A week in review | A number of listed companies publicly disclosed the layout of the blockchain; 6 weekly financing totaled nearly $ 70 million

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Summary: The Fed Chairman has not yet made a decision on the use of U.S. digital currencies; the Bahamas will launch central bank digital currencies in the second half of 2020; 21 provinces across the country mentioned blockchain in their 2020 government work report; multiple listed companies disclosed Layout of blockchain business.

According to PANews statistics, there were 6 blockchain project financings announced last week with a total value of more than 69.3 million US dollars (excluding projects for which specific investment and financing amounts have not been disclosed), involving areas such as corporate services and payment and settlement platforms.

1Fed Chairman: No Decision on U.S. Digital Currency

In testimony before the US House of Representatives' Financial Services Committee on February 11, Fed Chairman Powell said that maintaining the centrality of the currency's credibility is important and it is uncertain whether digital currencies will help achieve that goal. Libra is the "warning bell" for digital currency growth. Many questions about digital currencies need to be answered, and the Fed has not yet made a decision on adopting US digital currencies. For the United States, there are many questions surrounding digital currencies that need to be answered, including network issues, privacy issues, and many relationship alternatives will emerge. Powell also said that we will work hard to do all of this work and do it all thoroughly and responsibly.

And Federal Reserve Board member Judy Shelton, nominated by US President Trump, told lawmakers that digitizing the US dollar may help maintain the US dollar's dominant position in global trade.

2 The People's Bank of China: actively and steadily exploring the application of new technologies such as blockchain in the financial field

On February 14th, the Central Bank and other departments jointly issued the "Opinions of the Shanghai Municipal People's Government on Further Accelerating the Construction of the Shanghai International Financial Center and Financial Support for the Integrated Development of the Yangtze River Delta", mentioning the support for financial institutions and large-scale technology companies in the region. Establish fintech companies in accordance with the law, actively and steadily explore the application of new technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing, and blockchain in the financial field, and attach great importance to the cultivation of fintech talents.

3 Bahamas to launch central bank digital currency in second half of 2020

The President of the Central Bank of the Bahamas John Rolle confirmed yesterday that the digital currency of the Central Bank of the Bahamas will be launched in the second half of 2020. Since December 2019, the first pilot of the "Sand Dollar" project in Exuma has made good progress. The central bank governor believes that the digital Bahamian dollar will help accelerate the provision of financial services needed to support the recovery of the business sector. The Bahamas is an island nation located on the west coast of the Atlantic Ocean.

421 provinces across the country mentioned blockchain in their 2020 government work report

According to PANews statistics, the heads of 21 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong, Tianjin, Hebei, Fujian, Guizhou, Qinghai, Gansu, etc. And blockchain. Compared with only 3 provinces and cities (Yunnan, Fujian, Chongqing) in the same period of 2019, and 1 province and city involved in the "lonely" state of the blockchain in 2020, 2020 can be described as "the trend of Liaoyuan", and the number has increased sharply by 6 Times. There is no doubt that this is closely related to the statement that the Chinese government supports in October 2019.

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1The tide of destruction is coming, and the platform coin sector is rising strongly

On February 10th, with the announcement of OKEx Exchange's "Global Leading Exchange Public Chain OKChain Testing Online" announcement, the long-awaited platform coin sector was pushed to the forefront. In addition to revealing the development direction of the OKEx public chain, the announcement also throws a blockbuster on the market, that is, the OKEx exchange platform token OKB, which will destroy the remaining 700 million unissued. At the same time, in the future, OKT issued when OKchain goes online According to the proportion of OKB positions, 100% will be distributed to all currency holding addresses. Subsequently, the ZB Exchange also issued an announcement saying that it would abandon all the 293 million ZB coins held by the team and destroy all of them, while destroying 107 million ZB of the User Protection Fund. On the evening of February 10th, FCoin also announced the destruction of all 720,404,905.38 FTs held by the team. The destruction was completed on the same day. However, FCoin later reported that the team had internal conflicts, core technical staff lost contact, and official website maintenance. Huobi quickly issued an announcement "Notice about the Huobi Chain and HT's new rules coming soon." On February 15th, Huobi released its HT January report. In January, the total amount of HT destroyed in a single month was 4.0568 million, more than half of the destruction in the fourth quarter of 2019.

