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The largest dark network Dream Market will be closed at the end of the month. Where is the dark network going?

The living space left for the dark net may be getting smaller and smaller. According to bitcoin, the largest dark market, Dream Market, announced that it will close on April 30 and transfer the service to its partner company. Why is it dead? In the "post-Silk Road" era, Dream Market has a good reputation in […]

Is the exchange supporting the lightning network driven by the general trend? Zebpay announced that it will pay LN transaction fees for users

On March 29th, Zebpay, the original cryptocurrency exchange and wallet in India, announced that Lightning Network Payments was enabled for all its users. It is worth mentioning that Zebpay also claimed that it would pay the relevant transaction fees for users. Lightning network is unstoppable Although the lightning network is still very experimental, its growth […]

April Fool's Day Brain Cave Bitcoin Core Developer Luke proposes two major proposals to set Bitcoin's lowest price at $50,000

On April 1st, Bitcoin Core developer Luke Dash jr announced that he would have to make Bitcoin a minimum of $50,000 in a year. He also proposed two Bitcoin Improvement Proposals (BIP). Of course, today is April Fool's Day, you know, but the brains of these two proposals can still be appreciated. Some people in […]

Economist: Bitcoin has the fastest growth rate and the highest increase among all assets, and one million is just around the corner?

In December 2017, Bitcoin soared to a record high of 20,000 knives. The ever-rich story of the rich also attracted a lot of attention from mainstream media and the public to Bitcoin. People hope to understand what kind of technology can be Such an amazing rich effect. However, compared with Bitcoin's nearly 2 million times […]

Encrypted Money Investment Revelation: Why is the Black Sheep a billionaire?

Foreword: This is a very thick chicken soup, but that's why some people are better than others. Whether it's a cryptocurrency investment or an entrepreneurial venture, it's only different to be able to stand out. The author of this article is Chris Herd, translated by the "HQ" of the "Blue Fox Notes" community. Every successful […]

Innisfil becomes the first city in North America to accept bitcoin municipal taxation

Ohio should be the first city in the world to accept corporate tax on cryptocurrencies, and today a small town in Canada has become the first city in North America to allow its citizens to pay their personal income tax using bitcoin. Innisfil (population 36,500), a 45-minute drive north of Toronto, recently approved an initiative […]

Jimmy Song: How to become a Bitcoin core developer

This will make you not only a better developer, but also the backbone of the Bitcoin community. This article is about 4,000 words, and it takes about 10 minutes to read the full text. If you are a developer and hold Bitcoin, contributing to Bitcoin Core may be one of the best things you can […]

April Fool's Day Warning | Shocked! Bitcointalk to do KYC?

On April 1st, Beijing time, Bitcointalk administrator theymos released "blockbuster": bitcointalk now needs KYC. He wrote in the post: In order to prevent fraud, spam, multiple accounts, and repetitive abusive behavior, in order to maintain a credible environment, all forum users must now submit KYC certification. As everyone knows, Bitcoin is built on 'If you […]

Market Analysis | Bitcoin breaks through 4K USD, or is related to the Dow Jones index plunging

On Wednesday, the Dow Jones index soared during the US stock market trading hours, rising nearly 100 points, getting rid of weak futures performance (while Boeing's share price plummeted), but only half an hour later, it suddenly rebounded back to loss. Bitcoin prices also rose sharply, breaking through the $4,000 mark, reaching its highest level […]

BATJ giant blockchain layout new trends: the currency “bear market”, the chain “bull market”?

A few days ago, Ant Financial launched the blockchain cross-border remittance business in Hong Kong. This business, which was acquired by Ma Yun’s personal platform, was regarded as a new breakthrough in the blockchain application scenario by Ali as a blockchain for cross-border remittances. The e-wallet, Gcash real-time arrival, 7×24 hours uninterrupted, and excellent exchange […]