5 noteworthy zkSync ecosystem projects inventory

5 important zkSync projects

zkSync’s valuation has reached 500 million US dollars. Crypto researcher Finish has compiled a list of noteworthy zkSync ecosystem projects, including Syncswap, Mute, and Macerick.

1) Syncswap: A zkSync ecosystem DEX with a TVL of over $66 million, offering multiple trading tools and incentivizing users through its platform token ySYNC; 2) Mute: A zkSync ecosystem DEX with a TVL of over $23 million, providing a unique bond trading system and some common trading tools; 3) Maverick: A composable DEX that allows liquidity providers to achieve high capital efficiency through the LP strategies they need; 4) SBlockingceFi: A cross-chain DEX that supports Evmos and zkSync, allowing users to swap tokens across most EVM chains; 5) UniDex: Allows any synthetic asset to be traded on a permissionless, transparent, and trader-centric platform.

Reference: https://twitter.com/0xFinish/status/1673043116981641216

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