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The study found that 5% of the Monero currency circulating in the market was mined by malware

According to the study, mining was done through encrypted hijacking, using other users’ computer processing power to mine cryptocurrencies without the owner’s permission. Josh Grunzweig of the No. 42 Threat Research Group collected approximately 470,000 unique samples of anonymous miners found on the Palo Alto network platform. The report found that there were 3,773 emails […]

Facebook Appoints Engineering Director of New Blockchain Division or Trys to Improve Social Network Data Security and Related Services

Social media giant Facebook Blockchain Division has newly appointed an engineering director, he is the former Facebook company senior engineer Evan Cheng. In early May of this year, Facebook announced the formation of a blockchain team led by David Marcus, a member of the former PayPal and cryptocurrency board of Coinbase, to study the potential […]