to make our pockets fuller.

At the same time, no matter what industry, as a pioneer is not easy, so I hope to share some small cautions from my point of view, dare not say advice, just want to make the blockchain industry a good road I can do even a little bit of power.

As a practitioner in the blockchain industry, have you encountered these problems?


Want to do business school results but found that users only want to learn to speculate?

I want to do the actual application of the blockchain but I was asked if I could develop a coin?

Want to do a blockchain from the media fans but has been unable to go up?

I want to consult a high-tech trick but I am told that I need a credit card?

It’s hard to do an offline event. Are the users talking about funding?

Telling relatives and friends around me to be a blockchain, but being bitten by a bite is a scam?

Below we will first look at the solution from the commercial nature.

First, how to have a good product


What is business ? If you go to Baidu, you will find out that business is an economic activity that allows goods to be circulated through trading . At the same time, Baidu will also tell you by the way that the essence of business is exchange, that is, barter .

But what I want to tell you is a different idea. The essence of business is the benefit of users .

why? Business should not be the business to sell to the user, the user gives the merchant money, the merchant earned the money right? How did it become a benefit for users?

Here you have to understand that the user is willing to pay for the business, indicating that such things are useful to the user, and that the use is at least equivalent to the money spent on it, he is willing to buy, such as some high-end restaurants, it seems Not in line with the nature of the user's benefit, a small cup of Haagen-Dazs ice cream may be able to sell hundreds of dollars, more than double the actual price, but still some people are willing to buy, why? Because the environment is elegant, the atmosphere is exquisite, the service is intimate, and even because of this, the lady sitting across from me has a favor for me, so I am willing to spend hundreds of dollars to buy the environment, atmosphere, service, and let this Beautiful lady smiles in the city. It’s worth it for me to spend 100 yuan on so many things!

So, when you have a very good product in your headache but no user is willing to pay the bill, the user may be thinking, "Is this a trick? Why do I buy it?"

Because you don't make users feel that you have a clear benefit, you won't have a demand for your product. The user doesn't know what your product can bring to him or what problems he can solve. So he didn't want to buy, he didn't even know what to do.

At present, there are quite a few business schools in the industry, providing training services for people who are involved in the blockchain industry. However, they never think about the benefits of users, and they teach everything in the brain. For many years, the traditional industry hopes to achieve enterprise transformation through blockchain. Can entrepreneurs and people who want to learn the technology of the coin-operated technology want the same knowledge content? English training is also divided into IELTS and TOEFL.

Therefore, the first step of entrepreneurship , you should take the user's mentality to find out what "pain points" users have around, and then design products or services around the user's "pain points", or help users find products and become value. The passer, the success rate will increase a lot. Users have a "pain point", there will be "demand", and "demand" is the direction that your product needs to be perfect in the future.

A product designed according to such a process is enough to be a good product.

Second, how to sell your good product


I found a "pain point" and designed a product that will benefit users. The next step is to think about how to sell the product .

In a mature company system, it is necessary to have a department responsible for marketing, responsible for selling good products. If you are Baidu, he will tell you that marketing refers to the process of marketing personnel carrying out business activities and sales activities against the market. .

Yes, I still have to give you a different idea. The essence of marketing is trust. That is to let users believe in you.

Many people are misunderstood about the essence of marketing, thinking that writing a soft article, making an advertisement, recruiting a few sales, and then learning some sales psychology is marketing. These are actually external forms. Many people only see the form, relying on the gourd painting, but forgetting these methods are based on the "trust". Leaving the trust, what tricks are useless, the cart before the horse is turned upside down, and finally only a flower boxing leg.

For example, you are a very good salesman with a very rich marketing experience. As long as you have no customers who can't get it, you can always persuade users to buy your products in a short time. You have always been proud of this. This afternoon your boss arranged for you to visit a big client. It is said that you graduated from the same school, you can use this set of close, so you took the order.

When you arrived at the appointment, you discovered that this user was your roommate during college, but you borrowed 1000 yuan from him that year, and you didn’t return until graduation. Today is your graduation. Meet for the first time. What will you do at this time? Is it hard to slap the project book to see your old classmate? Still bowing and running quickly to let the boss change for a sale?

There is no doubt that your image in his heart is not credible. No matter how good your product is, how attractive your words are, how strong your sales ability is, because you are not trustworthy. So, all the things you said, all the products introduced are not credible.

That's the problem. In most cases, your users are meeting you for the first time. How do you build trust with users?

1, really let the user benefit

From the user's point of view, consider whether your product can benefit users, if not, would rather not do it.

2, have the ability to benefit users

You have the ability to continuously improve the product based on user needs, and your product can be quickly resolved even if there is a problem.

3, can benefit users for a long time

The quality of your products has always been very good, you can reflect your ingenuity, just like Apple's mobile phone, has always been based on the user experience as the first optimization goal, and constantly improve the excellence, he will be very good for users to feel " Buy an iPhone and buy an apple."

Based on the above three points, trust between the user and the user can be established, and the trust can be continuously accumulated over time.

A considerable number of large entrepreneurs tend to choose through the referrals of the old partners when they need new partners. There is no reason for them. Because of trust, I believe in you, so your recommendation is certainly not bad. This is called trust transfer.

Why is the blockchain industry reputation growing more and more stinking? Because many project parties now don't consider the benefits of users, how much wool can be smashed, even in the hour before the crash of the project, you will have a dream. In short, "everyone can run, my customers must not run!" ”

Is this not sloppy?

OK is limited in space. I will write it here today. I will share some sales methods and channels, including team management, in the next issue. This letter will be used as an interactive letter. As a blockchain starter, you must have a lot of doubts or confusion. You are welcome to leave your valuable questions or suggestions in the message section below the article. I will reply one by one and answer your questions in the following articles. Confuse.

Author: block chain Ni Laoshi

We will continue to update Blocking; if you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us!


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