BarkisNetwork Super Node Program Election Phase Begins

In the past 2019, following the detonation of the public chain super node scheme by EOS, a number of well-known public chains in the blockchain industry have used super node schemes in community governance and ecological construction.

Users who are concerned about the development of the blockchain industry should remember that in order to decentralize the entire network and promote the development of the governance structure of the community, BarkisNetwork launched the Super Node plan a few years ago. This week, the dark horse, BarkisNetwork, kicked off the election phase for Super Nodes.

It is true that in a decentralized network, community governance is always the key core of the entire system. To maintain absolute fairness and justice, it is difficult not to affect the implementation efficiency. How to improve the efficiency of governance on the premise of ensuring justice is a problem that all blockchain networks strive to solve.

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Therefore, in terms of improving efficiency, BarkisNetwork introduces people and code into the complex governance system of the entire blockchain network through the combination of on-chain and off-chain governance, thereby ensuring the decentralization of governance while ensuring the governance. Effectiveness. Every BKS Token asset holder has the right to participate in decentralized governance. The operation and development direction of the Barkis Network ecosystem will be determined by all BKS Token holders through negotiation and voting.

What is a super node?

In the blockchain world, everyone is a node. Each BKS wallet is a light node. These wallet light nodes record all records related to themselves. The records of many light nodes are packed into various blocks. This packaging work is done by super nodes. Many concepts of the blockchain are also continuously iteratively upgraded. In the early days of Bitcoin, nodes were ordinary computers, and later GPUs and AISCs. Until now, nodes are the entire network, and the links between super nodes and light nodes form a very strong Network, this network will not collapse due to the collapse of a very small number of nodes. Super nodes will make the entire BarkisNetwork network more secure and stable.

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From the technical point of view, the Barkis Network's supernodes refer to computers with larger bandwidth and stronger performance. These computers will be responsible for block generation and transaction verification in the entire blockchain network. Super nodes make the entire network more efficient and secure, and provide hardware guarantees for large-scale and high-performance application scenarios.

From an operational and market perspective, Barkis Network's supernodes will undertake more marketing, idea promotion and user education, which can assist the Barkis Foundation to build a wider ecosystem.

Barkis Network's super nodes will also be the specific responsible organizations for the entire network to return to community governance. The super nodes will determine the future development direction of the entire network and community, and more democratically reflect the ideas and wills of all participants in the entire community, allowing the entire ecosystem to More fair and just.

Since the registration phase of the BarkisNetwork Super Node program started, the market has reacted strongly. Multiple organizations, companies, and blockchain enthusiasts are eager to sign up. The registration phase ended recently, and a total of 56 nodes have finally obtained the qualifications of the super node. They will enter the second phase of the super node plan together: the election phase.

1. The election period is from February 20, 2020 to March 20, 2020;

2, BarkisNetwork official website announced the list of qualified candidates;

3. Candidates operate various market resources to publicize BKS token holders, and encourage more BKS token holders to entrust the candidate nodes;

4.The official website of the public chain will update the ranking of the number of tokens held by the candidates daily;

5. At the end of the election time, the 31 nodes with the highest total amount of BKS tokens in the candidate's public chain wallet address became the official super nodes (the 31st node became the standby node).

How do token holders participate in the Super Node Program?

· Holders of tokens can perform token commission operations by logging into the official website wallet.

· The minimum commission unit for each token is 1 BKS, and there is no upper limit for the maximum commission amount.

· How is the token holder's entrusted token income calculated? The profit of the super node is calculated every round (every 5 seconds). If there is a commission from other users in the super node's lock-up amount, it will be distributed according to the proportion of the commission amount of each super node. (If the supernode owns 200,000 tokens and the other 3 users each hold 100,000 tokens, the supernode revenue ratio will be 40% for each round of revenue calculation, and the remaining users will each receive 20%.)

Adhering to the principles of fairness, openness, and transparency, all candidate wallet addresses will be made public. Any candidate or BKS holder can go to the BarkisNetwork blockchain browser to check the number of holders' holdings.

It is believed that the Super Node election of the Barkis Network public chain will become one of the pioneers in the industry in terms of efficiency and practical operation, and provide an open, transparent, reasonable and efficient path for future Super Node election solutions.

We will continue to update Blocking; if you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us!


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