Ethereum 2.0 is really coming, stage 0 is expected to launch the mainnet in early 2020

On the morning of December 8th, the Ethereum Istanbul hard fork upgrade was successfully completed and brought 6 improvement proposals: 1) EIP-152: adding Blake2 pre-programmed functions; 2) EIP-1108: reducing alt_bn128 pre-compiled Gas cost; 3) EIP-1344: Add ChainID opcode; 4) EIP-1884: redefine trie-size-based opcode; 5) EIP-2028: reduce Calldata Gas cost; 6) EIP-2200: consider the change of SLOAD Gas cost Redefine the net value of the SSTORE Gas fee.

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Although Shasper, an Ethereum development company Parity, has recently joined the "Sapphire" public multi-client test, the next major update of the Ethereum blockchain, namely Ethereum 2.0 Phase 0, is entering the final stage of testing.

According to Preston van Loon, CEO of Prysmatic Labs, so far, there has been no public multi-client Eth2 testnet, but the team is accelerating its efforts, and users can expect to launch the Phase 0 mainnet in early 2020.

Sapphire, launched in June, is the third single-client Eth2 testnet, followed by the Nimbus and Lighthouse testnets released earlier this year. The client implementation team responsible for creating the Sapphire testnet, Prysmatic Labs, first ran a private multi-client test network at an interoperability event in Canada in September, and customers shared a fixed set of validators.

van Loon told The Block that this time, Prysmatic Labs has released a complete end-to-end public network where customers can participate in the same environment as the main network. He said the purpose of the testnet is to run these customers in a chaotic environment that mimics how the final production environment works. This will help teams discover extreme situations and performance optimizations, as well as solve problems they haven't thought of yet.

van Loon says:

"[Interoperability Event] is the first time that multiple customers are able to build a Phase 0 chain together. Now, with Prysmatic Labs' complete end-to-end Sapphire test network, we are seeing for the first time that different clients achieve synchronization. Like the event, this is a major milestone in achieving full multi-client interoperability. "

Currently, most client nodes on the Sapphire public testnet are Prysm nodes. Shasper was connected to the test network on Thursday. There are also six clients that may join the network, including Trinity of the Ethereum Foundation, Lodestar of ChinSafe, and Nimbus of Status. Van Loon expects that as Sapphire transforms into a full multi-client test network, these clients will soon run on the test network.

van Loon said that in the new year, Prysmatic Labs hopes to work closely with other customer implementation teams to improve the resiliency of the test network. It has received more than $ 1.5 million in funding from donors including the Ethereum Foundation, Aragon, and the Ethereum Community Fund. In particular, the Ethereum Foundation is a major contributor to many ETH2 client teams, and through grants, research insights, and community organizations have supported Prysmatic Labs throughout the process.

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