Babbitt Original | Zeroing out, getting rich in the market, do you know these three big futures players?

Many people say that the currency circle is the Shura field, and cruelty is the only background of this circle. If you take a picture of the "coin circle", it must be a dark black and white picture.

And these three people I will introduce to you, they are the color elements in black and white photos. They are popular idols, masters, and money speculators. They have performed the most interesting stories in this circle. They can make you laugh even if you run out of money.

They are the latest generation of Air Force Commander Pan Demon who has recently exploded. In 1998, he pointed to Tian Shu Cai Shu and the super funny Blockchain hero.

Have you ever followed them to speculate in futures? Did you profit?

100 million funds are shorted, and the fierce “superman” is the commander-in-chief of the new generation of air force

The sense of Superman is very kawaii, but it is an extremely tough man.

At 5 pm on February 6th, he wrote the first blog post: Pay attention to Xia Ha, and draw after the profit. Reward 3 iphone 11 pros and 1 bitcoin special prize. The condition is that bitcoin short orders start to be drawn after the profit is closed.

Superman is on the three platforms of Okex, Binance and Bitmex, with a total assets of 110 million, and it is always short of mainstream currencies such as BTC, BCH, EOS, and ETH. The price of a perpetual short order in Binance was $ 94.164.48, but the liquidation price was $ 80,000. This unlimited margin play became his strong support without fear. Therefore, he has a firm offer in Coin Coin and is not worried about "fixed-point blasting".


On February 12, the price of bitcoin reached $ 10,450, and it was felt that Superman's empty orders lost money across the board. He said: "Don't panic, the decapitation is ready, let's cut off the heads of multi-arms gou." On the 13th, Bitcoin rushed to $ 10,500 again. He said, "Don't panic. You are all here. "

On the 22nd, Bitcoin finally pulled back. He posted: "Our army has assembled, and launch air strikes at any time." He also launched a lottery on Weibo while hot iron, every time 100 dollars fell, draw 0.1 bitcoin. This Weibo has 7,200 comments. The high funding and high-profile behavior allowed him to gain 13,000 followers with only 43 Weibo posts. Become the veritable commander in chief of the Air Force in this Bitcoin rally.

Since then, Bitcoin has continued to plummet and retreat, and the sense of superman's short positions turned into losses. Interestingly, this wave of callbacks was bullish and stubborn, and his perpetual short order will earn dozens of BTC.

On the 27th, bitcoin rose slightly after hitting 8,530 US dollars. He cheered the Air Force: "The cottage is far from falling, and the Air Force should go all out to break the long last psychological line of defense." A fan commented: "The Air Force One requested to fight and swore to death Dedicating ourselves to the shorts, after this time, we want to be poor. "

Who is Superman? I don't know, in short, it is a man of no doubt.

People are more fierce, and the real nature of the currency circle, the blockchain heroes rank first

Before the sense of superman, the hottest is undoubtedly the trader Xiaoxia (formerly known as the Blockchain Xiaoxia) and 280,000 Weibo fans. Rivers and lakes have rumored that from 2,000 yuan, all the way to the gods, he has consolidated his family to the level of ten million, is the representative of the myth story of the currency circle.

Xiaoxia is one of the most interesting speculators I follow, and none of them. His blog post is grounded and intriguing. Profitable and liquidated, he never bothered to hide, he would write all his emotions on Weibo. His favorite mantra is "you silly people."


The latest story of Xiaoxia happened at the end of 2019. After the 1024 speech, Bitcoin soared to $ 10,350. Everyone said that the bull market is here. Xiaoxia did a lot of high-profile, however, BTC slumped.

On November 19th, Xiaoxia shouted: "Be a little bit stronger and show me smashed 8000. It's not that I mocked the shorts, 8000 won't break, okay! It's too garbage!" On the 21st, he continued to watch more: Can't go down, induce air! "On the 22nd, BTC fell below 8000. Xiaoxia admits: "I was a little overwhelmed by the fall. I lost all the operations this time, from the beginning to the end. I fell into this way. I'm sorry for those who believe in me. Don't comfort me."

