Analysis | BTC is at the end of the triangle convergence, ushered in the trend of change

Analysis | BTC is at the end of the triangle convergence

According to the Huobi market, BTC is currently reporting $11,386.85, an increase of 1.47% during the day. In response to the current trend, analyst Potter said that the daily trend, BTC is still in the early stage of the $ 5,200 start to the current long-term upward trend line running, after the highest upward pin to the high point of 14,000 US dollars and then the price of the currency into the falling triangle In the interval, all the way down the volatility, the daily high point of the daily rebound gradually decreased, and the quantity was in a regular shrinking. In the past few days, the BTC gradually rebounded from the $10,800 and moved closer to the upper edge of the triangle. Once the volume is broken, the next step will be to the top. The dividing line was launched at $12,000.

Analysis | BTC is at the end of the triangle convergence

If it can also effectively stand, then the follow-up BTC will continue to hike the pre-test high resistance range of 12,500 US dollars, below the daily level support 10,800 US dollars, the daily MACD is still in a dead fork state and break below the 0 axis, it is expected that the BTC is still in decline in the near future. A small fluctuation in the triangle interval, waiting for the arrival of the change node, the mid-term 4 hours trend can also be seen, the current BTC is taking a convergence triangle, the amount can continue to shrink, 4 hours MACD adhesion is flat, momentum OBV breaks through the recent downward trend line suppression The bottom of the RSI is gradually rising and there are signs of gaining momentum. The price of the currency may be ushered in at any time.

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