Data behind the seven major production-reducing coins: the average price of coins rose by 143%, and the mining revenue rose by an average of 77%

Among the cryptocurrency coins that will be reduced this year, BTC, BCH, BSV, ETC, DASH, and ZEC are listed in the market value TOP 30 (ranked by CMC on February 10th), and the encryption is significant in the "Eighth Eighth Effect" In the money market, changes in these head assets may also have a greater impact on upstream and downstream industries such as mining and trading.

PAData analyzes the currency prices, on-chain transactions, and mining situation before and after BTC's two production reductions in history, and focuses on analyzing changes in the currency prices, on-chain transactions, and mining data of major mainstream production-reduction currencies since this year. BTC is the one with the smallest increase this year. Its fork currency BCH has increased by 115.82%, BSV has increased by 208.45%, BTG has increased by 123.19%. The two anonymous coins DASH and ZEC have also increased by 193.82% and 154.62%, Ethereum's fork currency ETC rose 176.13%. The price of the seven major production-reducing coins rose by an average of 143.76%.

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3 Voice officially launched, and only open to test users in the United States

Voice went live on February 14. Initially, the Voice Beta will be released to people living in the United States, and then it will be gradually promoted globally; all the content displayed in the Voice Beta will be visible only to logged-in users, and it is expected that there will be a future revision; users received during the beta Voice tokens are non-transferable and will be reset afterwards (testers will have additional test rewards); due to the need to frequently adjust and improve Voice, we may see a 404 during maintenance, please do n’t worry; true identity Authentication is an important part of Voice. We will use HooYu to confirm your identity: a. Is a real person, b. Lives in the United States.

4cryptocurrency supporter Yang Anze announces withdrawal from 2020 U.S. presidential election

According to CNN, Andrew Yang, a crypto-friendly presidential candidate, has announced his withdrawal from the 2020 presidential election. It is reported that Yang Anze withdrew because of disappointment in the number of votes in the New Hampshire election results. When asked why he no longer participated in elections in other states, he said that he did not see a way forward.

As a proponent of cryptocurrencies, Yang Anze believes that the technology behind it has great potential, and the United States should strengthen investment in this field and formulate clearer regulatory measures. Even in an interview with a cryptocurrency program, Yang Anze once proposed the concept of Universal Basic Income, which promises to provide all Americans 18-64 years old with 1,000 dollars per month, regardless of their personal factors. Payments will be settled in Bitcoin.

Earlier, Yang Anze's support organization Yang Dividend released the cryptocurrency: The Andrew Yang Coin, or MATH for short. It is reported that the token was distributed as a "souvenir" 100% to voters who supported Yang Anze, and MATH became the first presidential election token. According to the smart contract address announced by Yang Dividend, a total of 3,141,592,653 MATHs are currently issued.

1 Sinotrans: Has a blockchain technology R & D team, mainly researching applications in the logistics industry

Sinotrans (601598.SH) stated on the interactive platform that the company has been studying blockchain technology and its application in the logistics industry since 2017. It has its own blockchain technology R & D and product application team, mainly researching blockchain technology. Innovative applications in supply chain finance, digital documents and "Blockchain + Internet of Things". The company has not made significant investment in the blockchain and has not generated direct economic benefits.

2Zhongzhuang Construction: It is planned to invest 100 million yuan to establish a wholly-owned subsidiary involving cloud platform services and other services

China Decoration Construction announced on February 12 that the company plans to invest in the establishment of a wholly-owned subsidiary, "Shenzhen China Decoration Cloud Computing Technology Co., Ltd.". The registered capital of the proposed subsidiary is 100 million yuan. The company will use its own funds to contribute 100% of its total equity. The company's overseas investment to establish a subsidiary is an important measure to implement the company's strategic layout of technological transformation, which will help the company to coordinate its technology business and build blockchain finance, data centers, smart homes, cloud offices, smart construction sites, smart decoration, etc. Intelligent cloud service platform.

3 Hytera: wholly-owned subsidiary to undertake a large number of blockchain mining machine production foundry business shipments more than doubled last year

Hytera said on the interactive platform on February 13 that the company's blockchain business mainly provides mining machine production foundry for well-known domestic mining machine enterprise customers, including some R & D design and overall supply chain services. The business benefits from the digital currency industry Development and Bitcoin price fluctuations. Shenhai, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the company, has cooperative relationships with a number of mainstream brand mining machinery companies and has undertaken a large number of related businesses. Last year's shipments have more than doubled.