This one, Xiaoxia claims to have lost more than 16 million. He posted a loss slip: "It's my stupidest decision to chase the prince behind." He was depressed and lost his confidence. Many fans have lost orders and scolded Xiaoxia as a blockchain shit.

After a week of sinking, the familiar Xiaoxia came back, and he went long again: "How do you pull the disk? Continue to smash it! How can you smash me to death, be more vigorous?"

What makes Xiaoxia cute is that he puts all his inner dramas on Weibo. He is proud and complacent when he makes money. He is sad and remorse when he loses money.

Recently, Xiaoxia went to play the big A shares, and paid less attention to the currency circle. Suddenly it was boring.

Knowledge points of Xiaoxia futures contract. _ Copy

Small fresh meat in 1998, against the king of heaven Cai Shu

When Xiaoxia became popular, Cai Shu was also at the center of public opinion. His Weibo fans are called fries, and there are 10,000 more than Xiaoxia. He has spoken a lot more in a single sentence, and can attract hundreds of replies to the fries. The 600,000 fan Li Xiaolai can only look back.

360 screenshot 1790010197147136

Cai Shuhuo should be related to his counter-pointing. The first counterfinger of futures, the accuracy of counterfinger is as high as 90%. Once the "anti-finger king" of "Anti-Pointing King" can only be reached. He said: "Today, the anti-pointing committee of the currency circle, hereby conferred classmate Cai Shu, the honorary title of" Anti-Directing King ", my eighth officially retired. Hope you don't do more today and save The coins are surrounded by fire and water. "

Everyone in the rivers and lakes said, "Follow Cai Shu to buy, the villa will be near the sea at the end of the year."

Do more

In the beginning of 2020, bitcoin surged against the trend, and Cai Shu, a multi-arm camp, chose to go short this time. He himself said that this wave of operations lost 20 million +. On February 4th after a period of silence, he posted on Weibo: "I calmed down for a while, I came back and tried to output high-quality content."

Cai Shu, like Xiaoxia, floats in the sea of ​​futures trading. He has given some suggestions to French fries: 1. Do a good job of position management; 2. Do not trade at high frequency; 3. Do not put eggs in the same basket.

Unfortunately, futures players prefer full stock studs. Either work in the sea, or the villa is near the sea.

360 screenshot 18790313211223

Futures trading, no one is always a winner

The digital currency market is notoriously high in volatility, and the financial derivatives explosion in 2019. When many people are still ignorant about futures, options and perpetual contracts have appeared, plus ten times, twenty times, Fifty times and one hundred times leverage, the story of a night of wealth and a night of zeros continued to be staged.

Superman, Xiaoxia and Cai Shu are undoubtedly the most mythical characters and the most representative.

On the chain node, there is a well-known account called Wild Girl Hate. In February 2020, she announced her withdrawal from contract transactions, she said.

"Following some contract big Vs, watching a batch of exchanges, researching different big V trading systems, there are trending, intraday and ultra short. Several big Vs have also joined Groups, each group is in full swing, and finally found that whether it is copycat or technical group, in the long run, they have not made much money, most of them are still losing money. In this wave of market, many people have left the group all the way.

Many people believe that a person has a high winning rate and makes a lot of money, and he can certainly make money with it. Billing 10 times and 3 times wrong, overall is still making money, but in the end, they are often cut enough.

Recently, Bitcoin has fallen 14% in 72 hours, and the drop on the 27th has reached 7.2%. Coin data shows that the 24-hour contract market has a total of 879 million US dollars in net positions, with a total of 41,257 positions. In the past 30 days, the total amount of open positions in the entire network reached 5.83 billion US dollars (about 40.93 billion yuan).

It was not just the bulls that suffered heavy losses. On the 27th, after Bitcoin dropped to 8,500, it was pulled up to nearly 400 US dollars.

Today, daily fluctuations of $ 500 are commonplace. In such a market, Xiaoxia and Cai Shu will follow suit, and you are likely to be one of 40,000 corpses. Leverage futures are too difficult.

We will continue to update Blocking; if you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us!


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