Babbitt Exclusive | A quick glance at 6 practical cases, how do medical, energy, and financial fields combine blockchain?

Recently, the enthusiasm of all circles for the blockchain has been enthusiastic, and the discussion is nothing more than three levels: talk about concepts, talk about technology, talk about applications. The first is the concept. The blockchain has often been "stigmatized" in the past two years, but after the eighteenth collective study by the Political Bureau of the Central Committee, it was completely "rectified", and it was clearly distinguished from ICO, Aircoin, and hype. . Secondly, technology, the alliance chain and the public chain are gradually forming a trend of integration and development. The trinity layout of chain, BaaS, and business is a common choice for large manufacturers, and the direction of layer2 such as side chain and cross-chain is also generally recognized by the public chain.

So to this day, the topic that the industry asks most is: How is the blockchain applied? To be sure, the concepts are familiar and the technology is not well understood. Only applications are the ones that entrepreneurs and ordinary users are most concerned about, most understandable, and most looking forward to.

On December 12, the Blockchain and Digital Economy Summit Forum hosted by the Zhongguancun Big Data Organizing Committee and the 8th Zhongguancun Big Data Day 2019 were held in Beijing, attracting relevant experts, scholars, entrepreneurs, etc. from academia and industry Active participation of many units.

The author only selected the blockchain application cases mentioned by the guests in the conference and presented them intuitively. Let us take a look at which enterprises are used by blockchain in which scenarios?

Case 1: Ecological environment monitoring

Chen Feng, the deputy director of the Joint Laboratory of Blockchain and Application of the Institute of Software of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, introduced the technology and application practice of Enjoy Chain. Sharechain is a joint laboratory of blockchain technology and application jointly established by the Institute of Software of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Guiyang Municipal Government. It took 3 years of research and development to benchmark Hyperledger's alliance chain products, including Sharelink's core components Repchain, Sharechain BaaS cloud platform, and Sharechain. Boxes and other products. Chen Feng shared 2 cases of Enjoy Chain.

Ecological environment monitoring, the current solution has been implemented in the Puduhe Ecological Monitoring Project in Wudang District, Guiyang City, Guizhou Province, and the Bailu Lake Ecological Monitoring Project in High-tech Zone. Data quality is the lifeline of environmental monitoring. However, the quality of data provided by many institutions is now low, and sometimes there is even a lack of logic, which wastes national scientific research funding. In recent years, news about the falsification of environmental monitoring data in China has occurred frequently, which has become one of the biggest pain points of environmental protection.


The use of blockchain technology can achieve "penetrating supervision" of river water quality. As shown in the figure, many monitoring points are deployed on the river, and data is collected, transmitted, stored, and analyzed by sensors and connected to the shared chain box. The data on the chain will be stored with certificates to prevent malicious tampering. Solved the problem of data falsification. Through this platform, on the one hand, it is possible to realize all-round and dead-end monitoring of environmental protection data, on the other hand, it has changed the previous management methods that relied entirely on inspections and post-event remediation, and promoted the innovation of government management models.

Case 2: Medical waste tracking solution

Share chain medical waste tracking solution, this solution has been applied in Fujian Province.


China's total medical waste output in 2018 exceeded 2 million tons, posing a serious public health and environmental challenge. Medical waste treatment involves many links. From the generation to the centralized treatment cycle, it has to go through classification, packaging, temporary storage, in-hospital transfer, centralized storage, out-of-hospital transfer, and terminal disposal. Because of neglecting the whole process supervision from source to end, medical waste has even spawned a "black industry chain".


The National Health and Medical Commission started a blockchain pilot project in 2019, which will use the shared chain for a series of management measures including medical waste data collection, transfer records, monitoring of hospital circulation routes, and medical waste warehouse inventory monitoring. "In this case, we will deploy a series of nodes. For example, hospital care workers will collect, scan, and seal medical waste. Weighing, transporting, handing over, and final destruction of medical waste during transportation will be done through APP. The data is saved to ensure the entire process of monitoring medical waste from source to end. "Chen Feng said.

Case 3: Safe and reliable sharing of electric power big data

Chen Chunlin, deputy director of the Big Data Center of the State Grid Corporation of China, shared the thoughts on the integration and development of the energy revolution and the digital revolution: "Smart grid is the cornerstone of the development of the national industrial economy; big data is the most important means of production in the era of the digital economy. Blockchain is value An important carrier of the Internet. "Chen Chunlin also shared two application cases.

Safe and reliable sharing of power big data. Data sharing generally has difficulties such as sharing, realizing, protecting, and cooperating. Due to the lack of mature privacy protection and data security management mechanisms, the value of data cannot be effectively mined, which affects the interconnection of information and restricts the effective improvement of production efficiency.


Applying the technical characteristics of blockchain that can be traced back and cannot be tampered with, the data resource directory and data service hash are put on the chain to achieve data source confirmation and source data privacy protection of service data. Requirement data extraction and hashing of data calculation results are chained to implement a trusted computing service for data and support secure and reliable sharing of electric power big data by multiple parties.

Case 4: Supply chain finance based on data sidechain

The following case is a data sharing platform for supply chain financial data based on the data side chain of the State Grid:


Manufacturing companies have a long time to withdraw funds. The State Grid Big Data Center, as the custodian of material data of the State Grid, provides conditional and trusted sharing of supply chain financial data under privacy protection, helping small and medium suppliers in the chain to activate their accounts receivable. Reduce financing costs and increase financial income of financial institutions. This platform has already played a role in some industrial institutions in Zhejiang.

Case 5: Blockchain + finance related cases

Although classified as a case, it is actually more than a dozen applications, shared by Yan Ting, the founder of Beijing Zhongxiangbit Technology Co., Ltd.


It can be seen that the main applications are finance, including CCB Forfaiting, CITIC Letter of Credit, Bank of Jiangsu bills discount, Nanjing Bank clearing business, China Merchants Bank post-loan fund management, China Banking Association trade finance cross-bank transaction platform, Suning Finance Blacklist sharing platform, Beijing Yigao Anjie Reinsurance Project; other scenarios include government affairs (Nanjing Development and Reform Commission “Green Credits”), incentive (Guru Chain), traceability (Slightly Yangji), deposit certificate (China Unicom Online), energy (Clay Wo) etc.


Yan Ting said that there are some cases where blockchain technology is simply used, but in the future, it will be more combined with big data and artificial intelligence. He also especially emphasized that the blockchain must be open source and open, and everyone's code should be fully integrated. It is absolutely autonomous and controllable. If you don't talk about open source, there is no need to play in the industry. It is not a business to make hundreds of millions a year behind closed doors.

Case 6: Blockchain solution for steel trading supply chain


Deng Xu, Managing Director of Yunxiang Blockchain, introduced a number of cases: First, the equity registration of the new three boards conducted by Yunxiang and Hong Kong Stock Exchange to solve the problem of inventory pledge; second, the electronic credit made by Yunxiang and Minsheng Bank and ZTE Bank To strengthen the cooperation between banks and banks, and accelerate the speed of circulation. This case was rated as the best financial case of the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology in 2017; the third is the debt-based wealth management products made by Yunxiang and Zhejiang Financial Assets Trading Center. The issue review and reconciliation system puts the core transaction process on the blockchain, which solves the problem of information disclosure of where assets come from. The fourth is the full-process solution of the steel trade industry supply chain shown in the figure above, including Pre-loan, mid-loan, post-loan, receivable and prepayment scenarios for orders and warehouse receipts. Deng Xu said: "The time has come for the industrial blockchain, industry agencies will move towards a more open development model, and collaboration will be closer."

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