4 Aideer: The company uses information technology such as blockchain to improve the efficiency of information transmission in the industrial chain

According to the latest "Investor Relations Activity Record Form" disclosed by Adir, the company uses information technology such as 5G and blockchain to improve the information transmission efficiency of the industrial chain and promote the development of new jewelry retail business. In terms of blockchain innovation and technology, the company stated that in the early years, it had established a joint blockchain research center with Bluestone Blockchain Labs. Today, it has set up a joint venture with Yin Cargo to explore "online + offline interoperability" operations. Model, to create a new industry platform and SaaS service system, aiming to apply blockchain technology to the jewelry industry finance, jewelry circulation platform construction and other aspects.

5 Ping An Bank provides financing services for small and micro enterprises with the help of technologies such as the Internet of Things and blockchain

Ping An Bank disclosed its 2019 annual report at the Shenzhen headquarters on February 14. According to the released big data, last year the bank realized operating income of 137.958 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 18.2%; net profit was 28.195 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 13.6%. The annual report revealed that in 2019, the bank's newly added customers of private enterprise loans accounted for more than 70% of all newly added customers of corporate loans. The financing approval for small and micro enterprises has been reduced from the traditional 30 days to the fastest 26 seconds, and the loan time has been reduced from 3 days to the fastest 10 seconds. Relevant sources explained that, with the help of Internet of Things, blockchain and other technologies, under the premise of controllable risks, it provides small and micro enterprises with financing services of "unsecured, unsecured, online application, and online approval".

6 Zhongjia Bochuang: Zhongze Jiameng Fund, a subsidiary of the company's shareholders, is one of the major investors in BitWei

Zhongjia Bochuang stated on the interactive platform that the Zhongze Jiameng Fund, which is owned by the company's shareholders, is currently one of the major investors of Shenzhen Bit Microelectronics Technology Co., Ltd., the first echelon mining machine manufacturer in China; Artificial intelligence-based technology companies focus on R & D, production and sales of integrated circuit chips and products, and provide corresponding system solutions and technical services.

According to PANews statistics, there were 6 blockchain project financings announced last week with a total value of more than 69.3 million US dollars (excluding projects for which specific investment and financing amounts have not been disclosed), involving areas such as corporate services and payment and settlement platforms.

1Crypto lending company BlockFi raises $ 30 million

According to Bloomberg, cryptocurrency trading and lending platform BlockFi raised $ 30 million in the second round of funding, led by Peter Thiel-backed venture fund Valar Ventures. Other participating investors include Morgan Creek Digital, PJC, Akuna Capital, CMT Digital, Avon Ventures, Castle Island Ventures, Purple Arch Ventures, Kenetic Capital, Winklevoss Capital, Arrington XRP Capital and Hong Kong-based HashKey Capital.

2 Amber Group secures US $ 28 million in Series A funding, led by Paradigm and Pantera Capital

Amber Group officially announced on February 14 that it has received $ 28 million in Series A financing. The investors are well-known blockchain venture capital institutions led by Paradigm and Pantera Capital. New investment institutions in this round of financing include Polychain Capital, Blockchain.com, Coinbase Ventures and Fenbushi Capital, former investors Dragonfly Capital followed suit. The Amber Group said the funds will be used to expand the business to support and drive customer demand and add new products to existing platforms.

3Wells Fargo Invests $ 5 Million in Blockchain Forensic Company Elliptic

According to CoinDesk news, on February 13th, banking giant Wells Fargo announced that it had invested $ 5 million in a blockchain forensics company Elliptic. Elliptic said the investment is for a recently launched product that helps crypto exchanges win banking relationships.

4US blockchain security service provider AnChain.ai completes $ 4.3 million Pre-A round of financing

AnChain.ai recently announced the completion of a $ 4.3 million Pre-A round of financing. The company intends to use this funds to expand its team and further expand its business scale. According to the data, AnChain.ai is an American artificial intelligence blockchain security service provider, focusing on research and development of blockchain transaction security products for DAPP project parties and exchanges. It owns situational awareness SaaS platform SAP and smart contract auditing SaaS platform CAP And other products.

5Crypto market maker Wintermute Trading completes million-dollar seed round of financing

London-based crypto market maker Wintermute Trading has raised millions of dollars in its seed round, led by Blockchain.com Ventures, and FBG Capital and other angel investors. It is reported that Wintermute Trading will use the new funds to strengthen its algorithm platform and development team.

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